Crow Winged Attack

Level 15
Dec 19, 2007
Idea requitments:
1) druid of the talon modeled hero.
2) single target enemy unit.

Spell cast range: 700
4 levels with difference in damage.

Spell triggers:
1) the druid and the target are both paused and invulnerable, and face eachother.
2) the druid play "change into bird" animation.
3) the druid hero is replaced into hero with same stats but model crow.
3) the druid change into fly, become able to fly about mountains. (zero collusion, and added crow ability and then change his fly high over time)
4) the new model druid moved fast into the target with fly animation, replace any 0.1 seconds and moved toward the place he looking at +5, removed leaks of location.
5) the druid stops his flight after he reached 1000 range, regardless if he missed the target or hit it.
after 1 second, yes, 1 second delay is a must. the unit takes damage and have massive effect of blood on it.

Make this please, credit will be given.