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Chasm v0.2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
When the earthquakes began, the land was torn asunder opening a gaping chasm in the earth.
Two rival expeditions now compete to control the dark below, an underland of untold riches and mineral wealth.
However there are more things than that to worry about.

Chasm is defence/pvp map centered on melee style gameplay.
Build a base, train defenders and survive the onslaught of the chasm's inhabitants.
In addition, player swill have to contend with the rival team bent on sabotaging defences.
Last team standing wins.


You may build your base anywhere but a Refinery structure must be placed upon lava tileset in order to earn income. Killing monsters and players also give cash.

Lava is indicated on the minimap, except for the western plain where it freely flows out of the ground.

Your main unit is the Explorer, he is your basic builder and lifeline. Your Outpost, which functions as a main base can ressurect dead explorers. If you lose both the outpost and the explorer you lose.

This map isnt final but is fully "complete" in the sense that all the features and basic content works.

Underground, Chasm, defence, miners.

Chasm v0.2 (Map)

01:47, 30th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Are you kino, or do you have his/her permission to upload this here?

The map in general is all right, but needs quite some work.
There aren't really much features, some buildings really require upgrades (the refinery for example).
The entire game structure is also very easy: build buildings to defend yourself against spawned creeps, much like a TD-idea.

I'll set it to "Needs Fix".
Level 24
Oct 12, 2008
Yes I am the creator of this map.

Well it is true that the content status is very limited at the moment.

Refineries arent given upgrades for the simple reason that I dont want players to camp on their starting zones and turtle all game.

Lastly the game structure is easy, which is good its easy to learn and all.