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[Altered Melee] 2P Campaign Arthas

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Level 15
Oct 6, 2008
2P Campaign : Arthas
Created by: [The]Blood_Head on Eurobattle


Humans Campaign

Chapter 1: The Vision (COMPLETED)
Chapter 2: The Evacuation (Needs to be fixed)
Chapter 3: The Undercity (Needs to be fixed)
Chapter 4: The March to Silvermoon (Needs to be fixed)
Chapter 5: The Landing (Needs to be Fixed)
Chapter 6: Into the Woods (Needs to be Fixed)
Chapter 7: Rise of Empires (Needs to be Fixed)
Chapter 8: New Starts (Needs to be Fixed)
Chapter 9: The Siege of Zul'Farrak (Needs to be Fixed)

Sagi5533 Presents

2P Campaign: Arthas
Created by [The]Blood_Head

Map Info:

inspired by Thespoons 2P Campaigns I thought to myself why not to try something different, Why not to give Arthas Menethill other choice instead of turning to cold hearten Death Knight? this is about alternative timeline where Arthas is exposed to what might happen should he purge Stratholme, And by doing so changing the entire Warcraft III lore. I hope you would like it, Comments will be appreciated. And yes, Grammar Nazis will probably kill me. However I'm not getting along with the load system triggers so for now i'll just give the heros similar items they owned on the previous chapters. Also I have a problem with AI Editor, So advices here will be useful.


- I'll add later A save/load code system.
- Story stays true to belive despite major lore changes.
- All levels are set as Hard, there will be no easy/normal/hard choices.
- Basically I worked really hard and finished all chapters with few bugs left.

The Lore:

And yes, of course here Arthas won't become a servant of the Lich King so i might add new Champions and Campaigns after humans one for orcs/night elfs/undead view. Advices and help with these maps will be appreciated. to be honest I didn't plan on uploading these Campaigns it was supposed to be only for me and my mates on Eurobattle but they insisted it's a good idea and i should share it so here I am. :D


Uther and Arthas Intro:


Arthas and Alexstrasza:


Arthas Betrayal:


Lordaeron's Capital:




Special Thanks:

- Sellenisko : Alexstrazsa's model
- Kuhneghetz : Undead Arthas on foot
- TheSpoon : For the idea of 2P Campaigns

Level 8
Apr 14, 2011
Sounds very interesting!I'll really wait for this, always wanted to see an alternative story, if u need testers i can help :)
Level 5
Feb 3, 2014
This is actually cool an alternative storyline where Arthas nvr became the Lich King's champion... I love it! I want to be a tester as well XD

P.S. Perhaps you should make a model using 67Chrome's Dark Champion Skin for Marwyn and Falric. just a suggestion though :)
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