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Europe Template 0.1

Submitted by GolluM_KoMe
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Europe Template


This is a template you can use freely for whatever you want.

The terrain was originally made for my new map (in progress) Rome II Total War. If you have any suggestion for further versions, please leave some comments.

The terrain is rather empty and you will have to adapt it for your project.

Feel free to change the tiles, the doodads etc... Just don't forget to add Fingolfin to the credits if you keep the trees he made.
Please don't forget me aswell, it was quite some work ;)

Note that you should use the NewGen WE to edit the map, and use the Misc.txt in your warcraft directory to edit the heights.


Fingolfin : For making amazing animated trees

V0.1 :
-Map expanded to : Baltic sea; Western Russia; Caspian sea; Iran; Arabia; Sahara
-New tile : Taïga
-New tutorial on the Hive on How to make accurate terrain
Resubmitted : sorry for that, it was just because the map preview wasn't updating

Enjoy and good luck !

Europe, Template, Europe Template, European, Rome, Map, Terrain.

Europe Template 0.1 (Map)

15:02, 7th May 2015 Orcnet: "] Very interesting template by basing the geographical look of the top form of europe, I really couldn't much explain and criticize this beautiful piece of art through accuracy, since its much more to implement a...
  1. GolluM_KoMe


    Jun 15, 2008
    Hey Pinzu,

    Thanks for the comment ;)
    It's been a while since I opened the editor :p but can't you just remove a few bits in the East and add them in the West ?? It should take about 10 sec ;)
    Well; the map was not originally designed as a template; it was for my Total War map; and I wanted it to look like the original game (+ there was much more forests back in the days).
    I don't quite catch that sorry

    Your minimap is great btw :) It 's way better than the warcraft display; very good idea ;)