Dwarf Campaign (Voice Acted)

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About Dwarf Campaign
GG&K's Dwarf Campaign is a story-driven fully voice acted single player campaign for WarCraft III The Frozen Throne that sends the dwarves of Khaz Modan on a quest to explore the unknown, in hopes of saving their ancestral homeland. The campaign has three missions where you can choose to play from four difficulty settings and also features custom monsters, scripted events, music and spells. As an added bonus, the stand-alone version of Chapter 3 supports a two-player mode.

  • Single player
  • Story driven — Loosely based on Warcraft III lore
  • 3 long chapters — Total of 8 hours of gameplay
  • Fully voice acted
  • Multiple puzzles and quests to solve
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Custom graphics
  • Mechanics similar to standard Warcraft III — Little learning curve
  • Bonus — Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods supports also 2-player mode

SPECIAL! Playable as separate map files with Warcraft III Reforged (Patch 1.32 or later)
You can download the Dwarf Campaign chapters as separate maps from dwarfcampaign.com and play them using classic graphics in Warcraft III Reforged:
- Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind
- Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems
- Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods (this chapter is also playable by two co-operative players online)

Sequel – Gnoll Campaign: Return to Yeenador
Sound Mind Games has released a sequel to the Dwarf Campaign called Gnoll Campaign: Return to Yeenador. You can download it using the following link:
Gnoll Campaign (Voice Acted)

Required Warcraft III Version
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Patch 1.30.4 (get it here)

Installation Instructions
As of Warcraft III patch 1.30.4, you can install the campaign as follows:

  1. Download DwarfCampaign-v7.w3n from the Hive Workshop (using the big download button)
  2. Copy DwarfCampaign-v7.w3n to Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns. If the Campaigns folder does not exist, you must create it.
  1. Download DwarfCampaign-v7.w3n from the Hive Workshop (using the big download button)
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Press and hold the OPTION/ALT key down, then go to the Finder menu in the top menu bar and open the "Go" menu. When you are holding the OPTION/ALT key down, the Library option will appear in the dropdown menu. Click "Library". Now you are in the Library folder.
  4. Open Application Support → Blizzard → Warcraft III.
  5. Create a "Campaigns" folder, if it does not exist.
  6. Copy DwarfCampaign-v7.w3n to the Campaigns folder.
Playing the Dwarf Campaign
  1. Start Warcraft III.
  2. Select Single Player → Custom Campaign.
  3. Select Dwarf Campaign in the file menu.
  4. Click Play Campaign.
Stand-Alone Map Files

Instead of putting the file into Campaigns folder, please put it to the Maps folder.

Start the game using Custom Game. For multiplayer, use Battle.net or LAN.

Selecting the Right Difficulty
If you have been long time away from Warcraft III and you have not honed your skills to play the game lately, please choose the Easy difficulty.

Normal: If you know how the game functions, you are able to use hero abilities effectively, train a good mix of units, and create a good army, but you do not consider yourself as a super-good player, we recommend playing on the Normal difficulty.

Hard: If you are actually pretty good at the game, you can use hero and unit abilities to the maximum effect, you are able to micro units well, you know how to build an extremely effective army, and you know well what different abilities, items, and upgrades do, we recommend that you play on the Hard difficulty.

Very Hard: This difficulty is probably best used when two professional players are playing Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods together. It can also be chosen when single players want ultimate challenge.

Tommi Gustafsson: AI Programming, Minor Cinematic Sequences, Dialogue Scripting, Game Programming, Gameplay Balancing, Level Design, Monster Design and Balancing, Playtesting, Quality Assurance, Skill Design, Skill Balancing, Sound Editing, Story Writing, Terraining, and Web Pages.
Janne Gustafsson: Major Cinematic Sequences, Dialogue Scripting, Game Programming, Icon Design, Level Design, Modeling, Music Environment Design, Playtesting, Quality Assurance, Skinning, Story Writing, and Terraining.
Mikko Kangas: Dialogue Scripting, Grammar and Spelling Check, Level Design, Quality Assurance, and Story Writing
Blizzard Entertainment: WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, Potion icons, Crossbow icons, Helmet icons, Meteor Swarm icon, and Brain icon.
GreyArchon: Thorp Blackpaw model, Dwarf Paladin model, Dwarf Statue models, Khaz Modan Banner skin, Malbodion model (partly), Bark Sharpnose model, Mithril Golem skin, and Modi Stonerunner model.
Panu Uomala: Artwork for the Map in City of the Seven Mithril Golems.
Benjamin Berts: Dwarven Worker icon
Diegoit: Lost Kobold model
Donut3.5: Faceless Mage model
Purplepoot: Faceless Mage model
Cookie: Force Gem model
Skizot: Potion models
IamMclovin: Dwarven Worker model
General Frank: Dwarven Warrior model and icon
Aaron Norell and Jaysin (www.dpistudios.net): Artwork for the dwarf picture in the loading screen
Carl Orff, MIT Concert Choir: Carmina Burana, O Fortuna (From the Free Music Archive, License: CC BY NC 3.0 US)
Kurt Rickerd and Matt Marcy: Dwarven Defenders
Pauli Kanervisto and Kei Uchida: Playtesting
DKSlayer: Chat message parsing algorithm

French Localization Team
Executive producer: Mister X
Chapter 1 translator: Gamers.jeux
Chapter 2 translator: Trollxul
Chapter 3 translator: Armelior
Anime expert: Aka Guymelef

Voice Actors
Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind
Dylan: Andun Silverbeard, Buri Frostbeard, Yip-Horf, Lead Acolyte, Necromancers, Other acolytes, Dwarven Ancestral Spirits, and Goblin Armsdealer
Magic: Malbodion and Modi Stonerunner
SamuraiPanda: Ner'zhul (Lich King) and Golems
Jesse Cox: Jinto Reedwine
Writer: Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Mechanic, Dwarven Guard, Dwarven Smith, and Mortar Team
Lavarinth: Dwarven Captain and Gnoll Overseer
Shaggy Shanahan: Ogre Mauler (in prison), Gnolls (in prison), Gnoll Brute, and Ogre Lord (in encampment)
Tag Daze: Drunken Dwarves
Ed Khoo: Narrator
Timothy Banfield (FunnyGuyTimmy): Dwarf interface sounds

Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems
JDJones: Theodin Rockheart
nevernotninja: Erogdin Earthstorm
Ben Balmaceda: Buri Frostbeard, Modi Stonerunner, Spectral Guard, Rifleman
Tom Resnick (tresnick): Tyrin Thunderbeard
NovusCrimson/R3: Gnoll Overseer
Jeremy Frutkin: Brother of Gnoll Overseer
Alucolor: Gnoll Warden
CrisKingVO: Gnoll and Gnoll Brute
LeLovelySuccubus: Cornulagon the Devourer
Elise Bellamy (SovereignEliseVA): Gna'ruul
dndan: Guardian Entity
Timothy Banfield (FunnyGuyTimmy): Aggronor the Mighty, Dwarf interface sounds

Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods
Jacob Eccles: Tollusek the Black
Jake Parr: Bark Sharpnose
Tom Schalk: Thorp Blackpaw
Bonnie Bogovich: Philiastrasza
C. J. Oliver (Nulldrive): Baraddin
Elise Bellamy (SovereignEliseVA): Queen of Suffering
Abigail Turner: Gnoll Warden and Rhagnol
Shaun: Thordur
Ralph Pangallo: Gnoll, Gnoll Brute, and Gnoll Assassin
Meadows1073: Primordial Mutant
Timothy Banfield (FunnyGuyTimmy): Dwarf Rifleman, Dwarf interface sounds
nevernotninja: Erogdin Earthstorm
Ed Khoo: Narrator

Change Log
V7 – June 22, 2019

- Added -voices chat command to open the voice control menu
- Faceless One dialogue sounds work in 1.31.1
- Changed game message colors to be consistent with Blizzard usage

Chapter 2
- Added a hint about how to make Gna'ruul join the party when she is in the Gnoll encampment
- Added some new dialogue lines for Gna'ruul
- Some minor bug fixes

Chapter 3
- Chaos Tentacles are now easier
- The All-Seeing Eye of the Inqusition's Anti-Magic Ray now does only 500 damage to mechanical units (down from 2000)
- Bark Sharpnose picks up the Howling Flail trigger works after saving and loading in 1.31.1 (bug workaround)
- Philiastrasza speaks a correct line when entering the Well of Corruption
- Added correct caster upgrade art for Gnoll Assassin

V6 – April 15, 2019

  • Fully voice acted
  • Tested to work with Patch 1.30.4
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes

Dwarf Campaign (Campaign)

Bob27: An excellent campaign, with a great story, gameplay and terrain. This would have to still be one of my favorite Warcraft III Campaigns. Approved.

Deleted member 237964


Deleted member 237964

I don't remember them myself, so they must be totally random.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions but i'm quite excited to hear about the chapter 4 and i'm replaying the Campaign again.I'm looking for all secrets/easter eggs and interesting things i could have missed.
Level 3
Jul 8, 2017
I can't believe the Dwarf Campaign came out 10 years ago! We're old, aren't we? :eek: I still remember the first time I played it soon after its release and how impressed I was with it. Now I just (re)played the campaign and I have to say that I'm still impressed. In fact, I still think it's one of the BEST custom campaigns ever made. When you think about all the limitations custom campaign designers had in those times (when the campaign was made), that makes the Dwarf Campaign even more impressive and amazing today.

I am wondering though, will there ever be a sequel, since the story seems incomplete? Or a remake, since there are inumerable more possibilites to enhance the original campaign? :D
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Level 20
Feb 23, 2014
This campaign is like wine. The older it gets, the better it tastes.

By no means this is a perfect project, but then again - which one really is? This campaign is filled to the brim with creativity that was and continues to be both impressing and inspiring. Add to that a good, well written story and a very enjoyable gameplay experience... and there you have it - the Dwarf Campaign, a truly remarkable classic that holds its own against the test of time and contiues to be one of the best custom campaigns ever to be released for Warcraft 3.
Level 3
Mar 1, 2018
Great concept for a campaign, it's definitely very unique in it's premise. Although the journey was a little convoluted at times, I had a lot of fun playing it all the way through the end.

The story was very interesting too, especially that whole gnoll backstory and whatnot.

I would love to play more but apparently the whole project was abandoned a long time ago. What a shame. :(
Level 9
Nov 24, 2013
Wait so what's the different between this update and the old one? Like are there any changes? Or is it just for 1.29 compability?
Level 3
Mar 1, 2014
Thank You Tommi. As far as I know it is on development, right? I guess by the feedbacks you then will create the rest of "chapters" of the campaign. Btw, keep up the amazing work you and your team!
Level 1
May 13, 2018
I found some kind of abuse. In mission,where you in dwarwen caves seeking for artifacts(and finding 7 mythril golems) there is a treasure room and a key to it in a room nearby. Dont kill the lvl 10 spirit dwarf,take the key. The abuse is that whenever you pick up the key,hostile to everyone spirit guards summon around you. I just turned paladin's immunity on and spawned a horde of spirits killing everyone except the boss by dropping and picking up the key.
Level 1
May 30, 2018
Yo I went trough all of the comment pages ,but didn't see a thing about the 2 gnolls killing each other in the Barradin's visions in mission 3 ? Anyone got an idea ?
Level 24
Jun 20, 2013
With the hype from the Gnoll campaign, i replayed this one.

Funny like always, isn't nostagia factor just quality. Something that always bugs me if the upkeep cost of the heroes, depending of the map you will lose like 15 to 30 of food in heroes, even with the extra food on the Temple of the Old Gods, it just crush your army composition, because in the last map you'll need tanking from the brain golems or the armor golems, to deal with the boss enemies.

Another point is the distribution of items, The Jewelstones are an original way to add alien items, but some items in that map are for mele units, and our heroes are all ranged in that one xD.
Level 3
Dec 13, 2017
after playing for 50 mintues, game crashed, i didn't save
why game crashed? first time ever having map crash on me
such awesome campaign, now i can't play it, not playing that 50 mints again
Level 1
Jun 17, 2018
Hi all,

Can someone please help? I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I can't get this campaign to work. I created a folder called "Campaigns" in my WC3 directory and moved the file there, but I don't see it under custom campaigns in the game.
Level 1
Jun 17, 2018
Hi all I figured it out. FYI for anyone having problems playing this despite following the instructions.

I don't know if this is a recent change, but I found the proper "Campaigns" folder under the following path:

This PC -> Documents -> Warcraft III -> Campaigns

I copied the files here and it seems to work fine now.
Level 5
Apr 13, 2018
SHORT REVIEW: Storyline made it strong, short but well made. Here's my short review.

Cinematic :spell_breaker:)

?- Nothing to display

Gameplay :cool:2)

+ Enjoyable
+ Stunning Characters
+ Nervously Exciting

+ Smooth which is great.

Final Review

:fp: 4.5/5

status = Very Good Job!
We have released VOICE ACTED versions of Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind and Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems:
The voice acted version of Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods is coming in 2019.

The chapter 1 is actually a remastered version of the map, which was voiced in 2005. We have added a narrator voice and applied noise reduction to old voice files.
The voice actors in chapter 2 are different than in chapter 1, because naturally we could not find the same actors after 13 years.

Have a look at them and let us know what you think!
Level 6
Jul 15, 2017
We have released VOICE ACTED versions of Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind and Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems:
The voice acted version of Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods is coming in 2019.

The chapter 1 is actually a remastered version of the map, which was voiced in 2005. We have added a narrator voice and applied noise reduction to old voice files.
The voice actors in chapter 2 are different than in chapter 1, because naturally we could not find the same actors after 13 years.

Have a look at them and let us know what you think!


For playing idk year and self dubbing/self voice acting of my free time
finally i can hear the wonderful voices in action
Level 4
Jun 25, 2018
where i have to put these new chapter 1 and 2 u uploaded

because it's not w3n file...it's w3x file

when i put these files into campaign folder... it doesn't show me in game

where i have to put these files ?
Level 3
Mar 17, 2018
A great job, when you start designing is when you realize how difficult it is to create something of quality that people like. Without a doubt, and despite how old it is, it is one of the best jobs I have seen.
Level 5
Aug 31, 2018

Atleast better than this bullcrap we have today in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azerite

edit: I decided to replay the campaign with voiced dialogs. I am now finish with the first chapter:
The voice actors are well done! Feels like they got paid to do it.
Other than that I find the ending from chapter 1 a bit easy on "very hard".
The demons don't even come close to the vault and I personally don't like having too much ressources.
Chapter 2: As in Chapter 1 some speech lines are not voiced at all.
Might be the patch though. Dunno why but most of the times I don't hear the voices from the actors.. Only if I load it works and then it doesn't anymore. Anyway Chapter 2 is by far my favorite map!! I love everything about it. The map, the gnoll base, the library etc. ^^. I really enjoy picking up the books when you come close enough to a bookshelf. I completed Chapter 2 and I'm just impressed by the work done overall. Good job!
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