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Floating Text Always Bug

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I've been triggering for quite a long time, as I made a map. I found some bugs in floating texts, I don't know how it occurred but well... I have a damage detection trigger and I used floating text to show damage dealt, I also used floating texts to show skill name above the caster

When the game begins, the floating texts work well. After some time, they comes out and disappear faster than the time I wanted it to. Sometimes, the floating text doesn't even last for 0.01 seconds.

Can anyone give me a solution here? Is there a proper way of DestroyingTextTag? What am I doing wrong here?
call SetTextTagText(text, I2S(R2I(damage)), 0.023)
call SetTextTagPos(text, x, y, 0)
call SetTextTagColor(text,255, 0, 0, 255)
call SetTextTagLifespan(text, 1.00)
call SetTextTagVelocity(text, xvel, yvel)
call Wait(1.00)
call DestroyTextTag(text)
This is what I did, do you think it destroys the texttag?
The bug still occurs -.-

 local texttag skilltext = CreateTextTag()
 local real xvel = 0.05546875 * Cos(45.00 * bj_DEGTORAD)
 local real yvel = 0.05546875 * Sin(45.00 * bj_DEGTORAD)
    call SetTextTagText(skilltext, ("|cff00ff00" + I2S(R2I(heal)) + "|r"), 0.023)
    call SetTextTagPos(skilltext, GetUnitX(target), GetUnitY(target), 0)
    call SetTextTagColor(skilltext, 255, 255, 255, 255)
    call SetTextTagLifespan(skilltext, 1.00)
    call SetTextTagPermanent(skilltext, false)
    call SetTextTagVelocity(skilltext, xvel, yvel)

It pisses me, my map has already 7 versions and I still can't fix this bug.
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