Change Ubersplat data

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Jul 4, 2007
hello, I want to change the data of FlameStrike1 & FlameStrike2 Ubersplats (because I dont like the green color).

So I figured out that the parameters of these were located into the file "Splats\UberSplatData.slk".

I tried to change the color by editing with notepad (and im almost certain that I did it correctly, since there is a documentation at the beginning of the file).

Then I imported my edited file in my map as "Splats\UberSplatData.slk" to overwrite the blizzard one, but either I did it wrong or it is something impossible to do, since all ubersplats are now hided : (

Any ideas? :/
I know I can use triggers to make a custom one, but I dont feel like making a timer and indexing to change the color while keeping the original effect..
I think WaterKnight did it right in this thread.
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