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Last Activity:
Mar 29, 2018
Dec 15, 2009
Jan 19, 1994 (Age: 27)
Somewhere in malaysia


Sarude Dandstorm, 27, from Somewhere in malaysia

Bloodbath was last seen:
Mar 29, 2018
    1. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    2. MasterHaosis
      Man I am glad to see you! I did not forget about you.
      Yeah, I am also finishing damn university, few exams left.. Currently I have small holiday from it.
      I am glad that you will sign university too.
      Also, all best in life too.
      And please, join here once in while to talk with me
    3. Flux
      That song in your User Title has the best lyrics ever.
    4. Flux
      song name?
    5. MasterHaosis
      Hai man, long time no see.
      Well, I am good, althoug busy with life. You?
    6. Ralle
      A Citroen C1. Cheap little fuel efficient car.
      lol fak.

      i haven't touch wc3 for a long time n wont be doing so again, sorry for the late reply :(
    8. Boris_Spider
      I don't get cookies, I get these colored balls that shimmer even if its dark in my room...

    9. defskull
      I replied your PM alrdy, check it.
      Aside from that, yeah life's going good I guess.
    10. Orcnet
      Hahaha, its been a damn while. :grin:
    11. IcemanBo
      No problem. :csmile:
    12. IcemanBo
    13. IcemanBo
      All spells will have 3 levels? Or you make variations?
    14. IcemanBo
      Here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=05ow02

      If you add more spells create more dummy units in object editor and add them to shops just as I did.
      Then in Init trigger you have to set the dummy uType, and the ability you want to get for it, then the custom script follows. (dont change the custom script)

      No need to touch the Buy Dummy Unit trigger.

      You can modify the event for removing all abilities from hero to your needs. At the moment if you type "remove" it removes them all. You might want change it + check for wood.

      Greetings! :csmile:
    15. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      to add an ability you need to make a dummy unit to represent it (that's going to be the unit you buy to represent picking ability) you make a spellbook ability and an engineering upgrade ability and 5 clones of the actual ability that's going to be used (so you can have q w e r t hotkeys, only need one if it's a passive).

      Then you just add them all to the hashtable in the "init category and ability dummy" trigger.

      Don't forget that you need to use this "( i*11 + j ) * 5 ) + a" to link the dummy unit and abilities together.

      -------- variable "i" goes from 0 to 10 --------
      Set cusDummyCate[0] = No target abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[1] = Summon abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[2] = Passive abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[3] = Target point AoE abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[4] = Target point cone & projectile abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[5] = PBAoE abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[6] = Single target abilities tab (dummy unit)
      Set cusDummyCate[10] = Some category for abilities tab (dummy unit)
      -------- variable "j" goes from 0 to 10 --------
      Set cusDummyAbil[( ( i*11 ) + j )] = AbilityName (dummyUnit)
      Set cusAbil_spBo[( ( i*11 ) + j )] = AbilityName (Spellbook 1-5)
      Set cusAbil_enUp[( ( i*11 ) + j )] = AbilityName (Engineering 1-5)
      -------- ------------------------------- --------
      -------- variable "a" goes from 0 to 4 --------
      -------- ------------------------------- --------
      Set cusAbil_abil[( ( ( i*11 ) + j ) * 5 ) + a] = AbilityName (slot 1)
      Set cusAbil_abil[( ( ( i*11 ) + j ) * 5 ) + a] = AbilityName (slot 2)
      Set cusAbil_abil[( ( ( i*11 ) + j ) * 5 ) + a] = AbilityName (slot 3)
      Set cusAbil_abil[( ( ( i*11 ) + j ) * 5 ) + a] = AbilityName (slot 4)
      Set cusAbil_abil[( ( ( i*11 ) + j ) * 5 ) + a] = AbilityName (slot 5)

      So if you have Set cusDummyAbil[35] = AbilityName (dummyUnit) for example then you take 35 * 5 + a = 175 + a

      Set cusAbil_abil[175 + 0 = 175] = AbilityName (slot 1)
      Set cusAbil_abil[175 + 1 = 176] = AbilityName (slot 2)
      Set cusAbil_abil[175 + 4 = 179] = AbilityName (slot 5)
    16. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      No, they're the same. (that's the reason i took two different heroes just to show that) All you have to do is give them "Ability slot 1/2/3/4/5/" and they will be replaced in the same order you pick abilities. So if an ability replaces Ability slot 3 then it will have the hotkey E.

      This means you have to make 5 clones of the same ability unless it's a passive though, so keep that in mind
    17. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      Link to the base of the learnable custom hero ability system: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin_data/bptd15/_files/Custom%20Hero%20Abilities%20test%20map.w3x

      As it is it will add one level of the ability picked and make the ability learnable like how hero skills normally are learned.

      There isn't anything that checks if an ability is supposed to be an ultimate, this would be pretty simple to change, if you want.

      If there's anything you can just send me a VM or PM.

      Edit: oh ok, well the map is still there if you want to take a look. :3
    18. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      Hello, I see IcemanBo sent you my way. You're in luck, he just helped me out with making the ground work for quite a bit more advanced Custom Hero Ability system just last week :D
    19. IcemanBo
      No problem, dude. :) I also can't promise you when I will do it exactly.
    20. IcemanBo
      Yes, make a copy of your map. Then minimize the copy to the minimal needs, that I can test it. Remove all not needed objects/units/imports and also shrink the map size. :)
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    Jan 19, 1994 (Age: 27)
    Somewhere in malaysia
    Current Project:
    Devil Storm SP ARPG
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I'm not better than anyone else
    tell me if im wrong

    I used to be an asshole on hive and got banned for it
    LOL i was kid back then what do you expect :D

    Terraining: Expert
    Coding: Suck ass
    2d: Novice (could be an expert if i have a tablet)
    3d: Novice
    Jass: No idea

    Dota 2, Editing my unfinished map,Fishing,Partying,partying,partying


    My Project Genre
    Devil Storm SPRPG
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