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Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

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Araj the Summoner was a master necromancer in the service of Ner'zhul, the Lich King, who became a regional commander of Scourge forces in the Western Plaguelands. It is known that he was the former leader of Scholomance before aiding the Scourge invasion of Caer Darrowm, and later claiming the city of Andorhal as his own. Headquartered in the city of Andorhal, Araj spread the Plague of Undeath via massive Plague Cauldrons situated at various points throughout the area. After his demise, he was resurrected as a lich and kept on with his duties guarding the ruined city of Andorhal against the Forsaken and Alliance forces.
The model was fully developed by myself for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged, with icons from @handclaw. When using this model, it'd be great if you linked or credited @InsaneMonster's project as well.

To import the model:
  • Import the .mdx main file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path: Arajthesummoner.mdx
  • Import the .mdx portrait file to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths: Arajthesummoner_portrait.mdx
  • Import the textures to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths: Arajthesummoner_main.dds, Arajthesummoner_mount.dds, Arajthesummoner_mount_emissive.mdx, Arajthesummoner_mount_ORM.mdx, Arajthesummoner_weapon.mdx.

Araj the Summoner (Model)

Araj the Summoner icon (Icon)

Araj the Summoner portrait (Model)