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[Miscellanous / Other] Charged (Custom Trading Card Game)

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Dec 9, 2014

What is Charged?

Charged is essentially a custom trading card game, but doesn't involve you actually using any cards;
the mechanics are the same as a card game, but you are given actual creatures
rather than cards.

It is being developed by me, Civiliznations, with creative help from MightySultan.

The game is inspired by the trading card game Duel Masters;
however, the rules and cards are unique,
and have been crafted by myself and MightySultan.

The Rules

  1. Your Army (deck) must consist of 60 creatures. At the start of the game, you can choose from several premade Armies, or craft your own, allowing you to completely personalise your Army. You also choose a Commander, which has special abilities.
  2. You cannot have more than 4 copies of the same creature.
  3. Once the match begins, a dice will roll. The player that wins starts first and recruits 7 random creatures from your Army to your Camp. The player that loses starts second, but recruits eight random creatures.
  4. Now, a players turn will begin. There are 3 steps to a turn; if you so wish, you can skip each step at your Commander. The first step is the 'Charge Phase'. You have the option to move one of your creatures to the 'Charge Zone' from your Camp. Doing so will add 1 Charge to your army, which will persist unless the creature is removed from the Charge Zone.
  5. Next is the 'Summon Phase'. This is where you can move creatures onto the Battlefield from your Camp. There are two classes of creature, monster and spellcaster, and both are summoned in the same way. In order to summon a creature, you must deplete the amount of charges that creature requires to summon. Charges are replenished at the start of each of your turns.
  6. Finally, there is the 'Battle Phase'. This is where you can use your monsters to attack enemy monsters on the Battlefield, or attack your enemy's Defenders. Each player begins with 7 Defenders, which are randomly chosen from your army. Attacking a Defender will cause it to retreat to its Camp. If all of a players Defenders have retreated, you will be able to attack the enemy Commander directly in order to kill him and win the match.
  7. Monsters have power levels which determine the strength of their attack against enemy creatures. If your creature's power is higher than an enemy creature's power, their creature will be killed and sent to their Graveyard, where they are out of play, but abilities may call on them in the future. Your creature will remain the same power level. If you atttack a creature with the same power level, both will be killed and sent to their respective graveyards.
  8. Monsters may have abilities, that may be activated when you summon them, or in the Battlefield, or on some other condition specified. On the first turn you summon a monster, you cannot attack with it or use its abilities, unless it specifies otherwise. Unless your monster performs an action, your monster is unable to be attacked by an enemy monster, unless an effect causes it to be vulnerable. After a monster attacks, it is unable to attack or use any abilities, and becomes vulnerable until the start of your next turn. Spellcasters can target any monster regardless of whether it has performed an action.
  9. Some monsters are Blockers. This means they can deflect attacks made by enemy monsters on an allied monster or Defender onto themselves, and the battle is decided between the two with normal rules.
  10. Spellcasters do not have power levels, and do not stay on the Battlefield. When you summon a Spellcaster, they will use their effect, and will then be sent to your Graveyard.
  11. Once you are ready, you can end your turn at your Commander, and the enemy's turn will begin. At the start of each turn, you will recruit one random creature from your Army which will move to your Camp.
  12. If your Army is depleted and you are unable to recruit any more creatures, your forces will lose morale and flee and you will lose the battle.

Here is a preview of some of the creatures in the game so far, and their abilities.



Screeching Banshee:
Charge Cost: 1
Power Level: 3
This creature can attack on the first turn you summoned it. In order to summon this creature, you must first sacrifice one of your creatures on the battlefield.

Wispy Element:
Charge Cost: 3
Power Level: 5
At the start of each of your turns, this card loses 1 power. Cannot go below 2 power.

Towering Golem
Charge Cost: 4
Power Level: 4 (Blocker)
Cannot attack enemy creatures or Defenders. If this creature successfully destroys an enemy attacker by blocking the attack, you may choose an enemy monster and destroy it.

Troll Hunter
Charge Cost: 5
Power Level: 3
Every turn you may choose one of your enemies creatures and make it vulnerable. You are then unable to attack it with this creature this turn.

Sludge Crawler
Charge Cost: 7
Power Level: 2/3/6
You may summon this creature as 1 6000 power creature, 2 3000 power creatures, or 3 2000 power creatures.



Charge Cost: 2
Target one allied monster on the Battlefield. Until the end of your turn, it gains the Slayer ability. This means that regardless of whether your creature loses the battle and is killed, the enemy creature will also be killed.

Charge Cost: 3
Target one allied monster. Until the start of your next turn, its power is reduced to 1, but is able to attack two Defenders.

Tribal Magic
Charge Cost: 3
Target one enemy monster on the Battlefield, and move it to their Army. Your opponent then moves a random creature from its Army and shows it to you. If it is a monster, it will be summoned for your opponent for no charge cost. If it is not, it will be sent back to his Army, and the process will repeat until a monster is found.

Call to Arms
Charge Cost: 6
Turns a random creature from your army into a defender.

Charge Cost: 7
Target one enemy monster on the Battlefield. It joins your side, and is sent to your camp.

When two monsters battle, they will be sent to a different area for a short cinematic. Here are two of these areas:



I will release more screenshots as more of the terrain is made! It is at a very early stage right now.

When the map is first uploaded, it will consist of 'Release 1', which will be the first wave of creatures to be released. Another Army worth of creatures will be added to the game in Release 2, and so on and so forth. In between releases, I will still be updating the game version to fix any balance issues or bugs.
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Dec 9, 2014
Hopefully I explained all the rules correctly. Let me know what you think of the project; it is in a very early stage right now, so I can't show much of it. However, I am working on it regularly, although I don't have too much experience with mapmaking sadly, this being my first big project.

I'm pretty shaky at terrain, so I'd really like to get your opinion on those screenshots, and give me some tips to improve.

Please post your queries and suggestions! It'd be really helpful.
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