Call of The Swarm

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Call of the Swarm

"Why do you want to remember the War of Shifting Sands?"


"Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar.
Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones".
At the moment, Act 1 is ready."

Patch Issues:
To play campaign, use the LATEST version before Reforged.
Otherwise campaign probably dont work!
CAMPAIGN ARE MAKING ON 1.31.1 version (FROM JUNE 5 2019)
pps: I know that might sound weird, but currently it works propely on that version.


The story dates back to the creation of a single Black Empire that ruled Azeroth until the invasion of the Titans, who wanted to save her soul from the forces of the Abyss.

A protracted and bloody conflict led to the defeat of the forces of the Old Gods, and they themselves were imprisoned in dungeons, leaving their servants to observe and study them.

After the collapse of the Black Empire, the faceless General Kitix, who returned from a long hibernation, tried to revive its former greatness, but fell under the onslaught of the troll clans. The newly created empire cracked at the seams and broke up into 3 states: the northern Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, the southern State of Manti'vess and the Kingdom of Az-Aqir with its capital in the city of Az-Aqir.

Throughout its history, the Kingdom of Az-Aqir did not know calm: after anxious years of collapse, a military coup took place, which began a long era of "Reorganization" of the state.

But today the junta's power has begun to fade: a quick conflict with neighboring Uldum has turned into an eternal war, the people are becoming poorer, the country is isolated from the outside world, and protests are suppressed with blood.

Will the state be able to survive?
Who will lead it?
You will have to answer these and many other questions.


Call of the Swarm wants to tell the truth to those who have been branded evil.
Everyone knows that the winners write history.
But how was it really?

Start your path from birth and choose your path:
  • Do you want to be kind? No problem.
  • You want to be a ruthless jealousy. Sure, not a problem!
  • Maybe you want to rob the whole world or pick all kinds of locks? Who's stopping you ?!
You create your own destiny.

The world does not stand still - most NPCs react to you and your actions.
Talk to anyone, try to find out any rumors or gossip, look for information bit by bit, but remember - do not believe everything you hear.

More than 70 artifacts and 20 items of other types that a hero can get in his game at the moment.
Some provide only simple stat bonuses, while others provide unique effects that will transform you.

Fight the monsters that have flooded the caves under the Hive; find and eliminate the leaders of the bandit clans and clear the dungeons of the Capital; Break into the realm of the earth or go to the future - the deeper you dive into the campaign, the more interesting and stronger the bosses will be.

Many different tasks, ranging from storyline to local. And they are all traversed in different ways! The choices given to the player range from simple “Find and bring a beer keg and drink it with the quartermaster” to selective but small acts!

A must-have in every RPG campaign - your hero is transferred between maps, linking your progress in the campaign.
Sometimes you will be able to open additional tasks in the original map after passing others in a different zone.


Heroglow (by assasin_lord)
Silithid Devourer (by A.R. + Tank-Commander)
Faceless Cultists (by Sin'dorei300)
Ahn'Qiraj assets exported from WoW Vanilla
Many WoW models, exported from WoW Vanilla

Reaper Claws
Rain of Fire vol II
Silithid + Qiraji Unit models
Button Manager (Used to create icons from WoW)Day-Night Models
Diablo 1 OST
World of Warcraft: Music & Ambience - Ahn'Qiraj
World of Warcraft: Music & Ambience - Silithus
Dwarf Campaign
The Last Guardian
Founding the Durotar
Blizzard Entertainment
Kaizer + Kaiser
Guides from HIVE
Guides from XGM
"War of Shifting Sands"

Wowpedia: WoW Icons


  • 2+ new specializations: Master redoned Hunter specialization, calling dire beast for feast and placing explosive traps, destroying your enemies. Become Mindslayer - powerful spellcaster, that can alter minds of his rivals, shattering reality and balancing between Shadow and Light. Or you want to sneak up through enemy forces and stab in their commander back? You could choose Blackguard for it.
  • New subzone awaits - "Downpour": Lurk into deep of Ahn'Qiraj, facing horrors created by mysterious forces. Fight through them to reach the truth in Hivelord's Curse and find a right answer…
  • Overhauled Item Drop: No more book spamming - you can recieve many new powerups, like magical runes with blizzard or rain of fire. But some dark power crawls out of its lair, offering you a prices, but what costs you will pay for them?
  • Minor Changes in Hive'Zara: Local buyer will try to offer more things than just items, but he can fool you, he-he...
  • New items for collecting: Some of them can trully overhead your game, but remember - everything have its price.

  • Fixed a serious bug when Sewage Boss is killed, but travel dialog isn't showing for Xorrax, preventing to reach out to next storyline phase;
  • Fixed minor bugs in translations, that was reported and founded (something could remain, so tag me anyway);
  • Prevented player to leave "Overlord's Verdict" zone, that caused some bugs in quests/cinematics;
  • Fixed a constantly fightning sounds in Hive'Zara, when game just began;
  • Fixed a delay when Xorrax Larva used "Metamorphosis" to reach out next game stage;
  • Fixed some story details in Incubator End - cinematic + Priest Zaqq'Sazh-1 cinematic;
  • Fixed test-room bugs + added functionally working -re command;
  • Fixed Dialog Speed bug by deleting a "Maximum Speed" choice;
  • Fixed a bug with Hive'Zara Fights - they starts and ends propely;
  • Fixed a quest mark in side quest "Business is Business";
  • Fixed a Air Elemental-phased bug in "Deadly Hive Monster" - Xorrax can now conversate with pathfinder;
  • Fixed some weird unit names;
  • Remaked "Hearthstone" - Xorrax can use it without specific item, when he in Hive'Zara map. Otherwise in some situations and before completing "Call of the Swarm"-quest, Hearthstone isn't availiabe;
  • Fixed a Hive'Zara Herald - now he can propely start his mission;
  • Fixed a waygates issue - now they have same color;
  • Fixed some of item descriptions - some of them have values in spells (but some not);
  • Fixed translation errors in Grotto Subzone - chunks have their names, travel dialog use propering names etc;
  • Fixed some hero spell misdescriptioning;
  • Changed Xorrax Hunter pet name;
  • Changed "cleric" to priest;
  • Fixed a "HINT" message when Xorrax visits an elemental - now message have a propely added text;
  • Fixed a leaving region in "Flooded Grotto"-subzone;
  • Fixed some spell tooltips in summons;
  • Changed some items for more balanced gameplay.
  • Fixed a some strange situation when Xorrax speaks with Border Guard Captain;
  • Fixed errors in item description;
  • Probably fixed error with Pathfinder stage of "Deadly Hive Monsters"-quest, so Xorrax can properly kill air elemental;
  • Fixed errors with items spelll
  • Fixed disappering of player's units after some cinematics;
  • Fixed some translation misspellings;
  • Respawn time of all enemies in Hive'Zara were increased by 15-20%;
  • Now felhunters use their mana for their spells;
  • Added explanation to "Call Poisonclaw" spell to describe how Xorrax's level applies on Poisonclaw;
  • Removed attacking wasp spawns from Sunken Grotto. Sad, but true;
  • Now Hunter can attack air units, but wasps now considered as ground units;
  • Corrected some Xorrax's hero spells, so they'd work properly;
  • Manipulated with scaling of Xorrax and his colors, so specs looks different;
  • Now quest "Lost Caravan" can be started after completing quest "Flashback";
  • When Xorrax acquiries Qiraj Warlock, he recieves an updated hint;
  • Now Doomguard and his demonic friends shouldn't attack neutral wanderers or flintscales;

About author

This is translated version of my campaign.
Current main-languaged version can be found here:
Russian Current (v2.06)

I'd appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and tips!

Call of The Swarm (Campaign)

Level 6
Jun 11, 2017
Next version 1.1 will unclude
  • New 4 specializations for Xorrax (two selectable and two secret),
  • Translation error fix;
  • New collectable items;
  • Balance fixing + more!
I think that it will be released on week.

If you have encountered some bugs or want some suggestions - please, write them, i'll try to fix and apply your suggestions. :D
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