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Campaign - Star Wars: Mandalorian Wars

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Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Wars
Created by: Anti_Bodies

The Mandalorian Wars:
The Mandalorian war was a conflict between the recently reunited Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under command of Mandalore the Ultimate and the Galactic Republic some 3,000 years before the time of Darth Vader. It takes place 20 years after the Great Sith War, in which the Sith and Mandalorians were nearly wiped out by the Jedi and Republic. Their leader Mandalore the Indomitable was killed at the end, leaving the Mandalorians leaderless and so those who survived left the clan in search of other life prospects. However once Mandalore brought them back together, they invaded the Republic. If not for rogue Jedi under the command of Revan and Malek (unplayable) the Mandalorians would have crushed the Republic.

The war was gritty. Innocent beings were ripped apart emotionally, and physically. In this campaign you play as Mandalore the Ultimate and his chief strategic adviser Cassus Fett, hell-bent on turning the galaxy inside out. You will slaughter peoples, murder Jedi, and blow up population centers. You are the Mandalorians. You are the ancestors to Jango and Boba Fett. You are the legacy of the Mandalorians.

Features Included:
• The Mandalorian perspective of the Mandalorian Wars.
• Star Wars characters from the KOTOR universe such as Revan, Malek, Mandalore, Cassus Fett, Kelborn and Bralor
• 10+ MB of imports
• 4 Unique Unit Sound Sets
• Over 100 different unit models
• 2 Complete missions

Coming Soon:
• More unique unit responses
• More missions
• Star Wars music to accompany the game
• 11 Missions in total
• 3 Interlude Cinematics

About Campaigns:
• Campaigns are singleplayer only
• This isn’t complete, its still a work in progress
• The word document is the other missions and units that are left
• You can’t use the "test map" feature. You have to boot up Warcraft 3 to play.
• When you load up Warcraft 3, go to Singeplayer, then Custom Campaigns, then Select it from the list.

To import a campaign:
• Go to Start Menu/My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/Warcraft III/Campaigns

Please give me feedback!

This is just an alpha version!

HeroMortarMan by DevineArmy
SCIFI Eksplosion by RED BARON
Melee Marine by masterddd
Demonic Sanctuary by Gottfrei
Cone Tower by Tranquil
NecroStronghold by HappyTauren
Save Item by D.O.G.
Renegade Armor by Kitabatake
Gunner by Ham Ham
Mil Grunt by anarchianbedlam
Factory by Mechanical Man
Sylvan by Gottfrei
Red Laser by Champara Bros
Blue Laser Ray by Champara Bros
NuclearExplosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Incendiary Mortar by anarchianbedlam
Red Star Armageddon Tank by General Frank
Crab Warrior by Deep Sea Kraken
Jedi by L0w kwaliti
Dude mania scout tower by Callahan
Shin-Ra MP
Spiker by Kofi Banan
Artillery Strike by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Metkit by HappyTauren
Pillbox by communist orc
WoodBig by Ergius
Mana Orb by Kitabatake
Pergasus by Coxxon & syc
F.T.F. Light infantry by General Frank
Sandbags1 by Ice
Nature Beam Missile by Dragoon Zombie
JangoFett by olofmoleman
CloneTrooper by olofmoleman
Vulcan by Kofi Banan
RocketMissile-2- by Kofi Banan
Wall by Illidan(Evil)X
Barrens Rock by Herio-san
Command & Conquer Construction by Illidan(Evil)X
Tauren tentx by Nasrudin
Star Trek Drydock by martinisj
TechnoUnionShip by olofmoleman
R2D2 by olofmoleman
Laser_Red/Blue/Green by Illidan(Evil)X
OinkerCube by Goldwolf
Marathon Cargo by martinisj
Garfish Light Cruiser by martinisj
Gran by olofmoleman
Ithorian by olofmoleman
Republic Assault Ship by olfomoleman
RepublicAssaultShipRuined by olfmoleman
Gungan by olofmoleman
V-Wing fighter by Illidan(Evil)X
ArcTrooper by olofmoleman
Tactical Console by Trollschnitzel
Console2 by Trollschnitzel
Console by Trollschnitzel
DBLightsaber3D by Illidan(Evil)x
Lightsaber3D by Illidan(Evil)x
SpaceShip by Mc !
Droid Starfighter by olofmoleman
StarDestroyer by armel
Konstrukt_SniperMissile01 by Talon the Mage
Globe2 by RightField
StarBase by Elunes-Guardian
Wc3flexwing by RightField
Wraith2 by killst4r
Scout Optimalized by killst4r
Factory Animated by killst4r
Engineering Connected2 by killst4r
Space Station tile by Horn
Outland_abyss by wertyn
Ceiling/wall by Holy Humane
CeilingFan by Ribenanmania
Phdoodads by Pyramidhe@d
Captain Armor by Kitabatake
SentryGun by Pyramidhe@d
Icy Volcanoes by s4nji
Bud2, building, buildings new by Kofi banan
wotW Buildings by Black Sebastian
Shop by Storm PCF
Command Icons by CRAZYRUSSIAN
Mr. Mucus Boogerson by Dan van Ohllus
Medivh skin by Hueter
WH40k Imperial Bolter by Pyramidhe@d
Bruteshot by sc freek
Acathla Veteran Marine by abriko
Falcon Grav Tank by Mechanical Man & Crusad3r91
Nerubian Devourer by jigrael
Spider Warlord by jigrael
Blood Presence by Champara Bros
Specter & Nightmare by Callahan
Mystic Spawn by Gottfrei

Please don't close this window! Comment on your thoughts about the campaign so far. That's the whole reason for me posting this whole thing.

Version Has been updated on 7/6/09 from .31 to .51


  • Mandalorian Missions and Units.doc
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  • Mandalorian Wars Alpha .51.w3n
    11.3 MB · Views: 741
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Level 8
Nov 29, 2008
Hey Anti-Bodies. I played your Star Wars Clone Wars Map and i think it was quiet good ;)
I really love Mandalorians so i will have a look at this campaign :thumbs_up:

I tested it:
-Its pretty cool, i like it. Some nice special effects.
-Please wave the terrain a bit, it looks flat ^^
-Cool models
So, for alpha its really good, go on :)
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Level 8
Nov 29, 2008
Another cool Campaign-Idea is Star Wars Republic Commando.
This is in the Clone Wars, it would be a interesting Campaign :)
Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
Their really isn't that many clone wars models for the clones anywys. Plus the Mandalorian wars were cool and they are fresh ^^. however I was thinking about making a Generl Grievous campaign from his start as a organic being. However I decided to fill that empty whole in the KOTOR universe where we diddnt get to see much of the wars. And I have some sweet ideas on making this campaign gritty.
Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
where is this clone turbo tank? And you should post up your at-te model on the site (under the models section) not just in that model competition thread. Anyways alot of it hinges on the Republic gunship, which remarkably hasn't been made yet. That would tie in all the models together.

As for the clone trooper, their really needs a Phase II armor style clone, since the regular clone trooper is so overused in every crappy star wars map. Oh and the battle droid is very fat, it needs to be modeled alot skinnier. My point is that the star wars section models are stale and need to be refreshed.
But to the point, when we post in this thread can at least part of it be about the campaign?
Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
I think it is on dbz geek girl site. Battle droid is so fat to fit wc3 proportions and its engine better.

why not make it as thin as the villager woman? or even the super battle droid model? also its legs and knees are in such an awkward position for a droid lol. if those were straightened, it would be much much better.
Right now in the campaign im working on building a town that gets nuked by the Mandalorians. I'm also working on adding more choice in the game, and to make it less linear.
Level 1
Jul 30, 2008
I just ran through this alpha and there are a few things that could be worked on... but like you said, its an alpha. So here we go

1. The heroes need more skills, the more unique the better. Right now they are pretty much generic skills (vampire aura) with a different name.
2. Casus died in the first mission but it didn't fail the mission.
3. I'm not sure if you intended to have all the npc mandalorians join the player side after the big Cathor attack but they didn't even though it felt like they should have.

I appreciate all the imports, new models are always nice.
Its a good start. I am excited to see the other missions you were talking about in the description. I think it would be cool if there was a variety in the maps too rather than just kill all these guys. Like maybe an AoS style map etc.

Keep working on this it has potential.
Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
Yes Ive thought about adding huge gameplay variety in the missions such as elements of

tower defenses, AOS, survival, and meele. As well as solo hero parts too. And i havent even really touched the skills.

1. I just added in the current ones to see what they would look like and how they function in a campaign.
2. Casus dieing and u not failing is a bug i will investigate when i return to this project.
3. Well its supposed to be that if you blow up the base, the Mandalorians here will join you. however i might change it to what you suggested, and make it so that you assist/control the other mandalorians, rather then exterminate the cathar for them.

Thank you for your suggestions :)
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