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  • i think i have played all the heroes so far, the tinker was a little weak compared to the other classes. I dont remember the hero i was playing when the bug happened.
    What heroes did you play?
    I will upload a version with AI
    I hope you will appreciate it
    Thanks for your help I wouldn't got that result without you
    You have to test the new hero : The Tinker
    sorry did not see the notifications, I did have a re-spawn bug but the latest version fixed it, all the computers playing are newish computers so no ram issues as for the hero i was playing i don't remember, thank you for listening to my feedback and fixing the bugs.
    I tried in a lane with friends the respawn system is working
    I had more than 15 died and I respawned

    During a battle did you have problems when you are dead and selected in a battle you dont respawn for the event, letting your team with one participant less for the event

    What hero was you playing ?
    What buff had you ?
    Had you a heal before dying ?
    Hero respawn is bugged too???
    But what the problem withy that map
    I've tested it 18 times this week and I've never had these problems

    I've played a game where I died 75 times
    and between every events or other

    I'm lost
    I don't know where are the buggs

    I don't find them

    I will put on paste bin a version to detects the bugs

    So you played with your friends without b-net with a local network
    I've read in some websites that some crash can be due to computer ram too low

    So I just want to know if your computer is old or if it's a new one
    Thanks for your precious analysis
    and sorry for the bug
    I'm correcting it

    Just a small suggestion to not double post
    For example on my treads You posted 4 consecutive messages

    You can edit the first one and write more information in it

    I just tell you that because on hive they don't like when we double post
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