Daemonic Sword ORPG

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Welcome to the Daemonic Sword ORPG!

An amazing Storylined RPG with endless Exploration, Bosses, Items, Quests, Music & more!
Fulfill your destiny as one of 14 Heroes sent to either save the realm or leave it in darkness as you experience a timeless masterpiece beyond imagination.

Designed for:
Classic and Reforged
Singleplayer or Multiplayer
Default or 3rd Person

Official Players Guide (Created by the fans!)

With over 1000 Members already what are you waiting for? Join the community!

-Select a Hero with your Mouse to start new or input your save code.
-Follow the Storyline to complete Quests.
-Interact with almost anything and have fun!
-You can always -repick if you wish to select another hero.

Daemonic Sword has a pretty big learning curve for all the systems but do not get overwhelmed and take your time.
There is a massive Wiki and fanbase ready to help you with any Questions you may have.

-Play Both Reforged/Classic.
-Player Single Player/Multiplayer
-14 Unique Heroes which can each Evolve into a new Hero.
-Save/Load for both Single/Multiplayer
-Bank Vaults save additional items
-Custom U.I with Books, Scrolls, and Custom Systems with Hotkeys
-Custom UI Attribute System
-Customize Inventory/Statistic System
-Professions System (Thievery, Fishing, Forging, SpeechCraft, Hunting)
-Calendar System with Weekly Events.
-UI Hotkey Button Menu
-Enchanting, Forging, Crafting and Fusion Systems with thousands of choices.
-3rd Person Camera with fully controlled camera angles and zooms.
-Multiple Languages Supported (Currently being worked on)
-Exclusive Soundtrack over 40 Musical tracks available

-Exclusively made Special Effects created by Vinz
-Learn unique abilities of your choice.
-Customize Backpack Model.
-1000's of Items to Forge, Fuse, enchant, purchase and earn.
-12 Classes of Items with over 10 Types for each Class.
-Reforge your items into more powerful versions using Forging Skills
-Item Set's included (Fusions of 6 Set Piece Items)

-New Lead Special Effects Designer Vinz is currently working on Revamping and created all New Special Effects.
-Hundreds of High Quality Special Effects

-Choose between two Alliances at any point in the game. (Evil or Good)
-Two Main Quests, one for each Alliance.
-5 Guilds which save with your Hero.
-Tons of Mini Games and Systems including Lockpicking
-Play actual Musical Notes and Learn the Different Songs of the World.
-Colosseum Mini Games Included with Prizes and lots of unique Fun!
-Purchase and Build your very own Home.
-Over 30 Unique and amazing Bosses.

-More then 6 Towns and Cities with enter-able buildings.
-Dialog and communicate with every character you see that can speak.
-Specific Ultimate Items for each character
-Epic Custom Skins, Terrain, Spells, and lots more!
-Over Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay!
-Tons of Guilds, Side Quests, Mini Games, and Adventures
-10+ Major Temple/Dungeons included in map with Epic Boss Battles and Loot.


Name: Shea Easterbrook
Battle.Net: Daemonic#1597
Hive: Daemonic_Sword
Discord: Daemonic#6077

Lead Special Effect Designer:


Vinz is currently recreating Special Effects for Daemonic Sword.

Modeller Credits:

A Very Special Thank you to every Modeller on the Hiveworkshop!

Daemonic Sword uses so many of your models and it truly helps create an amazing experience.
With Reforged and constant updates the credit section may be a little outdated, but I will try my best to update this section as all of you are amazing!
Thank you so much.

Icon Credits:
Apothercree (Submitted Hero Icon Portraits)


FireMage - (Life Sage) - Kitabatake
Blood Elf Champion - (Raegnarok Norm) - General Frank
Ice Wings - (Raegnarok Meta) - By Suselishe
Bloodelf Phoenix Guard - (Assassin) -General Frank
InquisitorMalendis - (Reaper) - Sellenisko
Obsidian Overlord - (Emperor of Darkness) - Ampharos_222
Li0neSS Arch Angel Seraphim Mistress - (Dragon Princess) - General Frank
Hyperion - (Pure Vampire) - General Frank
Sylvanas Windrunner Banshee Queen Sellenisko - (Sentinel) Sellenisko
Alexstrazsa - (Phoenix of Gaia)- 67chrome, Sellenisko
Angel - (Defender of Realms) - expresso (Tranquil)
Angel - (Angel of Light) -Xazuki
Prime Matron - (Shadow Blade)-By dickxunder
Soul Devourer - (Undead) - Grendel
Hellscream - (Demon Slayer) - Sephiex
HeroBloodelvenPaladin - (Mystic Angel) - General Frank
The Lich King - (Daemon(Evil) - l0w_kwaliti
Deathwing - Kwaliti


Advanced Rod, Fishing Hat - MeteORA
Chest04 - Chriz
Anvil - Carrington2k
LightningArrow -JesusHipster
BearRug_DDK - darkdeathknight
Belted Cape - Sunchips
Blueholy Wings - UgoUgo
Light Feather - Dan van Ohllus
Frost Wyrm Shield_Left - Markos3520
Gold Bar - communist_orc
Horde Fire Bow by Forgotten_Warlord - Forgotten_Warlord
MasterSwordPedestal - Zerox
SilverOre - Ergius
Improved White Shield - Astaroth Zion
King -Tranquil
Nathrezim Doombringer - Ampharos_222
GungnirV2 - NeuroHunter
MaulofHavoc, Great_Axe, Thebandit's_Shield, All custom trees - eubz
Snowpine - By Gottfrei
Troll Hunting Bow - MaTiJa97
Nostradamus - KayS
Diablo - Dan van Ohllus
BloodlotusRG - Kitabatake
Arch Angel - Elenai
Tormentor - Ampharos_222
Bladed Edge, Dragon BattleAxe, Ogre Axe, Searing Blade, Portrait Items, Skill Buckler, SmolderDragon Sword. Spirit Shield - Lord_T
Orbs Fire, Lightning, Water, Poison, Light, Darkness, Potions Green/Blue, Purple Vial, Lord
Blood Elf Magestaff, Crate - Debode
BloodyAxe_ByEpsilon - Epsilon
Elven Boots, Boots of Speed, Slippers of Agility, Staff, Gloves of Speed, Javelin, Ice Shard - Matarael
Cold Steel Kukri, Destroyer FaceGuard, Rotten Staff, Longsword of Marr - Usedwell
RPG SET #1 (Round Shields, crystal Sword) - N00byStance
Copper Bow, Metal Bow, FootmanArmorV2, - Kitabatake
Crusader Sword - ikillforeyou
Deldrimor Mace - Goolygot
Crystal Shield, Double Plated Shield, Golden Shield, Iron Shield, Rusier Wooden Buckler, Steel Shield, Demon Satyr, Skeleton Firemage, Skeleton Fire Warior Mage - HappyTauren
Dead Dragon Helmet - Champara Bros
Teamcolored Key - Kitabatake
ArcaneRuneHammerV2 - RaidonGod
Assassins weapon - Goolygot
Deldrimor Mace - Goolygot
Doomstaff, Doomsting - Boneknight
Dragonscale_Blade , Hammer of Naaru, Wooden Bow, Rune Dagger, Shadowmourne, Shield of FW, ShadowDragon, Land Dragon - Forgotten_Warlord
Dragonslayer - Boneknight
Lion Sword, Armageddon - KayS
Faceguard of the Hawk - debode
Gem - Dan van Ohllus
Grand Blade - Tonberry
Guard_Shield - paladinjst
InfernalDestroyer, Megaton Hammer - Sunchips
Mithril Sword - Revilo
MithrilHammer - MistAssass
LethalBow - Gottfrei
Khaz'amul - Boneknight
King's Crown - Tranquil
Pickaxe - Fan
Scythe of Doom - D4RK_G4ND4LF
Spartan Helmet - Tr!KzZ
The Hellbringer - Teaspoon
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury by chilla_killa - chilla_killa
HumanGuardHelmVersion – paladinjst
Ancient Wall 03 - By Kitabatake
Angel - By Dionesiist
ArcaneRocket_Projectile -By sPy
ArcaneStaff - By War_Golum
Attack Aura - By s4nji
Balverines - By Dan van Ohllus
Banisher, Borreal Hound – By Grendel
Blackcloudof Fog - JetFangInferno
BlightwalkerAura - By War_Golum
BloodBatMissile - By judash137
Burrower - By Ampharos_222
Chaos Banner -By [email protected]
Cathedral - By eubz
Chaos Marauder Helmet, Coffin - by chilla_killa
Castle Wall -By Tranquil
Crusader Helm - By ikillforeyou
Decay Staff - Epimetheus
DemonHunter – By KayS
Demon Knight by DevineArmy - By Devine
DemonObelisk , DemonPillar- By Amigurumi
Demon Tower - By HappyTauren
Heal Aura - By Lordan12
Doomstaff - By Boneknight
Dragonspawns - By Sellenisko
DruidStaff - By Truth Troll UA
Dune_Crawler - By Ampharos_222
Elven Swordsman - ?
Enchanted_Arrow -By sPy
EvilMissileofShadowyDOOM - By shamanyouranus
Horned Helm - ?
Rock Slam/ Falling Light - By judash137
FelHoundRider - Frankster
SunfireMissile - By pWn3d
Flame Thrower - By Champara Bros
Forgotten_Warlords Greathelm - By Forgotten_Warlord
Fountain statue - By Hexus
Frozen Orb - By Daelin
GhostAura - By Mainy
Glaciar Aura - By Daelin
Grassie - By HappyTauren
Great Lightning - By Tranquil
Grudge Aura - JetFangInferno
Healing Surge - By RetroSexual
Hell Fire - By Champara Bros
Warrior (Demon Slayer) - Made by Sephiex
Demon Arch-Duke - By Dionesiist
Hellspawn Annihilator - By Ampharos_222
Fel Orc Outrider - By Deolrin
Holy Awakening - JetFangInferno
Holy Breath - JetFangInferno
HolyLionMissile - By ratamahatta
Holymagic_Projectile - By sPy
HouseVar01 - By Amigurumi
Frost Aura - By s4nji
Infernal_Mask, MyrmidonHelmet -By -Peper-
Living Statue - By WhiteDeath
Lightning Bolt - By Champara Bros
LightningStrikeLarge - By Callahan
Lost Memory - By Suselishe
MagicLightning_Aura - By sPy
Mastermind Daggers - By Ampharos_222
Mindstaff - By Thrikodius
MineWall - Emergenzy
Halo -By RetroSexual
Outland Brazier -By shamanyouranus
PandaGlaiveMissile - By RetroSexual
Pillar (Diablo3) - By Pinachet
piratehat01 - By Chriz.
Quiver_Item - By eubz
Ring of Protection - republicola
Royal Arrow - By Champara Bros
Ruin Head - Buster
Coral Tree - By waveseeker
RuneBoltMissile - Red Baron
RunningFlame_Aura - By sPy
Scared Skull - By RetroSexual
Sea Aura - JetFangInferno
Serpent Lord's Gaze - By Usedwell
Crown Shield by Sunchips - By Sunchips
Naga_Shield - By eubz
Shiva's Wings - By JetFangInferno
TornadoElemental - Callahan
Spiders Victim - By Teaspoon
Spiral Aura - JetFangInferno
SpiritArrow – ByEpsilon
Spell Projectiles, VenomousAura, WateryAura, HolyBlast, Holy Missle, Strengthen, Aura - By sPy
Staff of Negation - By Thrikodius
Staff of Silence - By Thrikodius
Starfall Missile, Flameshot Aura, Mist Aura - By Pyritie
Undead Aura - By s4nji
Voodoo Mask - by Forgotten_Warlord
Doomshooter - By Boneknight
WingsoftheNightmare - By Usedwell
Wooden Log Wall - By xorkatoss

If you have any questions about the map please refer to the Discord as is the Main Hub for all the communication.

This is a huge game with hundreds of hours of epic gameplay.
Some reviews date back to 2012 and the game has since come a very long way and is now considered one of the Best RPGs you can experience and play.

Daemonic Sword ORPG, Shea Easterbrook, Coop, Adventure, RPG, Roleplaying game, ORPG, Daemonic_Sword

Daemonic Sword ORPG 3.42 (Map)

Orcnet22:54, 9th May 2013 Moderation renew Daemonic Sword ORPG (Version 5.37) RateScorePercentLetter 5/591-100A RateScorePercentLetter 4/581-90%B RateScorePercentLetter 3/575-80%C RateScorePercentLetter 2/570-74%D...
After years of awesome updates and development, receiving a lot of love and becoming one of the coolest custom games for Warcraft both classic and nowadays Reforged as well, the moment at last has arrived. Director's Cut and congratulations!!! Hard...
Level 2
Jan 9, 2015
yeah the aly set i got now.. sry X) just hada walk closer to funtain erhm i guess ill try to get answear from grunn about the circle quest the 3rd time.thx tho=)
Level 1
Feb 5, 2015
Daemonic Sword Item.

How Can I get the Daemonic sword?
I can't pass through those stone or rocks.
Please Tell me how to pass through thanks is advance guyz
Level 1
Feb 11, 2015
How Can I get the Daemonic sword?
I can't pass through those stone or rocks.
Please Tell me how to pass through thanks is advance guyz

you need some skill of speechcraft if i correct it's need lv 6 speechcraft then go to a guitar master(maybe) near the cave where you can get daemonic. Ask him then he will tell you how to play song called "royal magnus" then remember it or write it in paper, after that play it in the front of rock. tadaaaa the rock disappear

NB:you need guitar from fira city
Level 2
Apr 15, 2014
What's up with the forums? I can't access it nor can i open it in a different browser.

EDIT: sorry for mentioning this issue but the problem is already gone for good.
Last edited:
Level 1
Feb 18, 2015
I need some help. After playing for a long few hours straight , I tried to load my code but it does not work when it says decoding success. It only shows the lvl 1 character of what i chose and it is stuck there at its original position.
Level 2
Apr 15, 2014
People says " nice map" "good map" "amazing map" "5/5 cuz its a coolest map ever"
then i saw the description
It's a world.


mods nice world , good world , amazing world 5/5 cuz its a coolest world ever in my entire life.
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Level 2
Feb 21, 2015
there is 1 big problem..starting damage, stats are overpowered..its like i m playing on lvl 50 with lvl 5..and yea for that power also creeps are strong..
Level 1
May 20, 2012
help plz

i don't know how use save code
plz help me its not work or i cant use it :vw_sad:
i chose my hero
an load
and my save code
but :vw_sad:
How i most use it :vw_wtf:
plz HELP ME :goblin_cry:
Level 2
May 28, 2014
umm excuse but could pls tell me WHERE IN FU***** HELL IS THAT SUPREME HEALTH POTION?! Ive spent literally hours trying to find it from banshee queens and other high level creeps. Ive read that this was purchaseable from that travelling idiot but in the recent patches thats no longer available. why is that!? I honestly love this map but spending hours just to find 1 more item to move on is really irritating! I mean this is a main quest for f**** sake! If youre going to add items as a requirement for the completion you should at least make it pingable. I wouldnt mind killing a boss with 1,000,000 hp just to get that potion rather than go around in circles not knowing if Im even making progress or just wasting precious time. And another thing, forging and thievery is so hard to level, theivery is rather difficult but I think I can bear but for forging, its really hard. I suggest you make other types of ingots usable for the "train". I have so much silentiums and inferniums in my vault but i can never use them unless i reach the required level -_-. Or you could make us gain exp when we smelt and forge stuff or maybe even when mining.

But still despite all of the above mentioned I love the map:goblin_good_job:
and I know Im not good at judging but since i think you deserve it Ill rate it 4.696969/5:ogre_hurrhurr:
Level 2
May 28, 2014
haha just loaded from a crash, went to the survival arena without doing a single quest and found a potion lying on the ground, when I went to check it out, I found out it was 2 supreme health potions! I take back all the s*i* I said about up there. Its totally fine now that I know where to look (that is, if Ill be lucky enough to find these again next time XD)
Level 2
Sep 24, 2015
Save in folder!

I played this map a lot and i mean A LOT... but... i hate it so much!!!!!:ogre_rage: because it has too many bugs!!!:ogre_rage: i recently tryed the new version making a new char(assasin) and guess what? i played 3 hours to make lvl 100 only to be kicked out from the game for no reason:ogre_frown:! yea! and it wasn't a disconnect , the game crushed! and this is not the first time:ogre_frown:! so yea.
If you want to make this map better i suggest you to : fix this crushes that are soo frequently OR make the save to go in folder so in this way i can save very often!!!!so i can not just waste my time playing this map for nothing!
Level 1
Mar 14, 2016
new version is out 6.01 have fun guys! been playing awhile now xD the code wipe is **** oh man

sweeet 6.02 is out guys updates are in the move!! alright i should also move with the flow

Hey guys, i found out a bug with the Necromancer, where can i report it?

http://daemonicsword.freeforums.org/index.php click here and find glitch thread for the report also State what version are you using when it happened.
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Level 2
Apr 7, 2016
erm,i played this game and using an elemental sorc
but sometimes i got a bug where i can't respawn anymore(my friends who's using different hero didnt get that)
i hope you can fix it,thanks
i still don't get it what is causing the bug

edit:when i hunt in heaven,the game got fatal error(i think it was one of the angel or guardian attacks,the kingdom one) (i was playing at 1.24b)
edit2:i'm not sure about this,but when i put ring of ghost dragon in a vault,then save it the code for vault is unusable
Last edited:
Level 6
Feb 8, 2012
uh, the map now needs the newest patch, i can onlh play in 1.24b but i might give it a try once again, been playing this map for years
It just kicks me in the loading screen using 1.24b i got the, i need them new patch
Last edited:
Level 4
Feb 6, 2013
I am a fan to your map :D
But as I am playing as an intelligence hero, I really hope the item Man of Thunder could be fixed
Now instead adding 7500 int, it added 7500 agi, which make this item useless and wasted for me :(
Beside this bug I am really enjoying the map :)


Map Reviewer
Level 64
Jun 4, 2009
-the blue Skeleton orc can be dragged in town and killed by the guards thus leading to the level two hero to use the +100 damage axe
-having rooms set in the north and south of the map for the same place (castle) is weird and confusing

Well, I have to say, huge maps are a bad way of playing when having to load with a code that doesn't save charted zones and quests.