FrIkY's Terrain Gallery

Level 33
May 1, 2008
I started making some terrains, it's quite fun making them. More terrains will come up soon. Comment it!

1. Zul'Gurub:
I took picture from my old, not-uploaded map. Yea, city of trolls...
2. Entrance of Orgrimmar: not very original though, but feel free to see my version!
3. River Ruins: Old ruins by the river inhabitated by the Jungle Trolls (there's also jigrael's troll ravager on the picture)
4. Northrend River: Frost river in the middle of ice cold Northrend.
5. Higlands: A Shepherd who lives in the mountains, with his sheeps and two dogs.
6. Ocean Underworld: Down deep into the ocean, underworld filled with creatures and treasures...
7. Swamp of Sorrows: Creepy poisoned swamp with horrible stench... of undead...
8. Two Ogres: Two ogre brothers living in a forest, in season of Fall.
9. Crystal Mine: Crystal mine which now belongs to Kobolds! So don't go in here, mine your own business pal!
10. Shadowmoon Valley: Fiery volcanic area burning in chaotic fel flames, guarded by the evil dragon...
11. Springshire: Peaceful little town with the cathedral and beautiful fountain.
12. Springshire Ruined: Ruins of Springshire, human flesh and bones turned into undead zombies and skeletons...
13. Runemist Lake: Lake with magical powers, Forest Furbolgs live there.
14. Ice Citadel: Citadel made by Icelord Kel'rahz, secret chambers are behind the throne...
15. Exodar: Capital city of Draeneis.
16. Pandora's Temple: Salamander with and island chained on his back, with ancient temple...
17. Altar of Earth: Great and magical Altar of Earth, guarded by the minions of Earth.
18. Altar of Fire: Great and magical Altar of Fire, guarded by the minions of Fire.
19. Altar of Water: Great and magical Altar of Water, guarded by the minions of Water.
20. Altar of Air: Great and magical Altar of Air, guarded by the minions of Air.
21. Circle of Elements, Fall: Two tauren researchers have found the Circle of Elements!
22. Circle of Elements, Winter: It's cold and dark winter, Circle is glowing and showing the path!
23. Circle of Elements, Spring: The day is here, when Circle creates magical powers and lights!
24. Circle of Elements, Summer: Human Arcanist, trying to steal the power of the Circle...
25. Rainy Forest path: Path along the forest, within the rainy day
26. Darkwood: Dark and scary forest... where dead souls haunt every passenger...
27. Legion's Portal: The portal opened... Burning Legion is coming...
28. Forest Glen (day): A peaceful little area where all the animals can come and rest.
29. Forest Glen (night): Moon shines upon the forest glen creating a calm and peaceful weather.


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Level 10
Apr 13, 2008
  1. I like the first picture. It looks to intact though, and it's like all ground base level.
  2. The trees could be a little bigger, still needs a fog.
  3. I like the entrance, and camera view, but the Red Sky bothers me. I don't remember having a red sky in WoW... The trees should be alot bigger to (3x-8x). Lower some of the doodads to.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Not bad at all, you use doodads well. You seem a natural at terraining! Although you have a ways to go. You need to work on atmosphere. There are a few ways of doing this, I suggest reading some tutorials.
Level 11
Jun 4, 2008
These are awsome FrIkY
1 picture: This is pure awsomeness, though. The sky looks abit weird.
2 picture: This is nice, I'd like it more if it's more like a small Troll village near the water or something, But it looks good anyways.
3 picture: Everything except the sky looks good, If you could add some off the city in the backgorund, Would be so much better. Now it just looks like if you walk trough the gate, you will fall down in nowhere.
4 picture: This looks good, Abit dull that the magnataurs just stand there, But that's just me.
5 picture: I just don't like the Dirt and the Snow together.
6 picture: Lovly, I would like to see abit more water though.

Well, That's just what i think, I hope it helps you. :)
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I've seen better (gilles, void and madsen :p) but these are good too. Keep up

-I like the sheep one most, idk why tho...
I'm flattered! Again though, I don't think I'm quite up there. I think I have one of the better eyes for terrain, but my work isn't actually that impressive.
Level 33
May 1, 2008
UPDATE: added new terrain, Crystal Mine.

Also this mine, has a story, a horror story... that I experienced five years ago... so read this for your own good

Inside that mine, you'll be entering Kobolds territory, and they are very unfriendly and mad when someone comes to get, or even see their ''loot''. So don't go inside, they once told me: Mine your own business, human!, and then I ran away, they were threatening me, with shovels and pick-axes... I was very afraid... and I cryed! But once they caught me, I it was over... they called they're master to punish me! With a curse!!! That I have with me for five full years! I was cursed, to be a panda... for the rest of my life! If you ever enter my home, the first thing you will see... is bamboo!!! I eat nothing but a bamboo! You know how that feel is!?! you don't, (crying voice) the only good thing in my life now is that I don't have to wear fat jackets when it's winter...!

(this story is a fiction, every resemblance with real people is a coincidence.)
Level 14
Jan 18, 2008
I like the mine one, specially those crystals. Do you use the Ultimate terraining map? If so, what version? I don't seem to have them in mine, and I really like them.
Level 33
May 1, 2008
I like the mine one, specially those crystals. Do you use the Ultimate terraining map? If so, what version? I don't seem to have them in mine, and I really like them.
Thanks! I am using version 3.0 but I made those crystals by myself in Object Editor, I made new doodad but just made the minimum and maximum size smaller, you can do it by yourself.

- added new terrain, Runemist Lake
- added new terrain, Ice Citadel
Level 11
Jun 4, 2008
Runemist lake = >.> Druid witha rabbit pet! Lovly! I realy love this one, I have to say its ur best one this far.
Ice Citadel = N1, No bad with that one, i just love the other one =)
N1, No bad with that one, i just love the other one
Mix up the words FTW -.-
With that i mean, The Ice Citadel nice, and i can't find anything I don't like, But the I just love the Runemist lake one, more =)
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
I think u can create very nice terrain, RunemistLake and crystal mine looks awsome, but River Ruins is too "clean", try it with fog.
@Shadowmoon Valley-cool concept, peaks of mountains is awsome.
Level 33
May 1, 2008
Thanks everyone! Too late, map with River Ruins has been deleted way before...
- new terrain added, Exodar (not the same from WoW)
- new terrain added, Pandora's Temple (idea from PS Game ''God of War'')

Making ''Pandora's Temple'' terrain took me long time to make, experienced terrainer would know why.
Level 11
Jun 4, 2008
Can you make a Altar of Pinky powah!? Nah, Realy, They all own. The 'Altar of Air' looks abit more like Altar of ice.. You might do it in a stormy, raining, terrain and the altar is like hovering on a flying plataue.. I would use THAT as a wallpaper!! ^-^
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
I think Altar of Air is worse than other altars, but still looks nice. Altar of Earth is the best imo :p
Level 6
Jul 26, 2004
Well im sure you have heard this before, Zul' Gurub terrain is way to plain. Im sure yo have seen picture from World of Warcraft. Looks much different to me. And i really like the Kodod Beast carrying a piece of land? hehe, some kind of shrine it looks like.
Level 6
Apr 29, 2008
Yeah.. you really missed the real Zul'Gurub's idea... ZG is'nt only way more plainy, it has much more open space...

Wahh... were have you been when Blizzard worked on Exodar?
your Exodar is beautiful! good job :thumbs_up: