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Grain Wagon Re-Reforged

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.


Custom rendition of the Grain Wagons or Grain Caravans, a plague spreading vehicle. The model was fully developed by myself for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged. When using this model, it'd be great if you linked or credited @InsaneMonster's project as well.

The model serves as a melee siege unit (it has a chomping attack). It has two variants: with and without grain. The grainless version can use the meat wagon icon.

BTW, attachment_head=grain and attachment_weapon=the stick over the grain.

The model is imported following the same method as any other model.
  • Import the .mdx main file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path: Graincaravan.mdx, Grainlesscaravan.mdx
  • Import the .mdx portrait file to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths: Graincaravan_portrait.mdx, Grainlesscaravan_portrait.mdx.
  • Import the textures to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths: Graincaravan_diffuse.dds


Grain Caravan (Model)

Grain Caravan (Icon)

Grain caravan portrait (Model)

Grainless Caravan (Model)

Grainless Caravan Portrait (Model)