Better Triggers

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Better Triggers is a custom, standalone trigger editor for Warcraft III: Reforged.

It expands with new features and aims to improve the overall user experience for both GUI users and scripters. To support the new features this editor does not bundle trigger data (.wtg) with your map, but saves the data in a project folder in your filesystem. This also means you cannot swap back and forth between this editor and the World Editor's trigger editor. Although, it is possible to port existing triggers from a map to this editor with the built-in 'Trigger Converter' tool.

Feature Highlights:

  • Source files outside your map
  • Port an existing map's triggers to Better Triggers
  • Script live update
  • "Starcraft II"-inspired GUI
  • 2D GUI arrays
  • Improved GUI to custom script conversion

Full documentation/guide can be found here: Better Triggers Guide

GitHub repository can be found here: Source Code


Version 1.0.2 (August 5th, 2022)

  • Fixed a crash when converting certain maps with the Trigger Converter.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when cut/pasting trigger elements.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to select abilities, buffs and more from the parameter list.
  • Fixed some edge case compile errors.
  • Fixed a bug where a variable type change was not correctly changed for the initial value.
Version 1.0.1 (August 3rd, 2022)

  • Subtree now expands when creating special trigger elements.
  • You can now double click parameter values.

  • Fixed a bug when copy/pasting special trigger elements.
  • Fixed name searching for some parameter values.

Better Triggers (Binary)