Daemonic Sword ORPG Beta 4.85

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Daemonic Sword ORPG Beta 4.83
by Shea Easterbrook, Daemonic

Created by: Shea Easterbrook,
Bnet: Daemonic
Email: [email protected]
-Choose to be Good or Evil
-Epic Story Line
-Save/Load Included
-Lots of Characters, Quests, Items, Minigames, Enemies, & Fun!

Daemonic Maps

Daemonic Sword ORPG Beta 4.85 (Map)

07:04, 5th Jul 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
The maker needs to learn better ballencing techniques.

His scaling is too exponential. By this, there are clear cut off points where from suddenly getting owned you own everything. Especially item wise, as 95% of endgame power is from items with LoaP like values. This not only means that PvP is insanly hard (even someone 20 levels above you can deal 30 times your damage and have 30 times your health) but also that you own everything below you in a few hits.

Dungeons are also highly buggy, often getting me trapped or requiring a backtrack a huge annoying sequence of doors which often do not work.

Make the amount of grinding needed for good items far less. Most of us players can not aford to waste our lives on 1 hero getting a half modest item end game or getting to level 300. Eithor make a single universal code for all classes or improve leveling speed and item obtainability so that no more than 6-10 hours are needed to make each hero or 30-40 to make all heroes. Your map is competing against other games for time, and frankly it seems to waste my time more than other games and I am sure most people will agree with that.

Dungeons should have checkpoints for progress more often. It pisses the hell out of me when doors close on me due to monster block.

Make quests faster (skip the shit talking...) as it takes like 2 hours of continious play to even approach the main quest line end and the progress does not save. You may also wish to make bosses vary depending on player power so that you do not OHKO most of the early quests due to the insane scaling.

Make scaling less sharp. Increasing everything by powers of 10 is not a smart thing. You are meant to gradually get strong, instead you hit cut off levels where 1 level increases your comat power by 10 times so that previous badies die no problem and future ones do not OHKO you. If you toned down bady scaling and hero scaling to be more linear, you would still have the same difficulty and badies would not obsolete so fast. It would also mean that new bady types do not rip you appart in a few hits and take no damage from you early on. This would also allow troops to be more useful.

The power of troops needs to vary with the owner level. At the start they can be insanly strong compared to your hero when at the end, even maxed, they are nothing compared to your hero. This is bad ballencing as it forms nasty cutoff points (which ruin PvP). Summons should always be usefull, although late game they are less useful.

Nerf the Death frost wyrm. It freeze locks any non hero unit with AoE allowing the DK to kill hell units due to perma stun at the level it unlocks. This makes summons and normal units usless on him. It should probably only freezelock the attacked unit with a maximum of 1 unit at any time (expires quickly) but only if the dragon scales with level (otherwise it is usless like most summons).

I remember playing an easly alpha of it, nice to see you finished the map and I do admit I spent quite a number of hours on it and have 2 150s.

These are aimed at the creator if he reads this, not the submitter who is probably not him.
Level 3
Feb 23, 2011
ahm guys i agree he sould've said more if u want to know why players have like huge stats u can know that at the website displayed sodrsupergood anything u think is bad and needs fixing just go to website