Black Hydra

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Hi peeps,

Here's a little model of mine, I spent a lot of time in it and I'm quite happy of the result :)

It's supposed to be a dragon/hydra monster, concept is taken from Final Fantasy Tactics (see here, sorry there aren't many pictures of it on the web)

Basically, it's a heavily reworked model of WC3's black dragon. Skeleton has been redone from scratch, and I used hydra's animations, plus a whole custom set of flying animations, using the "Alternate" tag.

Known issues:

- Changing flying height for flying animations will cause some of them to seem a bit off, especially the death animation. Unfortunately I can't see any workaround for this.
- Filesize is a bit heavy, I apologize.
- No teamcolor except for the portrait background. My plan was to use it as an enemy creep so I didn't add some :p (lamest excuse 2016)

Hope you'll like it anyways!

Update 1 - Added missing attachment points

Black Hydra (Model)

MODERATION Awaiting Update The model has some pretty visible issues ingame, during the walk animation the wings 'snap' down at the end of every animation. Also the neck texture is too repeated, try using the full stretch of the dragon rather than just...
Level 8
Aug 7, 2011
Yup, the file size is a bit heavy.
Although I know it is a creep unit, maybe it could look better with team color.

Good work!
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Jul 29, 2008
Very cool! Lots of hard work went into this, and a flying hydragon is a sick concept. I kinda feel like the orientation of the heads/necks is a little wonky; like the two extra heads almost look like arms (or rather, the way the necks & heads are oriented suggests to some two giant arms/hands on a black dragon/hydra body.
Level 4
Aug 7, 2016
Good model, but Imo hydras are supposed to be a giant snake with multiple heads according to Greek mythology. They do not have feet (because it's a snake) and they definitely do not have dragon-like features. Overall the model is kinda nice, and has a lot of animations.