BE and HE Worker

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Blood Elven Worker skin I made, This skin written to the blood elf peasant model.

Anyways, here are path: Units\Critters\BloodElfPeasant\BloodElfPeasant.blp

Model path:

anyways, give credit to me, 84chrome, if you use my skins.;)

BE Worker (Texture)

HE Worker (Texture)

While the parts you changed looks decent you need to change more of the original skin to have this approved. Please review our Skin Submission Rules. Comparing this to the original. You can put a little more effort into it.
Looks much better from the very first uploaded one. But I strongly suggest to give him a different face at least. But nonetheless, this is approved now.
Level 21
Jun 20, 2013
You are on the right path :) But I really think you should change the face. Otherwise there is not much diffrence between the original texture and yours.

Main problem is that the face on the elven peasants is lowpoly as sin, even the portrait uses a copy of the priest head instead of a better version of the peasant, so without a custom model, you're asking him for extra work without any noticeable gain.