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Blades 'n Gore 0.69a Beta

Blades ’n Gore
A sword fighting game

Blades ‘n Gore is a sword fighting game that is currently in Beta stage. This means that the game might still contain bugs.

The game has various game modes, including:
Deathmatch - The basic deathmatch, everyone against everyone
Duel - Players have 1v1 matches with King of the hill principle
Random Duel - Players have 1v1 matches in random order
Shuffle Team - Players have 2v2 matches with king of the hill principle
Two Teams - All players are divided to two teams, red and blue.
Last Man Standing - Like deathmatch, except you do not respawn.

Combat System
Instead of automatic attacking, you must aim your hits.
The players have 4 abilities so far:

  • Attack
    • Swings the sword in targeted direction.
    • Attack costs very little energy, so you can do it quite many times.
    • About 4 successful attacks are enough to kill the enemy. However, attacks as well as other abilities can be blocked, evaded and interrupted.
  • Dash
    • Dashes to the target point dealing damage to everyone who stands in the way.
    • Dash is probably the most used spell in the game so far since it can be used for so many purposes.
  • Slam
    • Slams at target direction dealing massive damage and knocking back everyone in the way. However, it takes about 1½ seconds to perform and it can be easily interrupted during this time.
  • Block
    • While blocking, all damage will be deflected as long as it comes from your front. The only exception is Slam, which will still deal half damage through the block.
    • While blocking, you will also regenerate energy a lot slower.

All abilities cost energy (mana) and when you run out of energy, you must wait a few seconds for it to regenerate.

Also, all abilities can be interrupted. Interrupting is done when two players perform Attack, Dash or Slam at each other at the same time. This results in both attacks being cancelled and both units being knocked back a bit.

Gore System
The map features a gore system. Whenever you manage to hit someone, blood will spill. Also, when a unit is low on hp you can see him bleeding. Try having a 12 player deathmatch on a small arena and it’ll get quite bloody…

You have 3 ways to inflict damage and 3 ways to avoid damage

Ways to avoid damage:

  1. Evade – simply don’t let the enemy hit you. Keep moving and dash or run away if you are about to be attacked.
  2. Block – use the block ability to defend yourself from enemy attacks. However, make sure you are facing the enemy while blocking as you can only block attacks that come from the direction you’re facing.
  3. Interrupt – most often this happens by accident. When two people attack each other at the same time, both attacks are interrupted.
    Note that you cannot interrupt an attack that comes from behind!

Version 0.69a
- Hotkeys remapped
- Equipment select E -> Q
- Use U -> E​
- Game initialization is now smoother
- Fixed text errors from game ending
- Lighting System Improved
- Some fixes to the interface
Version 0.68
- First version to be declared beta

- Feel free to learn from, edit and improve it!

Blades, Gore, Sword, Fighting

Blades 'n Gore 0.69a Beta (Map)

21:02, 27th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
This map is somewhat incomplete (why did I even start making siege weapons to a sword fighting game??). However, some game modes and arenas should be fully playable unless I remember incorrectly. Also some people have been requesting me to upload this map in the past so here it is, enjoy.

I have some ancient screenshots about the combat system here:

Feel free to edit and improve this map!

Note: I am aware that Hive rules forbid from uploading alpha stage maps but I have a different way of versioning my maps. For me Alpha version means that some of the features are either incomplete or not yet implemented to the game. However, the game can still be fully playable.

Edit: In case you're wondering why there are gold mines and bases in some of the arenas, the reason is that I was trying to develop the game into something like "Savage - The battle for Newerth". But that was far too much work to do and the project ended up dying in the middle of development. The swordfighting features and systems are complete and fully functional however...
Level 3
May 20, 2008
4, no, 5 map unprotected in a day. I guess Kita won't be back soon.

However, I'd be glad to learn from your map and hopefully continue where you left off.

Beside the sword-combat system, I saw many flaws in others things ( yes I looked in triggers, experimental lol :D ). This is truly a potential map that shouldn't be left as it is.
Level 3
Jan 26, 2009
Can you lower the spell FireBlast 's damage in duel a bit:confused:. Only two hit and some one have to die:cry:. So there are no meaning of using another skill.:cry:
Oh and Good luck in the army.I'm sure you need it:xxd:
Level 10
Feb 7, 2005
Yet another fantastically amazing work in progress from one of the only creator's on war3 who's name I actually remember, and will specifically search for games or resources created by him.

Great work, since it's alpha and open source you probably don't need any feedback, however from what I saw, banish is kinda useless in the play style and fireball is rigged due to the homing and large amount of damage lol.
Level 2
May 21, 2009
yor maps is AWSOME but pls when the roond is end the game end i mean when u put kill's limit so if u just can make tha game continue it whill be great !!! AWSOME JOB - BRAVO

Map updated to version 0.68 beta!

Version changes:

  • Broken/unfinished stuff removed from the actual game
  • Minor fixes
Although I haven't been able to do thorough testing, the game should now be playable and balanced.
However, if you encounter any bugs just let me know!

Can you lower the spell FireBlast 's damage in duel a bit:confused:. Only two hit and some one have to die:cry:. So there are no meaning of using another skill.:cry:
...banish is kinda useless in the play style and fireball is rigged due to the homing and large amount of damage lol.
The spells were completely broken and unfinished. They have now been removed from the game.

I have begun making a map using some of the combat systems shown here / credits will be given
Sounds good. Good luck with your project!
Level 1
Oct 9, 2009
hi kitabake

I have host this map couple of time in battle net server indonesia.

well its fun and easy to learn. people like this. death match is fun but too short.how about make a option for 10-20-30-40-100 kill in death match. or you can choose 5-15 minute for playing death match.

the odd thing is all player spawn at same place in begining of thhe game. and give 2 second invulnerable in death match for respawn player.(its kinda unfair your respawn in middle of fight and you not ready)

that all I like your map
Level 3
Aug 11, 2008
Someone tell me what is the E aka Use Hotkey for. -.-'' i cant find anything usable lol.
Either tell me something is usable or state it in the description. Thx
Btw this game is Fun! great mini game, awesome gameplay style.