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Ethereal Fortress 1.33a

Submitted by iXeddin
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Ethereal Fortress
by iXeddin

Map Info:
You are involved in the conflict of the descendants of the ancient race. You can play as defenders (Great Empire of Farkai) or attackers (Marloa). Train warriors and upgrade your heroes as Marloa or build defensive structures and protect your castle as Farkai. Every round, Marloan solders go to destroy enemy fortress, after wave 6 their heroes can participate in battles. You have no direct control over your army after it spawns, you controll only hero; your role is to build the right solders or create powerful hero. Victory is achieved: - by attackers(Marloa) when they destroy the fortress or slay all the heroes of the enemy; - by defenders(Farkai) when they slay all the enemy heroes.

Suggested players: 1-8.

Map starts different modes automaticly(see below)

Endless Survival:


Clan Wars:


Default + Last Fortress:






Farkai Empire:





  1. Unique gameplay, combining the low-APM requirement of Tower Defense with the glorious battles of melee Warcraft.
  2. Set your army in a formation to maximise its damage and survivability.
  3. Build castle of your dream!(or destroy it!)
  4. 8 Heroes with different tactics and custom skills.
  5. Fast and fierce fighting, you can play alone, 1x1, 4x4 or even 1x4.
  6. Have 3 main modes: Classic, Endless Survival, Clan Wars.
  7. New mode " -lf " perfectly complimenting the experience of the map.

Conflict History:

The gods become stronger with each new source of faith in them. Two goddesses together use forces to create a world which will bring them more faith energy.

Alzarrah is a world created by the goddesses Ethana and Kauno, who wanted to increase their divine power.

This world was beautiful, but the most beautiful in it were Alutri - the firstborn race in which almost all the power of the goddesses was invested. They possessed almost unlimited potential and glorified "Divine Sisters" who created them.

The remaining forces were directed towards the creation of other beings, who inhabited the new world. But they did not turn out as perfect as Alutri and did not attract the strong influence of the goddesses. Time passed, but the flow of faith only weakened. Alutri, who possessed almost divine ability, have learned the joy of creativity and paid less and less time to prayers and faith.

This worried Ethana, who decided, despite their agreement with Kauno, to intervene in the affairs of their creation. Secretly she began to manipulate Alutri and inspire them with the ideas of a new world.

This was followed by the beginning of a great schism. Alutri, who were brothers from birth, gradually began to be divided into two opposite groups: - Farkai, Priests of Ethana (they believe that they are the greatest race) - are driven by ideas of power and hierarchy. And Marloa, the Kauno Children, who wanted to better understand themselves and live in divine harmony.

Over time, Ethana began to possess Alutri women, and perform miracles in the name of Ethana.

Structure of the new religion was formed. The main person of Farkai religion became Pythia - the divine prophetess, who expressed the will of the goddess. Also was formed the council of the priests transmitting this will to the people.

Gradually appear opponents of the new order.

In contrast to the worshipers of Ethane, they worshiped only Kauno. They called themselves Marloa – “forest children’s”.

Marloa left the cities and went into the vast forest expanses. All this time Kauno did not participate in the event, she was more interested in the new intelligent race, which took the first steps in mastering the energy of faith.

This race named themself Urbi. Small cute and hard-working creatures living near the mountains. Kauno, was so carried away by watching them that she did not even notice the changes that had taken place with Alutri.

But the change of faith energy was noticed by Etana, who began to observe Kauno, and found Urbi. She liked the new toy of her sister.

And one day, new pythia received a message from the goddess. Priests was very surprised and excited by her message that the goddess had created for them, a race of lower beings who would submit to them. So were found Urbi.

They did not resist and, in general, their joining the Farkai tribe was not bloody. After this, was formed Farkai Empire with priests and pythia at the head. Other Farkai was assigned the role of rulers of various cities and military aristocracy. Urbi was given the modest role of workers and pets. After that, Ethana received a strong influx of faith.

Time passed, the empire expanded, increasing and occupying the surrounding territories. Marloa constantly had to leave their home after every deforestation. Kauno watched silently, still not believing in what is happening.

Gradually Marloa moved to the very edge of the great forest that covered the whole earth. New generations did not understand the desires of their ancestors. From the constant flight they lost a sense of peace and tranquility. Their hearts became stiff and cold and some of them began to express their dissatisfaction with their current situation. They started looking for Kauno in the hope that she would show them the way.

And one day she appeared to all elders in a dream. She said that the rotten and terrible empire of Moonlight is growing and they need to destroy it, or go away into history.

Thus began the first fratricidal war.

Sargeras Pantheon Wild God
Dragon Hero Warrior


Ethereal Fortress 1.33a
  1. Added new upgrade to Castles(+3 to food).
  2. Added some hints and descriptions at game start.

Ethereal Fortress 1.32b
  1. Fixed free warriors limit bug(thanks to wtii)
  2. Fixed Bosses treasures bug (for Endless Survival mode).

Ethereal Fortress 1.32a
  1. Added 8 new warriors to Farkai Empire.
  2. Rebalanced Endless Survival mode for defenders.
  3. Changed Farkaian buildings size.
  4. Added treasures for bosses and forest creeps(-lf).
  5. Other minor bugs fixed.
Ethereal Fortress 1.28a
  1. Added 2 buildings to defenders.
  2. Rebalanced Endless Survival mode.
  3. Rebalanced "Arcane Rage" ability (Hevig).

Ethereal Fortress 1.27g
  1. Fixed Hero selection bug.
  2. Fixed Rolana "Leadership" ability.
Ethereal Fortress 1.27e
  1. Improved attackers AI.
  2. Balanced Endless Survival mode.
  3. Added new bosses to Endless Survival (with random abilities!)
  4. Added spirit forms to all heroes.
  5. Fixed Hero Abilities.
Ethereal Fortress 1.21b
  1. Added 16 new warriors to both tribes
  2. Added Endless Survival mode(supports singleplayer) for defenders and Duel Mode(2+ players) for Attackers.
  3. Fixed farcaian max food problems.
  4. Fixed icon positions for some spells.
  5. Other minor bugs fixed.

Ethereal Fortress 1.07d
  1. Rebalanced Last Fortress (-lf) mode.
    • added Hunt Grounds for Marloa,
    • changed some abilities from obelisk
    • fixed Wolf(Sound of Desperation) behaviors,
    • ancient god research time fixed.
  2. Rebalanced some heroes:
    • increased Grumpy(Farkai) Movespeed from 320 to 360,
    • changed Rolana Magerin(Marloa) stats.
  3. Marloan solders now have a character (Brave / Berserk / Coward / Psycho / Betrayer).
  4. Added new special effects and sounds. Changed map preview picture.
  5. Some minor bugs fixed.

Ethereal Fortress 1.03a

  1. Added 3 game speed modes(fast/normal/slow) and new game mode - Last Fortress (-lf)
  2. Added new skills for units.

Ethereal Fortress 1.01c

  1. Added 2 upgrades for wall (Norak).
  2. Fixed all Tooltips for abilities and etc.
  3. Improved landscape visual components.
  4. Added "random weather system".
  5. New "Game-Time" icon.


SinisterX High Born Stronghold
Ultimata Gilneas Barracks
MatiS Trolls Barracks and Furbolg Shaman Cell
UjimasaHojoGilnea - Gilneas Pack
Model made by Judash137

Warcraft, Ancient, History, Survival, Manager, Tactical, Epic, Great, Legion, TD, battle, tower, defense, war, tactics

Ethereal Fortress 1.33a (Map)

The map thread has no tag. I guess Tower Defense is what you need. The terrain look is minimal doodads, terrain height, tile variation and all. Doesn't Garzu already have blink when you click to move the unit? Why learn Blink as a spell too?...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The map thread has no tag. I guess Tower Defense is what you need.

    The terrain look is minimal doodads, terrain height, tile variation and all.
    Doesn't Garzu already have blink when you click to move the unit? Why learn Blink as a spell too?
    Abilities need proper description. Learn more:
    Tooltip Tutorial
    Creating Good Descriptions

    But besides that, the strategical part seems rather nifty.


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  2. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    His ability works on the battlefield.