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The moon is based on an eye i made, i noticed that the white part of the eye looked like a moon.

Edit: Updated some things on dansadisco's suggestion.

Moon, dark, night, elf, magic, hero, spell, werewolf, wolf, transformation, strengthen, darkness,

BTNMoonLight (Icon)

19:01, 31st Jul 2009 zombie2279: Great work.
This rating was done by Midnighters
Creativeness: 10/10
Usefulness: 9/10

Looks like the real thing? []
Well, at first glance, it is a nice quality icon, even after I look longer, it just keeps getting better.
I have no ideas to make it better, so.

My rating is: Highly Recommended

Keep up the good work Paladon.

Level 16
Jun 25, 2008
If those .. white things that comes out of it were turned the other direction, I'd say that the icon is a great imitation of a fertilization, but now it just seems... I don't know, I'm not really liking it.

I don't see much usefulness in this due to the guy that is standing there and.. hugging air..
The moon seems to smooth/blurred/whatever to be the moon.
Those white tentacles that floats around really makes me wonder wtf you've really created here.
Level 16
Jun 25, 2008
Yes, I think it looks better.

Though there's a few things you should try to improve a bit on.

Make the moon look a bit more round (shadings) (don't overdo though)
try to give it a more craggy texture.
For some reason it does not look like the guy is facing the moon with his whole body I think it has something to do with the left arm and the legs, If you can fix just this issue it would look a lot better to me immediately.
Level 16
Jun 25, 2008
That's why I told you not to overdo it, but whatever really

Though, for the third time, I'd really like to see some harder texture on the moon, because on almost all photographies of the moon, you can even see that it has quite the rocky surface, and if you're painting a moon this close to someone I think the texture should be even more obvious.

Just check this picture for a little example

I'd say that the big difference between this picture and yours is not mainly the fact that this is much sharper, but rather the fact that the colours here are not smudged together, but have clear edges where they start and end. Get what I mean?