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  1. Luashine

    High speed triggers or a slow TriggerRegisterTimerEventPeriodic()

    Hello, I'm back with another WC3 scripting insight that has cost me more time than I'm willing to admit... Timer and Trigger frequencies. What's the minimum interval of a Timer? "0.0" definitely works for a "fastest possible" setting. What's the minimum interval of a Periodic Trigger? The...
  2. Luashine

    Using game events as a clock source instead of timers?

    The essence of this thread, an abstract: April 2022 The game runs at 50 ticks per second when at 100% speed. Timers are correctly affected by set game speed. (TriggerSleepAction aka Wait is not) Timers are calculated as part of the game simulation loop and the game speed correctly affects any...
  3. katya18

    TimerStart() minimal interval

    Hello guys. Function TimerStart takes timeInterval as a second parameter The question is: what is the minimal value of this parameter? For example, you can do call TimerStart(t, 0.3, true, function SomeFunction) But can you do call TimerStart(t, 0.00000000000001, true, function SomeFunction)...
  4. Gumberbunbder

    Hero Respawn Timer Issue

    Why does this work? When i put the arrary of the timer as a player number, then the timer works. It shows the time remaining, 60 for example. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Conditions Actions Countdown Timer - Start HeroRespawn_Timer[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering...
  5. HerlySQR

    [General] Do you know how to calculate APM?

    This is too hard to do, but did someone have an idea to do that?
  6. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Timer actions don't stop even if I stopped and destroyed it and remove the data

    I have this spell, but as I said it didn't stop when it should, what is happening? function Trig_Sparky_Explosions_spell_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetBooleanOr(GetSpellAbilityId()=='A05C',GetSpellAbilityId()=='A05D') endfunction function QueuedExplosions takes nothing...
  7. HerlySQR

    Can you give a simple explain of how works timers in Jass?

    I looked for tutorials, but they don't solve all my doubts, so I'm here to ask you.
  8. Cheshire

    [Trigger] trouble with a timer

    hey there, this spell is supposed to display a timer (3 min) and when the timer runs out it kills all town hall type units. if the casting hero is killed first the timer is canceled. I'm having two issues with it : 1. the timer doesn't show, just the timer window (I'm probably making a very...
  9. Nazujin

    Help fixing the Timers

    Hello! I need to fix this trigger, the idea of the trigger is, a hero unit dies, wait 30 sec, create another random hero in the same region of the dying one, i need it to work for multiple heroes dying at the same time. It is only reviving the last monster. Melee Initialization Events...
  10. Teitan

    [Spell] Help me make a bonus effect fade after an amount of time

    Hello, i made an ability that gives bonus attack damage to the hero for every enemy unit it kills, it stacks up to ten times, everything works as intended but i need to make it so it loses the effect after 10 seconds without killing an unit, here are the triggers: For the stacking part, i made...
  11. Helheim

    Wait vs Timer: what's better for online?

    Hi! I wonder which function is better for loop triggers in map, if you gonna play it online? (By "better" I mean less desync chance and memory leaks). From what I've learned, "wait" isn't that accurate, especially online. But I'm not sure about how many timers could being running at same time...
  12. Uncle

    Imprecision of timers and working around it (Lua)

    The problem is that the Reals aren't precise. Here's a simple code I made in Lua: local duration = 5.00 TimerStart(SomeTimer, 0.05, true, function() duration = duration - 0.05 print("Duration = ", duration) if duration <= 0 then --End the timer end end end) When I...
  13. Gilded

    [Solved] How do I make Units appear at a time of day?

    In FOTN by Shadegabriel and the other guy. They used a system where villagers appear in the morning and at around 18:00 they dissapear and appear at 6:00 the next day. This is a supposed continuous trigger meant to run forever. The flaw of the trigger is that it does not work properly for...
  14. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Voting system bugged

    Hey Guys, I believe i already asked for help to this before, but it seems the Soultion people came up with doesnt work properly...so here i am again xD The system should take in the Votes of every active player, setup the Game and then start the Timer. For some reason it doesnt work properly...
  15. rufreakde

    [General] Dialog Timeout Not Working

    Hey, I tried a timeout for the Dialog. "Wait Gametime" and also normal "Wait"! But it does not work! It only gets executed after I press a button... What do I do wrong? CreateTeamDialog Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Dialog -...
  16. SoooK

    [Solved] Adding many events? /Changing timer intervall?

    1. Does adding too many events slow down the game over time? I'm currently running a trigger, which is adding one new event every ~25-50 seconds. And yes, it doens't work without adding new events, despite the event being always the same. :/ 2. Is it possible to change the intervall time of an...
  17. DrunkenDirt

    [Solved] Destroying or Hiding Timer Window causes game to crash

    This is a bit of a mess with a lot of potential issues, so I'll try keep it as specific as possible. I'm working on a map which begins with all players buying a hero, and a timer counting down to kick players that don't pick a hero within 45 seconds. I have two triggers working on this, one to...
  18. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] resetting timer bugs out spawn

    Hey guys, as the Title suggests i´ve gotten myself a problem with timers and i cant find the error Oo I made a chat command to set the timer to 1 (tried 5 as well) seconds, just for testing purposes. But when i use this chat command to set the timer, the spawning wave has a random number of...
  19. Prometheus3375

    Issues with timer functions

    Hi everyone! There is a small research on how timer API works in WarCraft 3. Tests were made on 1.26a and 1.32.10 versions. TimerGetTimeout Whenever passed timer is started by TimerStart, this function returns the last passed timeout value. Example: timer is started by TimerStart with x...
  20. Thendar

    "Leaderboard / Timer" doesn't work together

    Hey all, I bet there is a threat similar to this but I was unable to find it. Ill tell you what happens and what the problem is: > A leaderboard is created > Leaderboard looks fine > a timer is created > the leaderboard gets "scaled down", it becomes a thin bar What can I do that the...
  21. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Creating an ability with no cast timer.

    Something like Wind Walk. When you cast the ability,it immediately activates without the caster stopping to play an animation. I'd gladly use Wind Walk as the base ability, but the MS buff it gives drops out when you cast another ability. (I'm using the MS buff). Help will be appreciated :)
  22. DaneTheBeast

    [vJASS] Replacing TriggerSleepAction with a timer

    function Actions takes nothing returns nothing local unit Attacker = GetAttacker() local integer Loop = 2 //SOME CODE. . . loop exitwhen Loop > 16 if ((IsUnitInGroup(Attacker, udg_ugCreepGroup_Array[Loop]) == true)) then call TriggerSleepAction(0.10)...
  23. Pebble

    Trigger to Spawn Units based on Upgrades.

    Hello, first post here on the Forum. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make a trigger that spawns a unit periodically (ex. every 60 sec) based on Units that have been trained at A building (ex. Barracks). So, for a specific example: Imagine a...
  24. RobertMKD

    Hashtable problem

    Hi, I am saving a few timer handles into a hashtable and I am loading their data once the timers expire with the (Key(Expiring Timer)). I am saving 2 integers and 1 real for each timer and I don't know how to load the data of another timer which is not the expiring one.
  25. NightStalker

    [Trigger] MUI Countdown Timer

    Alright, I wanted to recreate Tyrael's spell from HOTS on Wc3. Everything was fine until I got stuck in the timer issue. Here's how the spell should work: 1) Tyrael throws his sword to a point. (First loop to send an effect along the path between Tyrael and target point) 2) The sword spawns on...
  26. atab

    [Solved] Unit expiration timer (Pause/Unpause)

    Hi everyone, First, sorry if this question already have been answered :/ When a necromancer summon a skeleton warrior, i want that, when he stands on blight, his expiration timer stop. pause Events Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick...
  27. AGD


    I based this work from the idea I found here which uses one universal timer for all 0.03125 period codes. Basically, what mine does is somewhat similar to the previous one but the difference is that it allows you to specify other periods aside from 0.03125 while still using a single timer for...
  28. DJAB

    Hey everyone !

    Hey everyone. I'm aaybee. Interested in making WC3 maps. I've made a total of 25 maps but i haven't given them on the internet cause they've lot of bugs ! Currently working on my latest map "BATTLE ARENA" !
  29. Hordeon

    Tutorial: Easy income system

    Hello today this tutorial (THIS IS MINI-TUTORIAL!) will show you how to do basicly correct income (Without Leaks). My own income sysyem (I use this in my maps): Non-Leaking Income Events Time - Every X seconds of the game time Conditions Actions Set tempGroup = (Units of type X...
  30. Cheezeman

    How to create a sucessfull timer.

    How to create a succesfull timer. This tutorial will show you how to make a succesfull timer window using GUI. The Main Idea I have noticed when playing games online that many of the windows never dissapeared. This may be caused by, for example, using Level 1 Events Time - Timer[1] expires...
  31. killerweb

    Problem with timer in Ralle's Tower Defense Guide

    Hello I have a problem with the timer in Ralle's TD Guide. When i use this trigger the timer wont show. Then i tried this: And it didn't work either :angry: Hopes somone can help me