[Campaign] Zerg Campaign: Invasion of Azeroth

Level 5
May 31, 2019
During their last battle above Char, The Terran and Protoss fire a jointly-developed experimental super-weapon at Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades.

The blast unexpectedly tears a hole in space-time, launching Kerrigan and her Zerg out of the Korpulu Sector.

She's another world's problem now...

Follow Sarah Kerrigan on her new journey as she and her brood wreck havoc on the Warcraft III timeline.

1. Requires War3 version 1.28.5. If you need a link, there's one in the readme in the attached zip.
2. Copy War3Mod.MPQ into the Warcraft III directory. If you already have one in there, back it up first.
3. Copy ZergCampaign.w3n into Documents/Warcraft III/Campaigns.
4. Run Warcraft III. Single Player -> Custom Campaign -> Zerg Campaign.


All Zerg from StarCraft: Brood War are available. Their stats have been adjusted in order to play nice against the War3 races, but their functionality remains intact.

They harvest Gold and Lumber like War3 races, and build Extractors over Gold Mines to use them.

So far there are five missions. More will be made as time allows.

Big cinematics are not within the scope of this project. The plot will be fairly light.

This project began by combining the efforts two ill-fated StarCraft-themed projects in an effort to fully realize the Zerg in Warcraft III.

Warcraft vs Starcraft was used a base for core Zerg functionality, such as Creep, and how units are produced via Larva, as well as some of its assets.

Assets were then imported from Project Revolution, because I prefer Brood War over StarCraft II. They weren't 100% complete, and I had to add sounds to them, but they look the part well enough.

Afterwards I went to work on getting all Zerg units and their abilities from StarCraft: Brood War faithfully represented in War3.


  • Some parts of Creep from pre-placed structures are incorrectly unbuildable. The exact points appear to vary depending on the map. The way around this currently is to build a Creep Colony or Hatchery near the offending area. The newly generated creep should 'fix' the bad creep.
  • Hatchery rally points sometimes stop working.
  • When loading a saved game, existing creep will sometimes be invisible (although structures can still be built on it as though it were there). Structures built after the load will generate creep normally.
  • Many Spell/Weapon effects don't appear correctly on Kerrigan.
  • Bloodlust doesn't appear correctly on Mutalisks.
  • Evolution Chamber, Hydralisk Den, Nydus Canal, and Defiler Mound models lack team color.


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Level 5
May 31, 2019
No new missions yet, but many fixes and improvements!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Drones being unable to build if Custom Keys were enabled. It is still recommended to keep them off though, as some tooltips may not match up with their hotkey if Custom Keys are enabled.
- Fixed Drones stopping harvesting if a Lair or Hive upgrade finished while they were en route to return gold to it.
- Fixed issues with the Zerg Extractor. It will retain the amount of gold of the mine it's built over, and the gold mine under it will also have the correct amount when the Extractor is destroyed.

Art/Effects Changes
- Imported assets for the score screen and cursor from Project Revolution.
- Added missing attachment points to the Zergling, Mutalisk, and Kerrigan models, so that spell/weapon effects appear on them.
- Kerrigan's model is a little unusual, although I thought I set the attachment points correctly, they all (except OverHead) appear at her origin point in-game for reasons unknown.
- Fixed missing Hydralisk death animation.
- Fixed missing 'goop splash' effect Queen's Snare.
- Queen's Snare buff art has been changed to the war3 poison buff art. This was due the Project Revolution ensnare buff model being kind of buggy on many units.
- Increased the animation speed of Dark Swarm.
- Plague now more closely resembles its StarCraft counterpart, instead of Disease Cloud.
- Devourer's Acid Spores now use the same buff art as Plague, but colored purple, instead of using the Howl of Terror buff art.
- Fixed Zerg structure birth effect model persisting for a few seconds after a building under construction is cancelled or dies.
- Fixed missing zerg structure birth effect model for upgrading creep colonies and spires.
- Adjusted the Lair model so that it more closely lines up with the Hatchery and Hive. This should fix the noticeable positional 'shift' the Hatchery made upon evolving to Lair and then to Hive. It wasn't actually moving, it was just inconsistency between the models.
- Slightly increased the Hatchery's model scaling value, again to make the jump to Lair less jarring.
- Reduced the size of the white blob under the Queen's Nest model.

Lurker Changes
- Fixed Lurkers being able to target air units.
- Fixed Lurkers dealing double damage to units they target.
- Fixed units receiving double damage from overlapping Lurker spines.
- Decreased the Area of Lurker spines.
- To compensate for the above changes, Lurker damage has been increased to 34 from 24.
- Lurker Spine model changed to better match their new area.
- Fixed Damage-modifying buffs not affecting the Lurker's attack.
- Fixed dummy units used to handle Lurker spine sounds being visible.

Infestation Changes
- Infestations will now only be saved upon successfully completing the mission.
- Added an effect to infested structures so they look more infested.
- Added upgrades to infested structures for researching abilities of infested units.
- Infested Town Hall now enables researching Improved Masonry for Zerg structures.
- Infested Necropolis now enables researching Cannibalize for Zerglings and Ultralisks.
- Infested Black Citadel now correctly slows enemies.
- Infested Necromancers can now raise a Hydraling from a corpse with the Broodling Mastery upgrade.
- Infested Necromancers' Unholy Frenzy spell replaced with the Incite Unholy Frenzy spell from War3 version 1.31.

Other Changes
- Wind Walk tooltip no longer refers to Kerrigan as 'the Blademaster'.
- Infested Sylvanas' Black Arrow replaced with Brood Arrow. It is functionally the same, but summons Broodlings instead of Skeletons.
- Zerg Eggs armor type changed to Medium from Fortified.
- Increased Queen flying height so that they aren't hard to find after finishing an Infestation.
- Reduced Ultralisk lumber cost to 150 from 200.
- Plague no longer affects the caster.
- Error message text when not enough food changed to 'Spawn more Overlords'.
- Removed extra/unused players from score screens.
- Fixed some missing effects in the Mission 2 victory cinematic.
Level 5
May 31, 2019
Chapter 3 is now available. Challenge the might of the Orcish Horde!
This update also contains some balance changes and bug fixes.

Chapter 2 Changes
- Sylvanas and other infested heroes will be saved seperately for each difficulty. If you only have her saved in a previous version of the campaign, she will load regardless of difficulty in Chapter 3 for backwards compatibility.
- Orange undead base will rebuild their defenses less.
- Kerrigan will revive for the victory cinematic if she is dead.
- Fixed a typo in the 'Frostmourne' quest.

General Changes
- Removed many unused assets to reduce the download size.
- Dummy units associated with gold mines no longer appear on the mini-map.
- Error message text for no supply and building off creep changed to match those in StarCraft.
- The timer on Sylvanas' Broodlings is now labelled 'Broodling' instead of 'Dark Minion'.
- Slightly reduced Kerrigan's model size.
- Increased the model size of Zerglings, Lurkers, Lurker spines, Mutalisks, Guardians, Scourge, and Broodlings.
- Sylvanas is no longer classified as 'Undead'.
- Fixed missing sound for Zergling burrow, Lurker unburrow, and Devourer death.
- Corrected the Mutalisk's command button positions.

- Parasite hero duration increased to 75 from 60 seconds.
- Queen's Snare is now a point target ability instead of unit target.
- Queen's Snare area increased to 500 from 200.
- Queen's Snare hero duration reduced to 6.5 from 10.5 seconds.
- Queen's Snare attack speed reduction % decreased to 15/30/45 from 20/35/50.
- Queen health increased to 510 from 480.

- Plague will now hit undetected enemy invisible units.
- Plague area decreased to 500 from 800.
- Plague hero duration reduced to 6.5 from 10.5 seconds.
- Defiler health increased to 340 from 320.

Other Balance Changes
- Zergling health increased to 175 from 140.
- Hydralisk health increased to 360 from 320.
- Lurker health increased to 530 from 500.
- Mutalisk health increased to 540 from 480.
- Devourer spore radius increased to 150 from 140.
- Devourer spore hero duration reduced to 75 from 150 seconds.
- Scourge health increased to 125 from 100.
- Broodling health increased to 150 from 120.
- Hydraling health increased to 180 from 145.
- Larva health increased 125 from 100.
- Zerg Egg health increased 900 from 800.
- Goblin Merchants no longer sell Gem of True Seeing.

Infest Town Hall Fixes
- Will now be in the same button position regardless of autocast being on or off.
- Queens will now turn off autocast on Infest Town Hall once they start casting it. This to prevent error message spam if an invalid target is chosen.
- Fixed multiple different errors appearing at the same time if an invalid target is chosen.
- Queens can no longer enter a Town Hall that is already being infested.
- Corrected the tooltip on the Infested Town Hall's Improved Lumber Harvesting upgrade.

Zerg Structures
- Birth model changed to the newer Project Revolution one that has more complete animations.
- Birth model now angles properly on slopes.
- Only the Birth model will be shown while a structure is upgrading, as in StarCraft.
- Fixed structures not being clickable while under construction.
- No longer use the Night Elf rally point.
- Fixed creep generating off-center.
- Fixed creep generated by Extractors not being removed when they are destroyed.
- Extractors will now display the correct gold amount while under construction.
- Fixed a typo on the Spawning Pool tooltip.
- Corrected the Spore Colony's projectile launch and impact positions.

- Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented the Select Larva button from working.
- Fixed rally point not working when set to a unit most of the time. Occasionally, it still happens.
- Fixed Birth model persisting for a while after upgrade to Lair/Hive is complete or cancelled.
- Fixed debug 'create' message appearing when selecting a newly-created Hatchery.
- The icon for a Hatchery mutating into a Lair is now the StarCraft 1 Lair icon, rather than SC2.
Level 5
May 31, 2019
Chapter 4 is now available. Venture into Ashenvale to take on the Night Elves!

General Improvements
- Improved the campaign menu screen so that the chapter names are easier to read.
- Going forward, each update will reset the available chapter buttons on the campaign screen. To restore your previous progress, you need only start Chapter One, then quit, then you can continue from where you left off.
- Decreased the volume of UI sounds and Zerg Ready sounds to be more in line with their war3 counterparts.
- Fixed Chapter 2 not being completable if the Frostmourne quest was completed before the Mal'Ganis quest.

- Fixed Lurkers taking too long to switch targets when ordered, causing them to miss more often than not.
- Increased spine area of effect to 70 from 64.

Queen's Snare
- Fixed missing area targeting indicator.
- Increased radius to 300 from 250.
- Decreased movement speed reduction % to 25/40/55 from 33/50/66.

- Adjusted the Dark Swarm model so it matches up better with its effect area.
- Dark Swarm radius increased to 400 from 300.
- Plague radius increased to 300 from 250.
- Hopefully fixed Consume sometimes not working.
- Multiple Defilers can no longer Consume the same target.
- Fixed Metasynaptic Node upgrade tooltip saying it gave 0 mana.

Other Unit Fixes
- Infested heroes now require a Lair.
- Infested heroes will now respect rally points.
- For larva / aspect morphs, the egg / coccoon's health be will relative to the original unit, as opposed to starting at full health. The unit that hatches from the egg / coccoon will still be at full health.
- Zerg Eggs and Coccoons hit point regeneration decreased to 0.25 from 0.62.
- Zerg Egg armor decreased to 9 from 10.
- Fixed missing Zergling burrow hole.
- Added attachment points to the Overlord model, so spell/weapon effects appear correctly on them.
- Mutalisks are now easier to click on.
- Corrected projectile impact point of Mutalisk and Guardian missiles.
- Changed Guardian missile to more resemble its StarCraft counterpart.
- Fixed Gamete Meiosis upgrade tooltip saying it gave Queens 0 mana.
- Removed hero glow on Infested Necromancers.

- Fixed rally points not being respected if they were set while under construction.
- Now appears before infested structures in selection priority.
- Now uses the generic zerg structure death animation, as their existing one was incomplete.

Other Building Fixes
- Corrected pathing maps.
- The terrain left behind when a creep-spreading structure dies will now depend on the map.
- Fixed missing death animations for Zerg buildings in Chapter 2.
- Fixed Creep Colonies and Spires turning invisible when cancelling an upgrade.
- Spawning Pool, Queen's Nest, Ultralisk Cavern, and Defiler Mound models have been adjusted to be closer to the shape they were in StarCraft.
- Spawning Pool and Infested buildings now use the same rally point as Hatcheries.
- Halved the delay between the Sunken Colony's attack and its target being damaged.
- Fixed some Extractors in Chapter 3 not having the right gold amount when built and leaving a full gold mine when destroyed.
- Fixed Extractors leaving a gold mine with 10 gold when they collapse.
- Removed white blob from under the Queen's Nest.
- Fixed Greater Spires not being clickable.
Level 5
May 31, 2019
Chapter 5 is now available. Introducing unit portraits from StarCraft!


Special thanks to birdius for providing a new model for the Zerg Hippogryph Rider!

Chapter 4 Fixes
- Fixed Night Elf infestation not being saved. Unfortunately, if you completed Chapter 4 on the previous version of the campaign, you will have to re-play it, infest a Night Elf Tree, and complete the chapter if you want to have access to Infested Night Elf tech from the start of Chapter 5.
- Fixed the AI failing to research their intended upgrades and producing an unintentionally low amount of units.
- Fixed 'Main Quest Completed' message occurring multiple times. (Also applies to Chapter 3).
- Fixed the chapter not being completeable if Cenarius is killed after all of Maeiv's structures have been destroyed.
- Fixed Cenarius talking after he is dead.
- Fixed heavy lag sometimes occurring if many Lurkers attacked at the same time.

Art Changes
- Imported unit portraits from StarCraft.
- Infested Sylvanas now uses a new model by kangyun and icon by 67chrome.
- Zerg Hippogryph Riders now use a new model by biridius, so they now move correctly with their mount.
- Fixed missing UI time indicator circles.
- Fixed missing structure death animations in Chapter 1.
- Queen's Nest now uses the generic zerg building death animation.

General Changes
- Carrion Swarm will now hit Mechanical units.
- Increased Lurker spine area to 75 from 70.
- Fixed Aspect morphs using other races' 'Not Enough Gold/Lumber' error sounds.
- Corrected the button position of Drones' and Zerglings' 'Pilllage' ability.
- Corrected the button position of Hydralisks' 'Mount Infested Hippogryph' ability.
- Fixed some zerg units' and buildings' selection circles not matching up with their model.
- Added camera angles to Chapter 2's victory cinematic.

Kerrigan's Psionic Storm
- Fixed not aggroing idle enemies.
- Halved the delay before it starts doing damage.
- Mana cost increased to 110 from 75.

Dark Swarm
- Ranged units with splash damage will now deal damage to units under a Dark Swarm, as they do in StarCraft. One side-effect of this is that units whose splash normally only affects enemies will instead damage all units in their area of effect under the Dark Swarm.
- Units whose splash damage is granted to them by an item (such as Orb of Fire) will still not damage units under Dark Swarm.
- The Dark Swarm effect will now appear above most ground units, instead of clipping into them. Added some transparency to it as well so the units under it will still be visible.

Infested Buildings
- Stats have been rebalanced. In general, they build faster, cost less gold, but cost more lumber and have less health.
- Each Infested Necropolis must now upgrade to an Infested Black Citadel to produce Infested Frost Wyrms.
- Infested Black Citadel now requires a Greater Spire.
- Infested Black Citadel cost changed to 175/200 from 0/300.
- Human 'Tier-3' upgrades in the Infested Town Hall now require a Hive.
- Improved Lumber Harvesting upgrade from the Infested Town Hall now applies to Drones.
- Infested Great Hall now comes with a built-in 'Spiked Barricades' ability that reflects 35% of incoming melee damage.
- Infested Tree of Life can now train Drones.
- Infested Tree of Life cost decreased to 225/70 from 340/185.
- Infested Tree of Life armor decreased to 5 from 7.