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  1. DwarfBoy

    (Auto-Battler) Eternal Warfare

    A map inspired by Warcraft Autochess and Test of Faith, Eternal Warfare is an auto-battler in which you build up your forces and take on waves of other units in an AI vs AI battle. Basic Idea The basic idea is that you go through round-after-round, building up your armies against the enemy...
  2. Kruthuss

    Aren't multiple WC3 versions required to play maps and campains causing you a headache?

    Good day. To be honest, I wouldn't make it much of an issue though I feel a little confused with it. Reforged, 1.31 (Pre-Reforged) and 1.27b... or some more. When I want to look for some good maps and campaigns to play, looking up which version it requires to play feels a bit problematic as I...
  3. tytarjunior20

    [Role Playing Game] Hero Quest (Working Title) Announcement

    Hello everyone. I've posted once on here before for my tutorial videos. I've decided to blend my personal project with making tutorials. My goal: Involve a community to watch as we develop a game I've wanted to make for over a decade. I started recently and I upload regularly to my youtube...
  4. Geekio

    [Solved] Shared Unit Control: AI Causing Problems

    I'm currently working on a singleplayer scenario in which the human player is in control of two bases: a Night Elf base and a Human base in separate areas of the map. The Night Elf player (Player 1) is set as "Controller: User" in the Player Properties menu. The Human base (Player 2) is set as...
  5. Callahan

    [Role Playing Game] Monster Savior

    Monster Savior By Callahan Map description : Monster Savior is a singleplayer RPG map with action rpg gameplay inspired by hack'n slash (like diablo 3). Use many custom made assets made by me and exclusive to this map. Download : Monster Savior v1.00 Beta Features : 17 Monstrous Heroes +60...
  6. Madison

    [Development] Warcraft Mod for Fate 4

    Warcraft Mod for Fate 4 This project is a Modification for Fate The Cursed King. I'm posting this here because the playerbase and modders of Fate do not have a "home" (The WildGames Forum closed years ago) and also because it's related to Warcraft. All information about the project and its...
  7. D

    [Campaign] V A L I A N C E

    Valiance is a series of blizzard-style mini-campaigns that take place in the hand-crafted world of Amara. I've planned to release them in faction-based expansions with the first one being Lions of Lassaria, which is based on the Elven kingdom of Lassaria. Due to my busy schedule, however, work...
  8. Fruit Forest

    Need some tester.

    I need somebody to test the map and give suggestion about it. This campaign contains 1 intro, 1 chapter and 1 loading map (to restore the progress after a new patch)'][This campaign contains 1 intro, 1 chapter and 1 loading map (to restore the progress after a new patch. [Campaign] -...
  9. 13lack_Ro$e

    Is it ok to use ((wait)) trigger in single player game? {{SOLVED}}

    Hi all,as title says , I am creating a single player hero defence and for some hero spells I use ((wait)) trigger (I think I know how to make it MUI but I think that's not necessary since in that map there never will be more than player , so why should I make trouble to myself?). Also I wanted...
  10. Whopsieee

    Cannot load offline(singleplayer) games in Gaias Retaliation - Critical Error

    Hello..:) I just found out Gaias retaliation and i downloaded it played offline for almost 12 hours stariaght xD this map is awesome. The next day when i loaded my saved games, It is showed crtical error. Like "The memory could not be read" :/. I tried 5 -8 maps from v1.2A to v1.2C and same...
  11. Fruit Forest

    [Campaign] Shadowmancer: INHERITOR (CHAPTER 1,2 + INTRO)

    SHADOWMANCER: INHERITOR This is my second project that continues a plot of SHADOWMANCER. Since I finished first part, a plot line for a main hero wasn't finished yet. It requires a second part. GAMEPLAY FEATURES: - Hard work with HASH tables. It could help to decrease loading time. -...
  12. DeMoN100

    [Role Playing Game] A RP For Single Player

    It would be nice if we could come out with a roleplay map that could be played in single player with computers if you couldn't find players. Like DoBRP, SoTDRP, CoTM, & RoTRP only when you give the units and buildings to computer it uses them.
  13. Emm-A-

    [Role Playing Game] Emm-A-s Harvest Moon for Warcraft III

    Created by Emm-A- Hi Everybody, this is an RPG-like multiplayer adventure/farming game, based on the game series "Harvest Moon". There is an early version available now! Please test it and feel free to leave comments. The map is protected at the moment, until I have the time to provide the...
  14. Fruit Forest

    [Campaign] Shadowmancer: DYNAMIC RPG CAMPAIGN

    DYNAMIC RPG CAMPAIGN: S H A D O W M A N C E R by Fruit Forest This the story of the young elf Demenian who was saved by a shadow creature named Irv from being executed by Holy Church soldiers. Demenian saw the Church's crimes and they wanted to kill him for being a witness. Later, Irv, his...