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Faction Sheet

Discussion in 'The Legends of Arkain Series' started by Shar Dundred, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Reviewer

    May 6, 2009
    Here you may find information about the factions of Arkain.

    Nation of Zyainor
    Zyainor was the first realm of mankind to be recorded in the annals of history by the Humans of Arkain. Being surrounded by hostile races of all kinds and under constant attack by the Demons of the east, the leaders of one human realm made a pact with the Black Dragons: Their power in exchange for a religion dedicated to them, and only them. The leaders of this realm, to be known as the first Ca'laer and Ca'lea, first conquered the lands of what would later become the Kingdom of Pyrru with the sheer power of the dragons and put the other human realms and tribes before a choice: Join willingly or be crushed. Those who joined them willingly were rewarded, the rest were put into subjugation.
    In the end, all of mankind served the rulers Zyainor. The feral Gnoll tribes of Arkain were enslaved by the Zyaise and even tamed as time went by. The Elves remained neutral, but the Dwarves, who had fought the dragons long before they had even first met a Human, fought both the Black Dragons and the Humans of Zyainor. This conflict went on until the fall of Zyainor as neither side could destroy the other. The Dwarves were severely outnumbered and Zyainor had to deal with Demon and other invasions, therefore it could not fully focus on the war with the Dwarves and left them mostly alone, only preventing the Dwarves from launching their own attacks.
    It is not recorded how exactly it all started, but the Black Dragons suddenly left Zyainor after many generations of cooperation and this allowed those who no longer wished to serve Zyainor to rise against their masters. Zyainor fell, all black dragons that were found were attacked and slain, the survivors of the race disappeared. The history of Arkain remembers Zyainor as nothing more but a hated nation of oppressors and tyrants and the Kingdoms of Arkain were born.
    Kingdoms of Arkain
    Following the fall of Zyainor, the Seven Kingdoms were born. Tensions between the different nations were high as everyone expected the others to try and invade them. However, they still were united in their hunt of those who were loyal to the fallen Zyainor and in their war against outside threats. When the Kingdoms were under attack by the many monsters who had been hunted and oppressed by Zyainor for so long, they stood united against this tide and forged alliances with the Elves and Dwarves, leaving the past behind them, especially when Demon raiding parties endangered their lands.
    However, the Kingdoms have remained independent and still eyed each other, playing political games and intrigues whenever war was not near - or sometimes even when it was at their very doorsteps. Some believe that this was one of the reasons why the Humans were finally overrun by the Demons and at the brink of extinction when the Empire arrived. While the Imperials were strangers to them, they were human like the Humans of Arkain and so the Kingdoms stood before a choice: Join the Empire and be saved or face annihilation alone. While they didn't like it, facing defeat after defeat while still negotiating with each other and the Imperials, the Kings of Arkain had no other choice and accepted. They waited for the arrival of the great fleet and when the Empire arrived, the people of Arkain witnessed with sheer disbelief and joy how thousands upon thousands of ships sailed towards their shores. With these massive forces, the Humans retook their lost lands, but were unable to attack the Demons as they were betrayed by one of their generals. Still, the Empire put an end to the invasion and ended the First Voidwar, even if they were unable to retake the Kingdom of Isalmur for any longer than a few hours. Now, the Kingdoms of Arkain remain part of the Empire even if some, like King Dorten of Kerrel, consider the Imperials as new conquerors rather than saviours.
    The Kingdoms are: Lor, Kerrel, Toran, Pyrru, Rengar, Salria and Isalmur.
    Empire of Rodan
    The Empire of Rodan (named after the continent), also known as Empire of Mankind and Human Empire, has been founded at about the same time as Zyainor - unlike the nation of black dragons, the Empire endured however, despite its origins being through warfare, like the Zyaise realm. However, unlike the Ca'lea and Ca'laer with their black dragons, the power of the Empire was based on its massive, well-organized and disciplined armies and technology.
    The continent of Rodan was rich and could have been a paradise if it weren't for its monsters in the jungles and the Demons who lived at the southern edge of the continent. These Demons, who had been stranded on this continent after the death of the Demon God, terrorized the Empire for many centuries, though they never were as dangerous and numerous as the ones on Arkain and the Empire had an easier time with them as most Demon forces were still on Arkain. It was the Golden Guard under the command of High Lord Inquisitor Renald van Durce who fully drove the Demons off their lands, killing them all and destroying all portals.
    Following this victory, the Imperials learned of the continent of Arkain and it being the origin of the Demons and sent their fleets over the Great Sea to destroy the Demons. There, they saved the Kingdoms from destruction after them becoming part of the Empire and allied with the Dwarves and Elves like the Kingdoms had before them. However, they couldn't completely defeat the Demons and so the war continued.
    Elven Kingdom
    Their exact origins unknown to even themselves, the Elves have been content with staying within the borders of the forest that formed their kingdom, being isolated from everything outside their forest, fighting only the feral beasts of the forest and enjoying their long lives. There has always been a queen or a king (more often queen than king) who led them all, supported by a number of nobles, and the Elves had a good life so no one even considered changing anything about that.
    When they first met the Humans, they kept their distance, completely uninterested in having any form of friendship, but also uninterested in a conflict with them. So the rise of Zyainor left them mostly untouched since the realm had no interest in the forest apart from a war that took place between the two when a ruler of Zyainor wanted to enforce his rule on all of Arkain, but that war ended with his death since Zyainor's next ruler had no such interest and the Elves had no interest in continuing the conflict.
    As Zyainor began to fall apart, the Elves too were under attack by the Demons. Never having possessed a huge army, they had their problems with only their magic saving them from total extinction. They were forced to all with the Humans and Dwarves to survive and became close allies as time went by. Still, the Elves never contributed much to the war as their rulers never felt themselves able (or willing) to reform their realm in the ways their allies suggested several times.
    So most of them were relieved when the Empire arrived and offered them a chance to have another ally to fight. However, the other races have begun being annoyed by the Elves' continued defiance and have, as consequence to the Elves not contributing their fill of soldiers to the war, withdrawn their forces from the Elven Kingdom. Only a few Elves, mostly the ones who are actually part of their armies and are in a position high enough to make a difference, attempt to convince their people to finally change their mind.
    Dwarven Realms
    Deep underneath the lands of the Humans and Elves, the Dwarven clans built their homes and formed their kingdoms. Unlike the Humans who were united by force, the Dwarven kings united (mostly) peacefully, agreeing that they would always choose one of them to be their high king. The High King would rule the Dwarves until his death so it was a choice to be made with care, but there was no Dwarf who would want to harm his kin as family was the most important thing for them and many dwarven families were related over several edges. Still, rumors tell that there are records hidden deep inside the vaults of the Dwarves telling of dark times when dwarven kings would wage war on each other to take the place as high king by force. While the Dwarves are not fond of this topic and the history will never be explained further upon, it is confirmed that there were such kings and that their descendants now, like many Humans, have tried to join the Demons to gain the upper hand and were therefore banished by their kin and enslaved by their demonic masters. Apart from this instance, however, the Dwarves stand together and the only Dwarves who serve the Demons are direct descendants of the traitors of old, no modern day Dwarf would allow a Demon to control him.
    They needed their union as they were under constant attack by dragons whenever the flying beasts dared to enter the underground. They developed a wealthy underground realm and further expanded into the mountains, hunting the dragons who lived there to put an end to the flying menace and of course to take their land for themselves. When they first met the Humans, the latter were still living in tribes and smaller realms. The two races traded with each other and became friends, but when the dragon-worshipping Zyainor took over, the friendship ended as the Dwarves hated the dragons and their followers.
    When Zyainor fell, the Dwarves were careful but they were willing to give the newly founded Human Kingdoms a fair chance to make up for past mistakes and was happy to help them hunting black dragons and their worshippers, renewing the friendship between the two races. Later, the Dwarves and Humans also came to ally with the Elves against the demonic threat in the east. However, as time passed, many Dwarves grew weary of the Humans constant intriguing against each other. The arrival of the Imperials filled the Dwarves with new hope as they had finally met courageous, honest, honorable and strong Humans and some believe that the Dwarves prefer the Humans of Rodan over the ones of Arkain.
    Orc Clans
    While not native to Arkain, the Orcs have been living on the continent for many years, originally hailing from a continent called Grumush which the warrior race had to leave for reasons unknown to most of them. Only few of them know where they came from and even fewer of them care. They arrived on Arkain on ships, initially landing on the islands next to Pyrru and Toran, the so-called "Pirate Baronies", home to the human pirates that had created their own little realms there after the fall of Zyainor, and took them for themselves, throwing the pirates off their islands. Afterwards, they invaded the Kingdoms of Arkain.
    United by the two most powerful clans, the Orcs were like a tide, crushing everything that stood in their way, attacking everything and everyone on sight. This proved to be their downfall as they not only enraged the Humans but also the Demons and the latter then decided to deal with the invaders and utterly defeated the Orcs, completely destroying half of the clans in the progress. Following this crushing defeat, the Orcs had another problem on their western front: A group of knights led by Theoderic of Kome had organized a counter attack and began hunting the Orcs, slowly retaking the lost territories.
    In a desperate attempt to replace their lost warriors, the Orcs forged a pact with the local Forest Troll clans who had been hunted by the other races of Arkain long before the Orcs even arrived. However, the war was already lost and concluded when Theoderic of Kome slew the leader of the united Orc clans in single combat. This deed put an end to the union of the Orcs and they fell back into the state of fighting each other, resulting in them losing all territories they held outside of the Pirate Baronies that were renamed to the Orc Islands.
    Ever since, the Orc clans have been a thorn in the side of the Humans, taking the place of the human pirates, becoming pillagers and pirates themselves due to the islands they now called their home lacking resources, only working with other clans if they agreed to cooperate in raids.
    Bearmen Tribes
    The Bearmen are a rather small race, living in the Forest of Rendor in the Kingdom of Lor, in harmony with the nature. While peaceful, their race also had great respect for skilled fighters. Once every year the tribes would meet in the center of the forest and their greatest fighters would battle each other, to prove themselves as fighters in the great gladiator fight. However, these battles were fought by volunteers only and no one had to fight to death, each and every warrior would be treated by the herbalists of his tribe afterwards - and if the tribe lacked a herbalist, one of the others would heal him instead. The tribes had their chieftains, but remained independent from each other, living together peacefully, never developing a proper realm or nation. However, recently, the Forest of Rendor seemed to have been poisoned and most of its inhabitants, bearmen and others, feel that they are slowly losing their mind...
    Tribal Dominion
    The Tribal Dominion, sometimes also simply referred to as "The Dominion", was founded by Amari, daughter of Rangul and chieftain of the Cliffhunter Clan, during the Second Voidwar. Due to the fatal losses the Orcs had to suffer by the hands of the Demons during the Second Voidwar, Rangul was running out of soldiers. Additionally, they were being hunted by both an army of Imperials and mercenaries led by Commander Daric on the order of Sir Lerrig Goldheart and the crusaders of Duke Redfist.
    While the clans of the Orcs were either on the run or fighting for their lives, Amari had forged alliances with the Dark Troll Union and the Goblin Federation and had been in contact with several other factions such as the Centaurs of Salria. She convinced her father that the Orcs needed allies to survive this war and therefore laid the foundation for the Dominion. The Orcs and their new allies invaded the human Kingdom of Salria and made many new allies during their conquest, including the Centaurs, the Bearmen, the Ogres, the Red Dragons, the Gnolls and the Harpies. After Rangul's death, Amari took his place as military leader of all these races and named their alliance the Tribal Dominion. After the defeat of Duke Redfist and Commander Daric, the Kingdom of Salria was fully under the control of the Tribal Dominion.
    After the Second Voidwar, the leaders of the different races decided to make Amari the Empress of the Dominion, their overall ruler. The Gnolls kept a part of their independence and their own sovereignty, but they too accepted Amari as their Empress as long as she respected that Gnoll Island would remain Gnoll only territory.
    Under Amari's rule, the races of the Dominion began to rebuild Salria as their own realm. In addition, other races were invited to join them - even the Humans of Salria were free to either join the Dominion or leave peacefully and most of them decided to stay. The Dominion began to grow in number and power alike after the Second Voidwar.
    The Blackthorn
    After the Second Voidwar, an age of prosperity and peace had begun in Salria. The Tribal Dominion was relatively safe, the Dwarves had decided to bolster their defenses after the return of Zyainor and the creation of the Dominion, the Demons were driven off and the Humans, like the races of the Dominion, were busy with rebuilding their nations. However, since the war was over and the dangers seemed far away, some of the people in the Dominion, most of them were Orcs, were unsure how to deal with this situation as they had known nothing but war and pillage for their entire lives. The longer the peace lasted, the more numerous they became. Before the situation could escalate, the leaders of the Tribal Dominion decided to let them create their own mercenary group that could be hired both inside and outside the Dominion. They were restricted by swearing to never ever work against the allies or members of the Dominion, however. So they formed the Blackthorn, a mercenary group that would later became one of the largest and most wealthy organisation within the Dominion.
    The Blackthorn didn't care much for who they worked or against who they fought, they always fulfilled their contracts and stayed loyal as long as their employers weren't trying to trick them. While most of its members were Orcs, there was no racism among them, all races were allowed to join, and ironically many Humans, mostly former soldiers, were found in their ranks.
    At the same time, despite their reputation as a professional mercenary company, the Blackthorn were rumored to also be pillagers to even further increase their profits. It is unknown if the Blackthorn is still living by the old pillager standards of the Orcs or if some of their contracts simply included that they were supposed to pillage.
    While the Blackthorn, just like the Tribal Dominion, are considered unofficial by their human neighbours, it is rumored that some nobles or even officials of the other nations secretly hire the Blackthorn from time to time since the Orcs of this mercenary company managed to gain a better reputation than most other mercenaries when it comes to effectiveness and discretion. Since a lot of its members were veterans of the Second Voidwar, some of the Humans even having lived through the First Voidwar, the Blackthorn grew into an organisation of strong, brutal and disciplined warriors, a force to be reckoned with.
    Undead Nexus
    Unbeknownst to most, the art of necromancy was created by the Avatar of Death himself long before the races that control Arkain now were born. Bringing the dead back as his servants, they were nothing but slaves of the will of their creator, bound to his will. Yet, while they were supposed to be loyal servants, their creator wanted to see them develop their own sort of personality of sorts and therefore created the nexus that were capable of developing without losing loyalty and bound the Undead to them. The sheer existence of some sort of personality is something that differs them from undead created by mortal necromancers.
    The Undead Nexus have remained in the shadows for a long time, only rarely directly involving themselves in mortal affairs outside their home, the Dead Mountain. Using an enormous underground tunnel system, they are however capable of appearing anywhere on Arkain at any moment should their master desire it. They have spent much time collecting corpses and experimenting to create more powerful Undead while their master used their eyes to watch the mortals and manipulating them when necessary. Only when manipulations alone are not enough to preserve the balance that the Watcher wishes to maintain, the Nexus are unleashed upon the living. The fact that they hardly directly intervened allowed the Undead to stay concealed from mortal eyes, hence most didn't even know they existed prior to the Second Voidwar.
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