Forbidden Spell Pack 2.5

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Unholy Execution
For the cost of own life, spell deals damage to targeted enemy unit. If targeted unit HP is less than 33% the unit will die instantly. If casters life is to low to cast this sacrifical spell, spell won't have any effect.

Sends a shards of thorned souls that were killed by the casters sword. Those shards deals line damage.

Taste of Death

Death Knight casts a sacrifical dark magic. For the cost of his own life force spell deals damage to each unit in area of effect 600. If casters life becomes lower than 600 when casting this spell, the caster comes to the Brink of Death and goes rampage: it have increased attack speed and steals HP on each attack. Buff lasts a few seconds.

Link of Horror

Creates an Unholy link between caster and the targeted unit. Targeted unit will suffer damage over time and its movement will decrease. When the spell effect lasts casters life regeneration and movement increases. Any spell that will hit the targeted unit, will break the link.

Fatal Strike

Caster fakes his own death, making him lost life. But after a second he strikes down with brute force dealing AOE damage.

Demonic Fists
Demonic Power takes over the caster, causing each attack dealing more damage, faster attack speed, and splash damage to nearby enemy land units.

Nether Chains
Creates a rift connected to nether world. Every 1 second strikes out a negative energy, that jumps on random targets.

Drags targeted unit to the caster for a period of time. While the drag lasts, caster turns invisible which enables him to Prey targets down. When the drag ends, there will come to explosion that will damage nearby enemy units.

Feast takes over casters body, making him jump around the targeted unit and slashing it up. The number of slashes depends on level, each slash deals 75 damage and each slash steals small amount of life and gives it to the caster.

Allows the Rouge to become invisible, but move slower. When Rouges next attack strikes from behind, it will deal 10x agility damage, stun the target for a short period of time and there is also a chance that Rouge will gain additional attack speed for a few seconds.

Ghostly Strike
Rouges next attack will deal more damage, Rouge will also gain fully evasion for a few seconds.

Double Edge

Moves Caster and the targeted unit to the point between position of Caster and Target, because of the crash that happens, there bursts out two Shockwaves.

Silent Shout
Teleports Caster to the targeted point, because of pressure while Caster is moving trough space, Casters screams out a voice that silence nearby enemies.

Flame Shield
Caster consumes his body with fire, giving him bonus armor, fire will burst out every 1 second in AoE 300 and deal damage.

Heroic Strike
Caster smashes the targeted unit with his brutal strength. If targeted unit is under effect of Thunder Clap it will suffer more damage.

Fire Fly
Conjures a pillar of fire which damages ground units area over time.

Deadly Throw
Assassin toss the dagger with deadly force. Dagger deals the distance damage, the greather is the distance, greather is the damage. Targeted unit will get stunned on the impact, for a short period of time.

Hammers Wrath
Calls a Hammer that will fall from the sky. While the Hammer is falling targeted unit will get stunned for 0.80 second. Targeted unit will take some damage.

Hammer Forge
Paladins Hammer becomes unbalanced and it starts to charge out the Waves of force that will damage units in a line of facing of the caster.

Quick Blades
Quickly slashes the target, with up to 10 slashes. Each slash will torn a pice of targeted units soul and cause it to suffer some damage.

Blade Fury
When this unit is attacked, there is a chance that this unit will make a quick move trough time and counter attack the attacking unit, and than return to the previous position. Also permanently awards some attack speed.

Fire Grip
Consumes the target with flames. Target will suffer damage every .20 second, for up to 5 seconds. If targeted unit dies, the charge of fire will burst out of target, damaging nearby units.

Nether Pulse
Damages and burns mana of all enemy units in Aoe 350.

Bite of Death
Bites the target with powerful dark magic. Target will suffer health loss, and th caster will heal himself for the amount of damage done. The targets armor will get reduced for a short period of time.

Blessed Hammer
Blessed Hammer makes a rift that will charge towards the targeted point.

Shadow Raze
Rouge connects wit the shadows, enables her to move in a line really fast and damage enemy units.

Cross Fire
Crates two fire rifts at the each side of the caster, that will shoot out the linear flames bolts towards the targeted point.

Dragon Claw
Slashes the target up for some damage.There is a chance that casters blade releases hudge amount of force that will damage and stunn the enemy units in the area.

Gods Blessing
Caster recives the blessing of the gods, that removes all negative buffs from it and heals him for some Hp, friendly units around the caster will recive only healing. There is a chance that caster heals himself for full amount of Hp and makes himself invulnerable for a few seconds.

Some leaks fixses
Modified Teeth
Repaired a leak(thanks to Fabba)
Those 5 spells are now leak free
Fixsed location leak
Added 1 spell: Demonic Fists
Bug fix thanks to xxdingo93xx
Added a spell(Nether Chains)
Some minor changes
Thanks to THW members for their support and helping me out.
Added a spell(Drag)
Fixsed some effects/durations,etc
Added a spell (Desolate)
Also some sfx changes
Added new spell Stealth
Added 5 spells
Heroic Strike
Ghostly Strike
Silent Shout
Double Edge
Flame Shield
Modified sfx on Fatal Strike
Some other minor not important changes
V 2.0
Added spells:
-Fire Fly
-Deadly Throw
-Hammers Wrath
-Hammer Forge
Some other minor changes
V 2.1
Added spells:
-Quick Blades
-Blessed Hammer
V 2.2
Added Blade Fury
Some other minor changes
V 2.3
Added spells:
-Nether Pulse
-Bite of Death
-Fire Grip
Some other changes like:
-added/changed special effects on some spells
-little tooltip changes
-new hero
-slightly changed terrain
-removed not used spells/triggers
-added Atributes ability, for testing atribute based spells
V 2.4
-Just new spell, Shadow Raze
V 2.5
-Totally new terrain
-creep spawns
-Little AoS style map
-New spells:
+Gods Blessing
+Dragon Claw
+Cross Fire

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I hope you find these spells useful.


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Forbidden Spell Pack 2.5 (Map)

12th Dec 2015 IcemanBo: Too long as NeedsFix. Rejected. 2 Dec 2011 Bribe: This has memory leaks.




12th Dec 2015
IcemanBo: Too long as NeedsFix. Rejected.

2 Dec 2011
Bribe: This has memory leaks.
Level 2
Apr 15, 2007
Nice spells, one thing you missed with the Taste of Death was the if/then/else condition. So when the condition returned 'false' then the trigger removed an empty location. Ill guess you have fixed that now ;)

Thumb up for you! :)
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
Nice spell pack and I like them + ideas of spells are pretty good. Only thing I found out about leeks are that in for loop you set some temp point to some point but remove them after the loop. So if you loop 1 to 36 times there will be 35 location leeks, you only need to put call RemoveLocation( udg_TempPoint ) in that loop to. Do that at every place you find out, other than that I think everything is fine gj on ur spell pack!
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
I have just changed Player is an enemy of player to Unit belongs to an enemy of player - Matching Unit belongs to an enemy of Owner of Trigger Unit.

One very big leek in this spell Neither Chains is that you lag a mass number of groups. As you can see GUI leeks two groups not only one. set my_group = Units within 900 of point matching ...

One group is in your variable my_group and other one is generated by function Units within... To fix this add this line of code just above your set my_group to:

Custom Script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true

This will fix it, so it should look like this:

Custom Script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true
set my_group = Units within ...
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
Well every handle should be nulled because blizzard functions like RemoveLocation take some location and copy its data in to new local and then it removes this (temp) local. However your main variable is not null now, actually you don't need to null locals because they are destroyed after trigger finishes exec.

Global variables stay forever and to prevent a little of leek you should null them at least.

Only blizzard function i know which does not load local in function is GroupEnumUnitsInRange and GroupEnumUnitsInRect

as they take group whichGroup and fill it up whit units but this function does not return group, this function takes group pointer variable. If you have worked in C++ you will know what pointers are.

However about nulling its true that its not that much of leek, but ill suggest you to null globals.

EDIT: Sorry about one thing when i was changing globals to locals i forgot to set udg_TempLoc9 = l
before creating main drain effect so just add that!
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
Hmm if you added set udg_TempLoc9 = l before creating main drain effect then ill just send you the map i had created (your map) but i recoded spell Nether Chains. Just send me mail at <[email protected]>

Ahh, one more thing you used your GroupVar4 in other way you dont need to use bj_wantDestroyGroup. Use it only when you do ForGroupBJ its For Unit Group in GUI i think. After that function bj_wantDestroyGroup is set to false.

EDIT: I found out that it will be easy for me only to put this up here at pastebin again. This must work for sure and its heavy optimization + MUI.
To install it just copy first seen code to map header its in trigger editor (click on your map name blue icon) there past this text and make trigger in GUI as seen how its made. Link is:
Level 36
Mar 5, 2008
Man, i need to learn JASS :S
I would, but never prgram before...I mean i undarstand what it does(like 70%) i just dont know how to put all together. And did you DL last version or do you have 1.05? because i fixsed something in 1.06. thanks for your support, but if i use all those custom scrips its just not "original" :S
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
Ok i dl the 1.06 and yes its only a little of jass but if you dont know then ill try to do in GUI. Here is the link no jass script and more GUI only a little custom script for locals so that spell is MUI but you do understand that i guess if not ill explain you, just ask!

But i guess if there is something you dont understand it may be a if then else order. Which basically checks did it found random unit or does it have to pick first one or are there no units. Btw i added to matching unit to check is it structure.


EDIT: If you even dont want this much of custom script then you can use non-MUI version here:
Level 14
Jan 15, 2007
Good spellpack, but you could set in the spell nether chain the z of the lightning lower because it dont look so well, try to let the start of the lightning be in the effect model. Else the spellpack is really good and I was wondering of no lags cause its GUI. The only thing I really dont like is that thing with a G at the beginning a I at the end and a U at the middle but else good job.
SO my friend, when will you start using JASS on this magnificent spell pack ?? =P

Btw, reasons for not using GUI:
- makes your spells inaccurate
- makes your spells inefficient
- makes your spells not MUI
- makes your spells leak (some)
- it doesn't allow you to use your full imagination because it has limitations
- The more complex, the harder to read and import

My friend, you have the power to do it with JASS, I say you take advantage of it =) I just know you can totally do it ! I believe in you m8 =D
Remember: "JASS is the path to success"
Level 36
Mar 5, 2008
@redscores, i have leak check, i didn't find any location leaks.
btw, i'm a GUItard an i think it can't be much better done in GUI(i could use some custom scripts for locals< but why i don't know how to set them)
The number of global variables is way to big(but lots of them aren't even used)
Could you tell me for "specific" "location" leak so i could fix it, because i don't find any of them :(

Thanks for your comment!
Level 15
Jul 19, 2007
Huh heavy leek in your drag slide trigger...

I again made a little custom script but its GUI so plz fix it here is a little code which is heavy faster and does not use locations (so nothing needs to be removed) you leek 2x locations every 0.03 seconds which is bad plus turning collision off sometimes does not work. This code makes sure your unit is moved properly. Link:

Plz use it as its really fast!!!
Level 36
Mar 5, 2008
I think its impossible to make some spells here MUI (yes possiblw with Jass). but i will still submit my spells here, even if it they aren't MUI i just hope that it won't get ignored, because there is nice numbers of downloads and i'm sure that people who dl-it find the spells useful(even if there was only one line they needed)

I would just like to thanks all of you again for help/comments/critic/downloads



2 new spells comming up soon :D

edit 2:
Meh, i just have a bout 10 new spells, they still need work on(mostly tooltips), its a real mess now(over 30 variables for points(many are not used))'
Many not working triggers, many not used spells, even not used heroes.
its sucha mess D: