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  • Well, the triggers as they are do work. I know it's a chaotic mess, and that it could be improved here and there. If you want, you can rework the triggers.
    S][C is a tad too ahead of it's time for me, considering W3 is basically a decade behind with it's editor...Even so : I have to say, those long years of waiting weren't in vain! Compelling as the triggers, terrain and everything else might be, I still prefer my one true love <3 (cheese, I know, but it's true). Ermmm, as for me? - I've just been through Hell and back...a few weeks of endless pain can really bring character to some people... How about you?
    lol the trigger editor fucks with me so hard. I used to know where everything is and how to get everything, or at least a creative work-around for everything done. And now its packed with stuff and not everything works like it used to. So it rapes me. Though I haven't tried doing that much with me. The data editor fucks with me too. I'm just too slow to change :(
    Hey things are good with me. I'm getting excited for Starcraft II (IDK if i mentioned this but i pre-ordered so I got my own beta key). I have done a few city terrains. I really like changing the height on doodads. I feel very immersed in the terrain when its SO 3D
    Hey hell_ya i love ur era zombie invasion map but sometimes people usually dont enter the map or lag alot in garena in so IF U WANNA could u go and try put in some AI's oh and ps some guy edited ur map i think he went in and put AI's for the zombies.
    Well that's a shame because alot of people liked your map. I always liked LoaP and LoaC maps =D. Anyway... I hope you work on EZIU 'till you finish it cuz it's really cool by now. It's bad that you won't keep working on LoaC because the only one that works on patch 1.24 is yours =X.I'm trying to find a good Loac and try to edit it to make compatible to 1.24,but it's very hard to find one good these days =X. Thanks anyways for the map and I hope you get alot of fans in you new project =D.
    O.k., so out of curiosity, I went to your EZIU thread to see why nobody said anything about the feed-back I gave and I was stunned to seen that my post ...well, just wasn't there. So either a mod removed it (which I highly doubt), or indeed, my crappy internet has once again RickRoll'd me. Anyway, since I don't want to write everything all over-again, the review only commented on the visual aspect of the map (which was modified as I recall, haven't playing EZIU in a while) , and some minor bugs / glitches, because I left the game-play aspect aside. You should have told me you didn't see any posts from me on your map! If I say I'll review it, I'll review it! Eh...alas. Talk to ya later HELL_YA!
    Hey I realised that you were one of the Co-Creators of LoaC The Americas. Just wanna know if you guys are still working or something. Also: I really like your map, EZIU. It's very cool and requires alot of strategy to blow those zombies up =D.
    Well, it's finally out. Your ERAS if up-to-date and probably has some new tricks up its sleeve. If you wish me to re-test it, P.M. me. ^^
    Dude? the hell? im playing 1.13 and when it starts, it says orange is the host and it gives nobody the thing to state the rules than it just says no rules.

    Also, why the hell is there snow trees in turkey?
    Do you get access to the Galaxy Editor in the Starcraft II Beta? What about the new Battle.net 2.0 thing? Tell me about what you can get to.
    60 seconds? you kidding me? i hosted it and by 2 minutes everyone was cussing.
    I'm afraid I don't :( The only skills I really have are terraining and skinning, neither of which involve modelling and animation xD

    Although, Oinkerwinkle made a tool that apparently takes the animation from one model and puts it into another. You can get that here:


    I haven't tried it yet though :P
    Yea, I just noticed that myself :S According to CloudMax its been down for a fair few hours xD

    I'll contact my Hosting Provider and ask what the devil is going on :S
    I'd say the Description section does not lack in any way and is probably the least of your concerns at this point. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the map, as I said before : work, work, work! (I do reviews for a site that gives me 0.7$ per document...I know it's not a lot, but it's all I can do before going to college). I will try at one point to make more free time and maybe check out your triggers, or test for bugs, but I highly doubt it with my current schedule. *sigh*
    As always, even if they're busy, I'm sure Rui or ap0calypse will be glad to give you some pointers!
    Heh...I can't rate it now, with or without the bug fix...not because I don't want to, but because I'm not decided yet. I'd give it a 3/5 for purpose, but I would also force that by a bit and give it a 4/5 for effort (I've noticed your interest in updating and improving the map was high and I can't ignore that). But like I said, I have to give it some time to see how things work out. (I'd approve it now, if I was ap0calypse)

    *Note : stated above apply only if polish was added and bugs removed
    Ah, I can understand parental intervention when it comes to working in W3. Well, with that said, whenever you have your map ready once more, you know what to do...Oh and I wish I could help you fixing and what not, but I barely have any free time myself. Take care.
    Damn it HELL_YA! You said you'd be ready this time! The update is disappointing! -And I'm not talking about visuals, but game-play - As you may have seen other people complain about this : when an hero levels up, he goes from a +400 ms to 200- or less...somehow, this bug is applied to all your surrounding units as well.
    The map is virtually UNPLAYABLE. Even if you try to ignore that aspect, even if the walls don't shoot arrows anymore, the map is going nowhere fast. There are many more things to complain about, but I have to admit : You must have busted your nuts off working on this one!
    It would be acceptable and maybe even approval worthy if you wouldn't have that damn crippling BUG! Fix it at once.

    *Note, as you can see, I preferred to leave you a Visitor Message rather than doing a "nasty review". I appreciate your work, so you'd better not let yours to waste. Get fixing!
    Heh, up til now I've got 16 more things to review and it will take me a Hell of a time to finish. I'll become more active next week though, I'm counting on a job offer that will have me sit neatly at my desk and do next to nothing (yeah, I know : "Slacker", but it's good money). So, if I get any free time this day, I'll take a look at your new update too...I was somehow actually looking forward to it ^^.
    I'll be watching the map section. As soon as the next Zombie map pops out, I'm going to review the Hell out of it!...Good-bye...for now.
    I'm going to be active this week. You gave me the "o.k." so I'll just wait for your updated version of the map and I'll get cracking. ^^
    Ehh, what about the pending maps?
    Maps that don't even have a review...
    There are over 700 of those and 10 maps are being uploaded daily (excluded maps that were set to "Needs Fix", which also reset to pending after being updated).

    We need to clear the entire pending map list before we can review any other maps, that's why we don't give reviews nowadays ^^
    Wait , the blue screen?! Curses! T_T...well, is the map stable now? Or do you have to re-update?
    Yep, I'll do the review tomorrow. Fully reviewed, of course...Til then, you can still update if you found a tiny bug or something, just inform me. See ya!
    Well, even though my first post / review was slightly negative, hence the lack of content, maybe you can inform me when you want the map fully reviewed again! Take your time, be sure it's worth reviewing, because this time, I want to have reasons to say nice things about your map. ^^ Take care!
    I've edited my post / Done a full review of your map, "Eras Invasion". You can check it out any time and tell me if you found anything unfair, although I tend to be very honest and just. Thank you!
    Yeah i haven't played warcraft 3 in some time actually. Ive been playing Aion, COD 6, and various other games, in addition to school stuff and what not. I am always around for text-support, but for actual work on the map, i am not.
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