[Defense / Survival] Survival SP & MP Starcraft Hybrids

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Aug 19, 2007
Starcraft survival SP & MP + AI (Starcraft Hybrids)

Starcraft Survival
version 1.1 updated

* reduced lag when playing with AI.
* improved terrain without blocking buildings
* elite units regen faster and start with more armor, making them easier to keep alive.
* stronger enemy waves spawn a bit less often.


This survival map offers rts play and hero survival. But instead of Warcraft 3-like heroes you get to choose a special elite squad that can get advanced veterancy. This map is set in the Starcraft universe as my other Starcraft Hybrids map (http://www.moddb.com/mods/starcraft-hybrids). The races and starting units are custom and inspired by the Starcraft universe. The custom races are:
* Bionics (a mix of Terran and Protoss forces). Select humans to play with them.
* Infested (a mix of Terran and Zerg forces). Select orcs to play with them.
* Void Predators (a mix of Zerg and Protoss forces). Select undead to play with them.
There is no fourth race so don't select Night Elves or random (it's cause of a warcraft 3 bug that has to do with broken AI).

Your goal is to survive and you need to protect a Xel'naga Temple, in the center of the map, for x minutes. Basically there are 3 game modes:
-> Short game. You need to survive for 15 minutes with earlier waves. The focus is here more on micro skills (using your elite starting units as best as possible).
-> Long game. You need to survive for 60 minutes with later waves. Here the focus is more on long-term base building / strategy.
-> Default. You need to survive for 30 minutes. A mix of the above.

* 3 Starcraft-like races to choose from.
* Starcraft sounds and graphics.
* Fully AI implemented.
* Randomized waves.
* Can be played in Mutliplayer too.
* Different elite starting units too choose from (9 squads in total to choose from, varying from strong marines to stronger dark templars like units to elite flying units).
* Can be openend in World Editor (is not protected).







Credit list (resources):

Blizzard for interface skin, tiles and images
Starcraft Interface Package by unwirklich
Starcraft tiles for Warcraft 3 made by Stryderzero
Urban Environment Pack Pt. 1 by Illidan(Evil)X and xXm0rpH3usXx

Protohydralisk By Afronight_76
The SC2 Marine By GhostThruster
Onslaught by Callahan
Goliath by Max666
Stalker by Fingolfin
RA2 YR Mastermind Tank By Misha
Probe by killst4r
SCV Final by killst4r
ZombieA.blp By Kazzo
Marine by Hellish Hybrid
F.R.E.D. By Thrikodius
ThunderLizardVizier.blp By FrIkY
Ocula by -Grendel
MountainGiant.blp by halo
Snipe Target Green by Tranquil
Brilliance by JetFangInferno
Protoss and Terran building icons by Frankster
Fusion Cannon by Thrikodius
Flamethrower Turret by The_Silent
Alien RepairDrone by Texture By M0rbid [Amigurumi]
Zerg Scourge by Kimberly
Demon Treant by Iyzz_Fryzz
orb_big03 by EdwardSwolenToe
Brilliance by JetFangInferno
Wraith by killst4r
Stargate by killst4r
Phoenix_Missile by JetFangInferno
Konstrukt_SubmachinegunMissile by Talon the Mage
LaserRay by Ergius
Cracked Cliff by Felz_09
Drone by Markus3832
Protoss Dark Templar by Norinrad
Zerg Lurker by Cavman
Mutalisk by Kimberly
Reaper by Gottfrei
Ultra by killst4r
SpawnOverlord anim by killst4r
Zerg buildings by ?? (pm me if you know)
SoulArmor by JesusHipster
RejuvenationTarget by Metal_Sonic
Arcane Explosion By Champara Bros
Bonestrike by Callahan
MagicShield by JesusHipster
Astral Imprisonment by exfyre
Stomp by nGy
ToxicField by UgoUgo
CloudOfFog by Callahan
FirstAid by Em!
Nuclear Explosion (no missile) by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
WC3 - UnitFX - Black Hole07 by Carrington2k
SkulborbByZerox by Zerox
Reach Trees (Red) by Fingolfin
Reach Trees small by Fingolfin
Created by eubz

Special thanks to GhostThruster for portrait edits and loading screen.
And to Hiveworkshop members that gave me feedback!



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Level 15
Aug 19, 2007

The races are complete (they are the same as my Starcraft Hybrids mod which has been around for a while) and the map itself is mostly complete, but the attack waves might not be balanced yet and same goes for starting units you can pick.

As for the terrain, I am on purpose not going to cram it full with doodads and eye candy, it will distract the player from important things going on the battlefield (otherwise it would get chaotic) and unnecessary block buildings (updated -> improved terrain). That is why I did added some tile variation, added some flying critters and placed some stuff at the edges of the lakes/land which don't obscure or block anything.
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May 11, 2007
Gonna comment as I test it.
You really need to replace the wood cutting sound, import one of the starcraft mining sounds and replace the wood cutting sound.

I like the hotkeys, good job.

Would be nice with an additional timer to know when the first wave comes, so I know if I can expand early or not.

Coming from a long time of playing Starcraft, it's not really hinted that you don't need a building to harvest gas from a vespene geyser. I spent a few minutes looking around for a vespene refinery.

Will playtest further tomorrow.
Level 15
Aug 19, 2007
Thanks LordDz for testing. And good points I will add them to the map.

Coming from a long time of playing Starcraft, it's not really hinted that you don't need a building to harvest gas from a vespene geyser. I spent a few minutes looking around for a vespene refinery.
, maybe it helps if I add a trigger that orders 1 worker to mine vespene and the other 3 to mine minerals when the map starts? And/or I could add an extra tip (/message).