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Baskiron Bandits

madman9800 presents...
Baskiron Bandits








You are in control of a stealthy Bandit. Use your stealth, speed, and cunning to eliminate the cruel and unjust leader of the Brakfay Village, Houfman. Additionaly you may want to search the village for Houfman's secret gold stash and mining camp.

This is a stealthy commando style game. You cannot complete it just by hacking and slashing. Although you gain abilities and items, you must use them carefully and thoughtfully.

-place able traps
-custom stealth system
-custom models/doodads/icons
-appealing terrain/eye candy
-triggered abilities/items/quests

I do not claim I've made any of the art (icons, models, etc) in this map except the loading screen. Credit for the art goes entirely to the wonderful people at the hiveworkshop.com and wc3c.net. I will credit these two sites as a whole and if anyone out there wants individual credit please tell me the name of the resource and to whom you'd like credit to be directed to. This map is unprotected and entirely open source, feel free to open, edit, etc...

bandit, bandits, stealth, baskiron, commandos, commando, houfman, trap, traps, robin, hood

Baskiron Bandits (Map)

17:51, 22nd Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Checking this out!


The map is really hard indeed, although I did play it alone, yet it has some nice features, climbing trees is an amazing idea, giving you more vision and hiding from the enemy. The different items also come in handy, a lot of traps, etc.
The map is short, but yet also enjoyable.


The terrain is excellent, a lot of custom models have been used, no blizzard cliffs (woooo), the town is well made and overall it looks pretty natural and 'realistic'.


The map is polished, you've made a custom loading screen, a preview image would also be nice and how about colorizing the text in-game.
And how about an intro maybe?


It's a very fun map, a bit short, but it has some unique features.
Rating: 4/5
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Level 10
Feb 19, 2006
Thanks for the rating Vengeancekael, I've downloaded your map pack and I really like your single player RPG campaign.

Anyways, school starts tomorrow and I have uninstalled Warcraft 3 (including the editor obviously) so I cannot make any changes to this map until winter break when i re-install Warcraft. If anyone out there wants to polish this map up with the suggestions of Vengeancekael, go ahead, mail it to me and i will update this/give you credit for polishing.

EDIT: And yeah its very hard single player but it can be done. It is much easier beating the game with 2 players.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
This felt a bit like Tenchu to me. Very fun. The environment was very good looking. The use of doodads was impressive.

Only suggestions I have, if you're interested, is a few cosmetic things. Like auto-select the hero after he casts climb tree ability. The hero abilities appear in areas other than where they are in the learning tab. For example, jump is first when learning but 3rd when learned (3,2 position).

Also, it's possible I'm just impatient, but when I died I didn't respawn or anything. If that's the end of the game you should trigger the end of the game. If not, let the player know when you'll respawn.
Level 3
Aug 29, 2006
I really liked this map. So many people go out there with a goal to do something huuuge and then never finish, or do a good portion well and the end can be kind of tacked on.

This game, while short, is very polished. It's a nice small map, not a super long game play time, but it's balanced, fun and does what it wanted to do.

After a few deaths, I played more carefully and beat the map in single player, completing all the side quests. Fun stuff :) 5/5 from me.
Level 1
Jan 5, 2008
This sounds exactly like the kind of map I like, a stealth-focused skill based game, but once I select my player 1 hero in the game, while I tried single player, My computer froze...:vw_wtf::vw_sad::vw_death::goblin_boom:


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
This map is fun. It leaves out a lot of ideas but it is inspiring too.
It could be made such that there would be rounds to complete with new enemies and traps every time having to start from the corner at the beginning. Every round should bring new dangers and make the player think how to complete it.