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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
The Duel Version of TheDeathLycan

I have A Stage mode of this but i upload it soon

report bugs here!
post it i will fixed it! thanks


DeathLycanworld(Duel) (Map)

22:45, 9th Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Atmosphere - 2/5 - Abhorrent terrain. It's too boxy, the trees don't fit, and it is flat and boring.
Models are alright (though I think a few are rips). Icons are missing DISBTN.
Quest information is disgusting; "Tips: Kill all"?
Nice map preview and loading screen.
Gameplay - 2/5 - No. Nonono.
Not a single triggered ability.
43 heroes is good and all, but they are all shit and made without effort.
Only 1 shop, with boring items that cost too much.
No spectacular features, or anything. It's 7mb of random models and melee spells.
Fun - 2/5 - Meh, even if you haven't put effort into gameplay, making some random heroes and giving them random, unedited, unfitting spells makes this map surprisingly fun to mess around with.
But the map itself is a mess, few people would play this map a second time.
Storyline - N/A - not story-driven.
Overall - 6/15 - 2/5 - In terms of aesthetics, your map is bad.
In terms of gameplay, your map is bad.
In terms of fun, your map is bad.

Technical - Poor description. Category should be 'Medieval/WarCraft'. Credits are not properly listed.