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[Live] Avataria - Roleplaying Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Amargaard, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Amargaard


    Jun 29, 2009
    OOC: I saw your post Sanofa, I'll read it and change my post to match it :)

    Chapter XX
    Lost, abandoned, betrayed...
    Words like these kept circling around in the balloon creature's white scarred balloon head. He had saved them, they never paid back. He had sacrificed himself, in order for them to live on. He had waited patiently in so many years that he lost track. He had been trapped in a black void between worlds, waiting for his so-called friends to get back, rescue him, take him back home. But they never came, they left him for a lone destiny in the void.
    Until he was picked up by the king, finally away from the eternal plane of nothing. He was given an armor, a mission, even a name.
    He no longer remembered his former life, the eternity of siphoning in the void between worlds had taken his memory from him. All he remembered was the betrayal and years of pain in the void.

    He had followed the fake Vayne for a time, and finally grabbed him. The fake Vayne watched with a grin, as the balloon brought him deeper into the Citadel of Evil.

    Through the long dark corridors, and silent halls, and up many long stairs, and finally they entered the throne room.
    The King sat on his skull-throne, with the same look on his face as he always had. Razet and Darkness stood a few meters in front of him, with Aaron trapped in a small cage.
    He dropped the fake Vayne on the floor, and the King moved his finger and soon a small magical cage identical to Aaron's, trapped the fake Vayne.

    "... I misjudged you Overlord Razet. You will be rewarded..", the King said and soon continued, looking at the balloon.
    "And you Rave, my new great warrior, surprises me. I'm proud. Now both of you, leave!".

    Razet and Rave left the Throne Room. Darkness stayed.
  2. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    Rex flies towards the citadel. He's still thinking about everything. He, is the descendant of the great black dragon, the father of all draconian. Even he himself receives the same black scales as the dragon, different from all his brothers who got blue scales that same as the mother of all draconian. That makes him the incarnation of the dragon, lived once more to settle what's not settled in his previous live. But his brother, even from his own blood, participated in the army that killed his father. Even dishonored the ethic of the family; honoring the father no matter what happens.
    In the citadel, the King sat in his throne, gazing towards fake Vayne and Aaron his his indestructible cage "First, I welcome you to my Citadel of Evil. I am the King here." He moved his finger a little towards the fake Vayne "Now, what should I do with you?"
  3. clockwork2


    Jan 26, 2010
    Claira's perspective:
    Arrgh, where ami? Looks like the dungeons, to the left of me stood a full elf man. He looked badly injured, he didn't bare the scent of my own world. That was for sure, now. How did I get here?? My head hurts sooo much, and there was a deep slash in my left arm. My bow, along with my traps and other Ranger gear were gone, confiscated probably. Damn them all, Even though only half of my blood is noble, they have no right to do that. I looked in the mirror on the floor, my silver hair was in the middle of being long, but could still be considered short. My tanned skin was largely unbruised, and my orange eyes (I still don't know why they're like that) were not discolored by any magic. So I'm somewhat fine. Ohhh yess, now I remember.

    I'd been looking around a forest for the heathen invader who'd kidnapped a few promising recruits, I was a elven princess due to my noble half-elf mother. But my father was a human, and somehow I only got half of his human gene. Looking about, I was suddenly gripped from the mouth. I plunged a dagger into the attacker's leg, with which he replied by plunging his sword into my arm. Then started walking till he found a portal, and threw me in. I shot him with my bow as I fell. He fell to the ground of my world, as I left mine.

    Hrrmm, it seems my memory of my first boyfriend was taken by the portal travel. Oh well. "Hey, what are you in for?" I asked. "Information, names Aaron. How ya doing?" Aaron asked. "Fine, my name is Claira. It would be nice if they healed the slash in my arm." I replied. "Pfft, don't bother. These knights couldn't care if you were in a tanktop and shorts and it was freezing cold." Aaron said, he seemed genuinely nice. "You have a friend or girl to return to?" I asked. "Friend, her names Alaina. I think you'd like her, she and I were dead. But now we're alive, it's a looong story." Aaron said, and it looked like he had decided something. "I'm gonna need your help to break outta here." Aaron said.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2012
  4. sanofa


    May 3, 2011
    Vayne was searching for Aaron and somehow the fake Vayne was calling to him. They were communicating through telepathic.

    Vayne (real) : Hey, where are you?
    Vayne (fake) : I was captured and thrown into a dungeon. Sorry, I failed.
    Vayne (real) : Don't worry, I'll get you out.
    Vayne (fake) : By the way, Aaron and some other elf girl is here, she said her name was Claira. Care to break them both out too?
    Vayne (real) : That is what I intended to do at first. Now stay put and don't do anything that would alert any guards.
    Vayne (fake) : Okay, be quick, cause the king intends to execute us.
    Vayne (real) : Right, and tell them not to worry.

    Vayne activated his goggle and then it scanned the whole area. After a while, Vayne confirmed their positon.

    Vayne (real) : Found it! They at the lowest dungeon, below here. Now how to get to them. Ah I know!

    Vayne mumbled a few words and then he turned invisible.

    Vayne (real)(thinking) : This could only last me 10 minutes, gotta be quick.

    Vayne open the door and went inside. He found the dungeon so fast, as if he build the place.

    Vayne(real) : Level one. Two more levels to go, but damn there are so many guards. I guess I'll just slip through them, don't want meaningless fight.

    Vayne walked past all the guard until he reach his destination. The invisibility wore off and he reappeared again. Vayne went to where his fake was. And suddenly the fake disappeared, seems like the fake went into Vayne's body. Vayne turned to where Aaron and Claira was locked up.

    Vayne : Yo, looks like you got up in a pretty bad situation. Need some help?
    Aaron : Yes, and thank you for your help.
    Vayne : You must be Claira, nice to meet you, my name is Vayne.
    Claira : And my name is Claira, one thing first, could you heal the slash in my arm? Never mind, you don't look like the type that heals.
    Vayne : Don't underestimate me now. First I'll break this damn door, but it'll make alot of noise, so be prepared.

    Vayne transforms his goggles back to his Excalibur and then he break the key lock and both of the elf's handcuff. Then, he changes it to a staff and then mumbled some words and the slash on the arm started to heal.

    Vayne : We need to get out now!
    Aaron : But how? The place up there is full of guards, we can't escape.
    Vayne : Whoever say we were walking up there?

    Vayne transforms his staff back to Excalibur again and pointed it at the roof. The Excalibur charges and then a giant beam came out, breaking the roofs and then Vayne activates his Energy Boots.

    Vayne : Hang on to me! We'll fly!
    Aaron & Claira : Okay.

    Aaron and Claira grabbed on to Vayne and they flied to the air. Vayne went to the gates behind the Wall of Horror only to be chased by Rave. They've reached the encampment of the rebels, Vayne putted them down and then he flew off to distract Rave.

    On the other hand, another dimension portal opened somewhere around Hill Crose, now another teenager girl comes out, and landed near the rebel's camp. The girl wakes up, confused by the landscape of the world she ventured into.

    Aina : Argh, where am I?

    She wondered and then Vayne flew past her, noticing her.

    Vayne : Aina!? Is that you!?Why are you here!?
    Aina : I was worried about you, so I took the experiment too. What are you doing!? There's a giant robot behind you!
    Vayne : Less talking, more escaping for our life!

    Vayne grabbed Aina and then he flew off. Minutes later, Rave seem like he can't find Vayne, so it searched around, blasting lasers everywhere. Vayne fire a bomb bullet and Rave took the bait, rushing toward the sound of bombs. Vayne took this chance and escaped back to where the encampment are.
  5. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    The King was so mad that he saw the guards were defeated and the prisoners are escaping. He quickly orders Darkness to chase them. Darkness nodded and in a second, he turned into a silhouette of gigantic flying octopus and flew to the sky with incredible speed.
    The King closed his eyes, the rebels were so persistent. Must he call him from the depths of hell? He thought. He opened a portal with only a finger tick and from it came a thin, female rusted skeleton. "Well, what's on your mind to call me back, my King? Weren't you said that you'll banish me forever?" The King didn't respond to him for seconds, but then replied "I don't want to stain my hands, but the rebels are getting annoying."
    The skeleton began to grow flesh and hardskins "Ah. Talban's, wasn't it?" Then the body completely regenerates. A metallic winged beast, green eyes, long silver hair, with bolts there and there, also joints at the arms. "I'll pursue them." The metal beasts jumps and flies out of the citadel, almost breaking the throne room but the King is remain sitting down still. The King opened a portal again and saw his prisoners putted down and another flying. The pointed four fingers on the portal and soon, the time on the portal froze, so does Aaron, Vayne, Aina and Claira "That should be enough for them to catch up those piece of dusts."
    In the encampment, these four was really time-frozen. Yeah they didn't move at all or even breathe. Rave quickly uses this advantage to approach Vayne then began to emit something from his hands, red shock. After charging, he exploded it in his face, making Vayne and himself vanished. Looks like it is a portal, that unfortunately connected to the King's portal at the throne.
    Darkness in the form of giant octopus saw Aaron, then he lands, causing the ground shakes. Seeing him and the girl stopped, he swallowed them with his mouth, ewww.
  6. Arcisal


    Jul 7, 2009
    Chapter XXI
    Am'ar and Talban were tending to the wounds of the soldiers, including their own. An endless row of men, struck down in battle, lay there, some bandaged, most waiting for medical attention. Another gruesome sight to behold. On a corner, the sixteen enemy knights that were slain were lined up neatly as well, ready to be buried alongside their own fallen.

    By now, a perimeter had been established. The Wall of Horror served it's original purpose and overlooked the former battlefield, a large silhouette of the dead dragon still there in the distance. The battlefield had already been cleared, the various rebel bodies taken and buried as well while the monstrosities of the evil army burned by bonfire. Another wall had been built, spanning nearly a mile in diameter, from the Wall of Horror, to this new wall. While not as large nor sturdy as the Wall of Horror, this new defensive barrier was the first sight to behold, made by own non-tainted hands. And for that, it was a majestic thing as it was the only structure that didn't contain grotesque carvings praising the evil lord, or cryptic runic engravings that spoke of some unknown doom related the the mythology of those of evil. Overtime, this newly taken land will heal. Heal from the absence of the taint that was emitted from every servant of the unholy. The ground itself, once a sickly muddy brown, was now slowly reverting back into a pale light green, with the occasional shrub a further testimony to this natural healing. The land itself defies our evil overlords.

    Am'ar, tending the wounds of a soldier, with burn marks across his arms and nasty gashes all over his neck and chest, engaged in simple conversation with Talban who was right next to him treating another warrior, to break the monotony and gore of their mundane laborious task.

    "The first step to redemption eh? Is this the price that we have to bring these men through?" asked Am'ar all of a sudden, his old humorous attitude all but gone in this light of this blood and mess.

    "Perhaps." replied the duke. "I would not doubt that countless other lives would be taken as well. The price of freedom." The Duke's mind wandered off, continuing his task.

    Am'ar sighed. This would certainly take a toll on all of us. Mind and body. "Talban, tell me. What is this evil we are fighting?"

    The Duke paused for a moment, and then turned to his green friend. "This evil? This evil comes from the deepest reaches of the abyss. It's origins are unknown. But what I can tell is that it is swift, and certainly deadly. It is not of this world, possibly not of this universe. Maybe from another? I do not know, nor do I want to. I only wish for freedom for this world that I am of." The Duke once again paused, as if searching for a lost memory, one that was locked up in the deepest parts of his mind for a good reason. "Their leader, a brutal tyrant. The master of the unholy and the main cause of this misery. But he is but a pawn in the greater legion that this darkness serves. There is no doubt that we are faced with a host of great evil, greater than that of worldy origins."

    "Now tell, me. What was it like before this evil came?" asked the orc again. He was interested, and at the same time pitiful and sorrowful. Why was he here?

    "A paradise." said the duke in a tone of nostalgic euphoria. "I know not the luxuries of being a rich man, nor the wisdom of a wise man. But I do know the smell of the rain, and the feeling of the wind. And the warmth of good sunshine. And the sound of a lively river. These are the very things that have been lost since the evil's coming. Not gold nor riches, but the things that keep this world bearable to live in."

    Am'ar thought for awhile. He tried to recall that, but all that came out of his mind was his old home. Oh! How he missed it. The livestock call for their feeding while the river gurgles with life. And the feeling of the grass in between his toes! How he missed it.

    He was about to ask another question to the duke, when before he could voice it out, a breathless man, clad in leather chaps and cloth came before them.

    "An army!" he panted, "In the distance! Approaching fast! Men at ready!"

    "At ease warrior. Catch your breath and tell me the whole thing." The duke said. His voice was suddenly back to his old stern self, clam and unchanging.

    A moment of gasping and panting for air proceeded. Finally, the messenger spoke once more. "An army marches towards us at the Wall of Horror! And fast! They are not large but sizable enough to besiege this place. We have only spotted infantry, but we suspect cavalry and siege weapons as well! The reserve army stand at the ready, waiting for your commands!"

    The duke thought for awhile. "We cannot presume that this army that approaches us is hostile, but we must take caution, especially in this time of darkness. Run back as swiftly as you can to the person who sent you and tell the commander of the reserve to stand at the ready, but not to open fire once in bowshot range. Quickly!"

    The messenger ran off the direction he came. The duke turned to Am'ar. "Well my friend. The price of freedom." and bolted off, grabbing his blade and shield. The orc grasped his staff in his hands. A nurse took over their former task and he followed behind the duke.

    They arrived on the Wall, overlooking the battlefield. But instead of the former sight of gore and death, a fast approaching army of infantry, clad in silver, lay just within bowshot range. They had listened to the duke, obeying his order to stand down. But every man looked anxious, with their fingers itching to pounce into action.

    They waited for the army. As they came closer, Am'ar could see the details of their armor. Pure silver, trimmed with deep crimson. When they came even closer, he could see that it wasn't unblemished. In fact, it was far from that. Their armor was battered and dent in a hundred places. Stains of a mixture of blood and dirt smeared across them. The moved sluggishly, but orderly. At the head of them, a helmless warrior lead them, presumably the army. His brown hair waved in the wind and a blade hung from his hip. His armor was adorned with an additional trim of gold, alongside the red. The leader of this ragtag band.

    They halted in front of the gate. And before the duke could call out, the helmless leader shouted out, "We are not of the enemy! Your deed has reached the further parts of the free lands! We are of those lands! We have stood and defied the enemy but we have failed! This is all that is left of us! Will you take us into your grace? We fight, but we will need healing!"

    The duke turned to the orc. "Should we trust them? I estimate two thousand strong. A much needed bolster to our forces if we should defend this place. But are they genuine? Should we take them in, orc?"

    Am'ar looked at them once again. They did indeed seem battered and beaten. Some men, who did not have their helmets on, had their face bare. And that face spoke of lost hope and helplessness, as well as physical fatigue and tiredness. This could not possibly be an evil army! "Yes, we take them in. Ration the food supplies even carefully but once these men are up fighting again, they will be an advantage for us."

    The duke heeded his friend's advice without question. He lifted his hand and motioned to the gatekeepers. A nod and a wave of the hand was all that was required for them to slowly open the gate. At the sight of the massive wooden gate opening, the helmelss leader mouthed once more to the duke, a silently but unquestionably eternally grateful "Thank you".
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  7. sanofa


    May 3, 2011

    Vayne woke up and found himself in the King's throne again. The King seemed furious at Vayne and then lifted his arm. Darkness started to swallow Vayne and eventually he was consumed by darkness, turning his white armor to darkness.

    King : You'll be of help to my army, my Vayne.
    Vayne : Yes, my lord.

    Vayne bowed down, as if pledging his loyalty to the King. The King gave an nickname called the "Grim Reaper" who brings death to the rebels and whoever stands in his way. Vayne was struggling inside, fighting off the darkness, but couldn't do anything about him having the thoughts of killing his own best friend.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  8. Ironside


    Feb 3, 2009

    The orb of Auxion and his tamed body were both hidden in a secret location, Auxion was preparing his next invasion to finally tame the proper hosts for the waygates.

    Near the battle field Regex was still traveling into the forests to locate the undefeated opponent, Auxion.
    After a while of traveling a bright light appeared from the sky, blinding Regex to a complete state. The light appeared to slowly drop what appeared to be a human like body. After a few seconds passed the light finally cleared away and the new character was standing a few meters from Regex, looking somewhere into the forest like she was looking at a ghost.

    Regex: You there!

    The person turned around and regex could see it was a young looking woman.

    Regex: Agh, who are you and where'd you appear from?
    Selia: My name is selia *smiles, I just happened to walk by.
    Regex (thinks): That must be a lie, she's definitely got something to do with the light.

    Regex was watching at her and suddenly saw a very strange giant creature at her location, it disappeared in a small moment of half a second. Regex was wondering if he's seeing things.

    Selia: It was nice to talk to you, return to the others.

    She pointed with her arm to the location to where he came from.

    Regex: How could you possibly know that I came from there?

    Selia smiled and then walked into the forest.

    Regex: She's hiding something, I must follow her.

    Regex then attempted to follow her and remain unseen.

    Selia (thinks): ... I'll have to dispose of him before I hunt down the forbidden god.
  9. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    The pursuing force was successfully captured them and went back to the citadel. Aaron was sent back into the cell and Vayne's still lying in the throne room.
    After the fuse, Vayne felt himself very strong, strong as evil. The King gave him a mission "Now, you are the Grim Reaper. Who take and manipulate souls. I need you to go and bring some rebels' souls for me." Vayne nodded, black wings grow on his back and spreaded, he flew to the sky with lightning speed, cracking the floor below with superior force. Rave's still waiting for an order and Razet was ordered to keep his eye on Aaron. The King looked again at the winged beast "Now I want you to follow him..." and pointed out ".. Lilith"
    Lilith responded with a grim smile "Understood, my lord." She flew away and followed the transformed Vayne, Grim Reaper.
  10. sanofa


    May 3, 2011

    Vayne was flying to where encampments of the rebels are. One of the rebels looked and then warned the whole army. Vayne landed to confront the rebels on land, and rebels kept rushing towards him, trying to kill him, only to be cut down by Vayne's scythe.

    Vayne : My name is Vayne. I am the Grim Reaper! I've come to collect your pitiful souls.
    Leo : Vayne, is that you!? Why are you in Reaper Mode!? Gah, everyone, please running away as far as you can, I'll hold him off!
    Kargath : Why should we!? I can take this guy down with ease...
    Leo : NO! You have no idea how terrifying he is when he is in Reaper Mode! He don't care human lives at all, all he do is killing people heartlessly, without caring who you are if you stand in his way. RUN NOW! WHILE YOU STILL HAS A CHANCE!

    The rebels was running away, Kargath had no idea what Leo was talking about until he saw Vayne started to consuming something invisible.

    Leo : Oh no, he started eating the souls of the rebels and dead knights that are dead near to the battlefield here.
    Vayne (RM) : Yes, and you two shall be my lunch and dinner. Now die!

    Vayne said in a deadly tone. While Vayne is struggling inside, Darkness seems to overcome everything he did. He tried using magic but it didn't seemed worked, then he used Excalibur's Magnum Blaster skill, but with no results. Darkness then came out.

    Darkness : Nothing you can do to stop me! Your mortal body is enough for 70% of my power, quite amusing, but your still a mere mortal, who also have hatred to other mortal things.
    Vayne : Shut up! I'll never go back! I'll never go back to when I enjoyed killing, not any more. I've sworn to make the world a better place for orphans like me to be able to live in! Never will I turn to darkness powers.

    Vayne thinks back of when he was back in his world, he saw right before his eyes that the father who adopted him was killed by Zarks, which triggered his RM, causing him to ge berserk, slaughtering any people that stood in his way, he even tried to hurt Leo, who was adopted at the same family.

    Vayne : I'll never forgive the Zarks! They took everything away from me! First my family now myself.
    Darkness : You know that the only to prevent the war was to destroy the Zark race, yet you still have doubts? You make my laugh mortal.
    Vayne : Not everyone is the same, Leo was a Zark but he never left me behind, and he stand beside even when I went of of control. I promised him I will used my dark and light powers to save everyone! Even if it's just a single life, I'll still save it, even at the cost of my life!

    Vayne rushed towards Darkness, transforming his Excalibur to his katana simultaneously. He tried to slash Darkness, but when he hit him, he disappeared and reappeared behind him.

    Darkness : Join me, and we will save this and other worlds from its evil grasp.
    Vayne : Never!

    Vayne backslash darkness but it failed again. Then suddenly darkness started to fill around Vayne.

    Vayne : Damn it!

    Slowly, Vayne was consumed by the darkness, and by the time he knew it, he was already in darkness.
  11. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    Chapter XXII
    Darkness said in Vayne's mind "I'm sorry, as long as you still have hatred in you, you cannot defeat me. Hatred is power for me, and for you too." Vayne slowly engulfed in black shadows.
    In the real world, Reaper Mode Vayne was getting stronger. Black aura began to thickening around him and surrounding plants wither. His eyes now glowing black, emitting hate for all Zarks. He dashed forward towards Leo, making massive explosion upon kicking the ground. The trees shakes as the wind of his wings blow them.
    Lilith watches as the Grim Reaper battles his own best friend, how amusing. But she must keep distances, or the aura will cut her into pieces even from far away. The hatred Reaper Vayne emitting also gave her more power, her metallic parts turned bluish and reinforced.
    Back in the citadel, Rex walked into the King's Throne. He bowed and begged "My lord, please give me power of the darkness." The King smiled with a sinister grin, but still emotionless "Why do you want the power? Do you understand your position now and who are you talking to?" The King emit a small portion of his terror, making Rex trembles and shakes "I am sorry, my lord. But I need the power to revenge my father, who were killed by the rebel for defending the tower." The King smiled again, he remembers seeing from his portal an unknown black dragon that he didn't summon was fighting the rebels. He moves his finger towards him "I will grant you power, as you wish" Revenge, eh? That will be of course a source of evil power "Now you will be feeding souls, hatred and fears to be stronger, just like your father."
    Razet sat in the front of the reinforced magical cell that made by the King himself. I don't have to wait here, do I? He can't escape.
  12. Ironside


    Feb 3, 2009

    Auxion slowly began to figure out that he may be in great danger if Selia reaches his location, he is also able to see that Regex is near her location as well.

    Meanwhile Regex was still spying on Selia while she was thinking through on how to get rid of him.
    After a while Selia finally stopped and turned around.

    Selia: Please come out, I know you've been following me
    Regex: Hm, I was sure I remained outside of noticeable zone, you really aren't normal, are you?

    Selia smiled and appeared in front of him.

    Regex: Such speed! It's faster than even that divine Auxion had!

    Selia suddenly tripped on the ground when she heard the name Auxion, she wonders how someone who would know his name could be here to tell the tale.
    She began to be a little worried of how powerful exactly he could be, so she quickly dashed back.

    Selia: To actually survive the attack from Auxion, I'm impressed.

    Regex begins to wonder how she would know him while Selia started to use her divine powers to analyze the power level of Regex.
    She finally is able to see that he's no where near the rank of a divine creature so she asked,

    Selia: How did someone such as yourself even survive a battle against Auxion?
    Regex: He's hell of powerful, but the weakness is by blowing up his body, since he only used a mortals body I knew I could handle it.

    Selia (thinks): So he's still in the sealed form, this should make my mission easier.
    Selia: Now please leave this place
    Regex: I cannot allow someone such as yourself to die against something like Auxion!
    Selia: That's very sweet of you, but you do not get to pick

    Selia, I'll show you what true power is all about...

    Regex: If that's the case then I'll rather immobilize you and take you back with me.
    Selia: Bring it on mortal!
    Regex: Coup de burst

    Regex swiftly charges at Selia, but she dodges at the very same moment when he takes off.

    Selia: Claw of Fire!

    Her left hand seemed to turn what seemed similar to a dragons claw. Selia appears instantly to Regex who had just landed from his charge and cuts him on his hand.
    Regex begins to feel immense heat on his arm, it went as far as to melt the steel on his hand.

    Selia: I do not wish to fight you, please leave this place.
    Regex: I won't let you here to die.

    Her hand returned to normal, when Regex notices this, he was interrupted,

    Selia: Claw of Frost!

    Her hand turned into a very cold looking dragons claw and as she once more appeared at his location aiming to cut him.

    Regex suddenly made a dangerous face and said: Not this time!
    He grabbed her hand with his other, still undamaged arm.

    Picture of Selia using the power of Ice

    Yes of course, it's actually Jaina Proudmore, but it should give you a somewhat of idea of what she looks like. I'm not a drawer so I can't draw her the way she really is.
  13. sanofa


    May 3, 2011

    As Leo was struggling against the overpowered Reaper Mode Vayne, he remembered that the only one weakness of RM Vayne is for him to change his element to Light. Though it only proved to be a bit effective, Leo still bet his life on it.

    Leo(think) : Reaper Mode, or in other words, the incarnation of the legendary Grim Reaper. It is said that the Grim Reaper once came to our world, wreaking havoc and collecting souls, all for the purpose of finding a mortal body to live in. The Grim Reaper deemed to be far beyond even those of the gods, so Vayne's foster father had no choice but to sacrifice himself by pulling the Grim Reaper's soul and sealed it inside of Vayne's body.

    Leo was avoiding Vayne's attacks except when he was cornered and had no place to run, but was saved by Aina at the last minute. She shot a net bullet that grabbed Leo and teleported him to an entrance near an ruin.

    Aina : You okay!? That was close... I can't believe Vayne went back to that state again.
    Leo : Yeah... Someone must be controlling him from somewhere, feeding him dark powers.

    Although far away, they can still see Vayne's rampage, dark powers was releasing from Vayne. They sighed and then looked at the ruin.

    Leo : What is this? A ruin?
    Aina : Yes, though it is abandoned, I saw a sword was sticking inside a rock, and beside it was a portal or some sort.l
    Leo : Let's go check it out. Might be some sort of ancient artifact, it might help me in defeating Vayne.
    Aina : Lets hope so.

    They agreed and went inside the ruin.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2012
  14. Ironside


    Feb 3, 2009

    Regex: You won't escape now, we're going back
    Selia: You underetimate me, Roar of Thunder!

    Suddenly the clouds started to assemble, it sounded like they were actually roaring.

    Selia: You'd be smart to run away now
    Regex: Are you stupid? An attack of that size will crush us both!
    Selia: Don't underestimate me.

    Regex saw the clouds were just about to release an attack of massive size and power so he quickly used Coup de Burst to hide behind the trees and rocks lying around the forest.

    Selia stood still for a moment while Regex was watching her. She waved her hand as if she commanded the clouds to release their attack, when Regex covered himself she instead started to walk away.
    It didn't take long for Regex to notice her escaping and so he went straight after her.

    Selia: I'm sorry, you're done for now. Feel the strength of the heavens!

    The Clouds started to sparkle and were just about to release the attack.

    Selia: You cannot avoid this attack, the speed of light equals to 299 792 458 m/s, you can never dodge this, I've seen your powers.

    Regex realized there's no way for him to survive so instead he just sit down on the ground waiting for her to activate the power of lightning.

    Selia then clapped her hands and the lightning crashed into the ground near Regex.

    Selia: This was just to show you, I don't wish to kill you, now please go away.
    Regex: I assumed that was the case deep inside, and now you're mine

    Regex threw chains crafted of an unknown material, chaining his hand with hers.

    Regex: Now come with me.
    Selia: Sigh, you'll never learn. Claw of Nature!
    Regex: Wha!?

    Selia touched the chains with her claw, roots started to surround it from the ground and quickly crushed it.

    Selia: I haven't even shown you my true elemental powers, I'm just using my lended abilities against you.
    Regex: I know, I'm certain that your real power is related to the force of light.
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  15. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    Vayne swings his weapons rampagingly. When he reached a wall, he slashed it and the big wall cut into two in one slash. But Vayne then stopped "Where'd he go?"
    Rex came underground to see the prisoner. It is said that his father gave him a seed of power and fought a duel with him. He reached the room and come in, with Razet still sitting on a chair. "Could you go out somewhere? I know you're bored here." Razet sighed once, then walked out. Now it is Rex who sat down on that chair. He awakened Aaron by clapping his hands. "So, you are Aaron?" Aaron responds nothing. Heh, I know it'll be like this. I must bait him to answer the question. He stated "So, I heard you know my father. And fought a battle with him." Aaron surprised, his eyes now gazed at Rex's "Your father? You mean, one of his son survived the mage's massacre?" Rex nodded.
    "We'll settle the unfinished duel someday, what he didn't finish will be finished by me. Because I am his incarnation." He said as he leave the room, leaving Aaron speechless. In one side he feels happy, because Cadaos' family is not extinct yet. But in the other side he feels sad because Cadaos fought for the wrong side because of misunderstanding, and now his incarnation also. Now he must get out of here, fast.
  16. clockwork2


    Jan 26, 2010
    OOC: She doesn't count as a new character IMO because she is simply a different personality in the same person, it's your opinion that matters though.
    I looked at Claira, she was now worsened. She had a deep slash in her unharmed arm, and was severly bruised now. And I wasn't that better, my body had deep slashes into it, if it weren't for my cybernetic ability I'd be dead now. My cybernetic enhancements were quickly at work strengthening my hands and the rest of me, it would take quite awhile. I wonder how everyone else is. I looked at Rex, who was deciding apparently what weapon to slaughter him with in their coming duel. It looked like he was having a tough choice between a rather serrated scimitar, or a humongous axe that could cleave him in half. He could probably wield both rather easily..

    Kareena was busy tending to the wounded, when she suddenly felt SOMETHING awaken. "I have better things to do." She said, and dashed off faster then she could've before. "W-who are you??Is it the darkness?" She asked herself. "Nay, I am a guardian. I'll explain later, I see you've met a rather handsome draconian. If you won't have him, can I?" Herself asked. "N-no! That's technically both of us dating him! And I don't wanna!" Kareena said to whoever was using her. "Name's Taera, and a shame. He's a fine husband you know." Taera said. "I'm not comfortable with this topic, so what are you a guardian of?" Kareena asked. "Excalibur." Taera said flatly, no hint of lying or shock or pride. Quickly she reached the one known as Vayne somehow. "Give it to me." Taera said flatly, with a look so fierce it was hard for Kareena to believe Taera was using her body. "No! Now prepare to die!" Vayne says. "I hold more sway over Excalibur, even in it's new form. Come to me Excalibur!" Taera said, and Excalibur flew out of Vayne's hands and into Kareena/Taera's hands. She began a series of attacks that did not harm Vayne, but phased through him, he started looking calm once again. "Urrghh...Can I have my sword back please?" Vayne said. "No. Mainly becuase I am it's guardian, and there is still a seed of darkness in you. I can't remove it, not even if Excalibur was in it's old form. Neither I nor my host Kareena would forgive ourselves if you lost control and began rampaging the world with it." Taera said, and Vayne and Kareena noticed when Taera was doing something with Kareena, her eyes turned completely silver. "Oh god! I tried to..to..kill my best friend. I CANNOT FORGIVE MYSELF." He said and reached for a sword to kill himself with. "STOP! That's moronic, and will make your friend go into mourning!" Taera said, gripping his hand. "Your right, and we have to rescue Aaron and Claira." Vayne said.
  17. -Peper-


    Jun 28, 2010
    Inside Vayne's body, Darkness grow weaker and weaker. Vayne wastes no chance, he used excalibur, which emits glowing light which traps Darkness. He regains his own conciousness.
    In the prison cell, Rex decided not to use any weapon. Some runes then emitted from his hand, it destroyed the prison cell. "I've asked permission from the King to kill you myself. Let's go." Another rune appeared, teleporting them to somewhat big dome battle arena. There are audiences, which are beasts and monsters. Aaron felt his power back as his chains shattered.
    Near the battlefield, Lilith saw what happened. She flew towards them "You can't pass any further."
  18. sanofa


    May 3, 2011

    With Leo and Aina adventuring into the unknown ruin, they explored the place thoroughly. Not long after they went in, they have found the sword which was stuck inside the ground.
    They examined it and the portal next to it.

    Leo : Looks like this portal must 've something to do with this sword.
    Aina : Try pulling it, though I doubt it works.
    Leo : I'll still give it a try. CGSA, activate!

    As soon as Leo said it, his bronze armor transformed into a bright red steel plate, he started to pulled the sword. Unfortunately, the sword didn't even budge.

    Leo : Damn, even my Power Armor can't budge this thing.

    Then suddenly, a figure came out from the portal.

    ??? : You who want's to gain the power of this sword, must pass The Trial.

    As she pointed to the portal, the blue portal started to change into a black portal. Leo questions. But the figure did not answer. All she said was this.

    ??? : You must pass the Trial of Geto, to gain the legendary katana, Taiken-geto, which can free of this world from the darkness that has been controlling this world.
    Leo : Who are you!?
    ??? : I am simply the guardian that guards over the katana, awaiting the chosen master. Please proceed. Your friend must stay here until you pass your trial.
    Leo : Alright, Aina stay here.
    Aina : Alright.

    Leo went into the portal and disappeared.

    As Leo went inside, the dark war-filled world suddenly changed into a place that looked like Vayne and Leo's world. Suddenly, a figure appeared. It looked just like Leo, except with a dark, evil expression.

    Leo(real) : Who are you!? Why do you look like me!?
    Leo(evil) : Don't you know? Damn your so pitiful! I am you, you dumb duck.
    Leo(real) : No! You can't be! You are just an illusion.
    Leo(evil) : Oh I am real alright.

    The evil Leo took out a dagger and cutted his palm. Black blood came out, and that shocked the real Leo.

    While on the other side, Aina was waiting.

    Aina : Was gonna happen?

    Aina asked, though she expected the figure to not answer, it answered.

    ??? : He must face his dark self, and learn to accept it, the sword only chose those who have a potential in using it. Thousands have challenge the trial, but none pass due to their greed and revengeful thinkings, and thus killed them as their are not worthy. Let's hope the young one passes and the sword chooses it as it's owner. If not, the young one will die, with nothing to left behind. Aina was shocked after hearing the story, but she had faith in Leo. She went outside and was surprised that the dark aura that was emitted by Vayne, was gone.

    Aina : Must've somehow calmed down.... But who did it.... Whenever RM activates, it can only be stopped when it has enough souls that it had feasted on... Glad he's back though, now I just have to wait for Leo to finish his trial.
  19. Ironside


    Feb 3, 2009

    Regex was waiting for a reply from her but she just stands there looking around.

    Regex: What's your next move?

    Selia remains silent for a moment but then she appears at his location and hugs him slightly.

    Regex: What are you doing?
    Selia: I'm sorry, I really am.
    Regex: Wha?

    She suddenly puts one arm backwards and places it in a way so that its palm is facing directly at the bottom part of his body.

    Selia: I really didn't want to damage you, but you really left me no other choice. I hope you'll forgive me even for what I'm about to do to you.

    Selia looked away as her hand suddenly released a great small wave of light energy, piercing Regex directly.

    Selia, without looking back turned away completely, dropped a few tears and once more whispered "I'm sorry" and then dashed away. A moment later Regex faints away.
  20. clockwork2


    Jan 26, 2010
    Taera took over once again. "That foolish lad, he's already going to attempt to save Aaron, he's probably in an arena. Mercy Wind!" Taera said, and began moving even quicker. "Any ideas?" Kareena asked Taera. "I have no idea the power of this Rex, other then he and Kargath's father are the same. I still can't believe that Excalibur chose him and didn't wait for someone better to revive it. Oh well." Taera said. Soon Vayne was in sight, and was clearly near death. His armor was also beginning to darken, oh no! "Don't you fool! Darkness will just control you!" Taera shouted with fear. "I must do it for Leo!!" Vayne said, and his wounds quickly healed, "HAahhah, you fool! Calling upon my powers is a fa-NN-noo, I AM VAYNE!!!!" "Amazing, he has managed to control darkness. Maybe I underestimated this man." Taera said. Vayne moved with lightning quick speed, Excalibur constantly changing forms. Some blows it was a gun, other times it was a katana. The final blow which sent Rex into paralysis was via a warhammer form of Excalibur. Vayne quickly sealed into him the darkness. "Well, I think we can all agree that was risky and stupid." Vayne said. "And heroic. Clearly Excalibur was right in chosing you." Taera said, "Now, we have some elves to rescue." She grabbed Vayne, then went zooming off.