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  • ShadowFlare how far is your project right now (Argos) ? I never saw the map hosted... and you created the 1. thread for it 3 years ago o.o
    Hi! Yeah, I'm fine too. Wow, 500?!? Now that's a huge load. :wink: I was thinking about bows and staffs in the near future, but lesser about wands. The only wand i have so far is this.
    Hehe, thx, but this was actually not a pack as the weapons were different categories and from different races. :wink:

    Ty. :ogre_haosis:
    Hi! How's it going? How's the project going? I just made some more weapon attachments. Dunno which ones of these you have seen from me so far, but for either case here are all of my new ones:
    1) Naga Trident
    2) Scimitar
    3) Cheap Standard Bow
    4) Fel Smaragd Shatterer
    5) Elven Ranger Bow.

    I hope you like them and find them usefull for your project. They all have custom icons as well. :wink:
    Dude where the hell have you been, I've waited for you too long. Now I need to work on SOTP :(
    It is only for test purpose, if you liked it I'll update and finalize the system. Cast the Healing ability of Paladin on the Sorceress to start the circular motion
    ok ok, now prob just do it...

    Im working on SOTP now so I will finish that untill the end of the week and then we can start
    Dude are you done, give me the map So i can start. I have set up my JNGP properly and Im just waiting for you!
    OK good :)
    I have a problem, my game wont patch, displays some kind of Error so I will have to find a way and fix that, after that I will Install JNGP and Im set...
    I have awesome Ideas that I picked up from other games like Skyrim and I will use them on the map... ;D
    Give me the map and I will make the terrain, tell me more about what need's to be done, what do you need to have on the map... I have some awesome Idea's and if you can add the map to the DropBox so I can work on it!
    You should't miss me cuzz Im here! hahaha
    I mean if the project is still alive I will gladly help, just tell me what need's to be done!
    Looking forward for the demo. TBH, first time I saw your project I was already interested... from the terrains to gameplay. This surely will be fun. +REP back to you.
    i have, or let's better call it had one for Hive (NO webcam-chatting though), but i didn't use it for more than 5 or 6 months yet....
    I will man I also have litle free time now so when I can I will be on SKype :)
    Oh, do you want an undead as main character? Yeah, that kind of copying is called merging :wink: you just take the skeleton (incl. anims, particle emitters, sounds, etc) from 1 model and merge it with a custom one. That's more than possible, nearly all of my models are like this :wink:
    Glad to hear that :ogre_hurrhurr: To be honest, i've never made a custom-animated unit of this kind..... I usually use ingame anims (incl. skeleton). I'm not sure how good the result is going to be, but i can try if you want.
    Well, i hope you didn't kick me from the Argos Project grp. :p I'm still making things, but i don't have daily internet access right now (i'm on holidays in GR) and i don't open the notebook daily. :vw_sad: But yeah, i can make more if you want. :wink:
    Dude I will see, school starts tomorow so I will be online just for and hour or two max ;(
    Hey! How you doing, my friend? Btw, if you need more items for your campaign, i just fixed a bit 2 attachments of mine: Blood Elf Dragon Sword and Blood-Rune Blade
    Nice I'll check it out today if I get a minute. I'm thinking about joining the new zephyr contest if I get some time. I did the boss contest, was pretty fun.
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