Basic Weapon Removal

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Jun 3, 2005
This basic tutorial will teach you how to do simple weapon removal tasks (remove weapons from units) rather than requesting a bunch of them.

Weapon Removal

Medium: 4/10
1. Open your Wc3viewer :)

Look for the model you wish to disarm of its weapon (if you wish to find a TFT model, you will need to open the War3x.mpq file and look there "file>Open mpq") You can use the search tool to help you find the model: "View>Find in mpq."


2. Extract the Model
Now "Right click" on the model's name (its name) and select "Extract Mdx..."

3. Converting the model to mdl
Now Open MdlxConv and convert the model to .mdl.

4. Removing the Weapon
Now this is the part were many people make errors.
Open the file (the mdl version) using "Vertex Modfier.
Often the weapon is found on the first Geoset so type 1 or click okay when the 1 is visible.
Select the "add button" and select the vertex points of the weapon you wish to use.

This part may take a while and be frustrating for those who find searching difficult. Just examine the model. You can look at it in wireframe by viewing the model you extracted using the "Wireframe mode" button to toggle the wireframe view within wc3viewer.


Delete the selected vertex (hopefully its the model, if not, press undo "Ctrl+Z". Or either reopen the model (if not saved when you made the error).

5. Finishing up
Now save the model and use MdlxConv to convert it to mdx by opening the mdl version (that you just edited).
Now test the model in wc3viewer and in Warcraft III to see if you have it right. Enjoy!

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Level 44
Jun 3, 2005
PurgeandFire111 said:
Nice tutorial. But I have a question:

1.) How does this have an advantage over alphaing out the weapon by skinning? :confused:

Gj on the tutorial though, +rep
Not all models set their mdl material data to transparent, thus alphaing will only work on 1/2 or so of the models.. just a guess.

And skins are sometimes bigger than models themselves.
DredLord2 said:
Is there a way to convert the mdx, or mdl file into a tga or bmp, or anything othre than those 2?

No..mdx is the compressed version of mdl used within wc3.

A 3d model is not a picture file, its a 3d model file.

Kitabake said:
Dark Hunter1357 said:
Why when i removed the weapon on the attached file and i removed the other weapon (he had two, one for death and the other one for all other animations), and i import it, the world editor crashes??

Its. because i romeved a geoset, now i know.

Removing geosets do not cause the model to crash if you also remove all geoset animations related to that geoset.

It's very easy, just select geoset animation manager in magos and remove all geoset animations that refer to geoset "None"

Ardnived said:
the programs that are linked to this topic is for windows only, are there mac versions i can use?
No, there is no mac versions to my knowledge.

Wolverabid said:
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  • The tools are linked already. =/

    and lombre, this thread about a tutorial not vertex modify.

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  • Stay tuned: I may soon make some changes to prevent future spamming of our valuable tutorial resources.

Werewulf said:
Seriously, this is the last time people post crap here, anymore and I'm neg repping.

Okay, im serious. Next unrelated post gets a neg rep and the thread closed.
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Ive also found another way to do this, using Mago's model editor - you open the model you want (.mpq browser) then go to: windor -> model editor, then select all of the polies (at least i think they are polies) or the red wireframe dots on the weapon then go to Transformation -> Scaling then set the X Y and Z values to 0 and the weapon will disappear, or whatever part of the model you used.

But using this can lead to wierd things happening with your model like wierd pieces of flat color moving around (happened to me when i tried to remove 2 heads from a hydra), but i do not think you will get this problem with weapons.

Hope that was not off topic.
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Sep 5, 2007

I tryed this but my VertexModify programme won't op-en there is a missing data link or something i DL the VertexModify from the link you provided where else can i find this programme or is there something i can do to make mine work? :cool:
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