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  1. Simple recoloring of grass gives Barrens so much new personality

    Simple recoloring of grass gives Barrens so much new personality

  2. jonathan ross

    [SD/Modeling] Help either rotating particle effect or making a similar one

    Was hoping someone could either rotate this model so that instead of going up one version goes down and the other goes horizontally toward the screen in z axis, or they can make a similar model, suppose to be for a plague firebat kind of unit. Also if someone wants to explain how i can do it...
  3. Shido

    Useful/Simple Rediscussion

    Unpopular Opinion: I like Substandard. It's right in the word itself, it is not reaching required standard that the site demand. I can understand the misleading here but currently U/S is no better than its predecessor. Right now, The Useful/Simple is not defined enough to be it own rating...
  4. KakorinVonSteam

    [Solved] Generic Chaos Troll Skin

    Hey guys! KvS here, I was searching for a generic chaos/fel troll skin for my campaign, but I can't find any on the Skins section. I looked in The Great Troll Pack bundle from shiik as it contains many chaos troll skins, but I can't download the generic skins which were what I was looking for...
  5. Blahblah_Blagar

    [Trigger] Autocastable dispellable Poison

    Should be a very simple thing to do For quite a while I've been trying to figure out how to create an autocastable dispellable poison (a very simple debuff that drains life as long as it's active). I've been screwing around with the premade spells such as parasite and inner fire (with negative...
  6. Cheshire

    [Solved] simple model edit (rotation + scaling)

    hey there, looking for someone to change these two shield models into platforms: Orc Shield Rigth Plank Shield they need to be flat on the ground (like a stage to stand on as opposed to the angle they are in to be a shield) and a little bigger than a town hall (in game radius 300. would be...
  7. Veritas 117

    Elf ears attachment

    I am wondering if someone could make a (hopefully) simple attachment. Basically I just want some long pointy elf ears to attach to the head of human units to make them look like elves. Specifically I want to add it to the original Jaina model to make an elf mage. This should also be for Classic...
  8. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  9. The_Warchief

    A Few Dissipates

    So I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Retera's, particularly when working with Reforged models. While I know how to rig a simple dissipate anim in Magos with classic models, I can't seem to figure out a similar method for Reforged. If someone who is a little more savvy with these...
  10. ThompZon

    [vJASS] Simple Delayed Effect Destroyer

    I searched for a while for a simple way of destroying effects later. The reason for this is that some special effects, one cannot destroy instantly. My soultion, write a function that does this, but I had a few problems and searched on the hive for a simple delayed special effect destroyer...
  11. Cheshire

    Another simple model edit request :)

    hey there, I am trying to turn a mushroom into an artillery shell. basically what I need is a one of the mushroom doodads of the color scheme called AshenShrooms in the editor (the greener variation) scaled to a size that makes sense as an artillery missile, and given the death animation (+...
  12. Cheshire

    simple model edit request

    hey there, looking for someone to make some small adjustments to this troll by @HappyTauren (who says there he is fine with it being edited): 1. give him something with team color (part of his pants/some sort of minor armor/his bracers - whatever) 2. give him a weapon that doesn't stab him...
  13. bruunk

    Simple Damage Detection system

    I've recently been looking into damage engines because I want to include spells in my map that trigger when a unit attacks but do not wish to use the GUI version which triggers before the actual attack goes off, to avoid exploits. However, when I look into these damage engines, they are vastly...
  14. TheAyalalalalon


    Hello there, I was searching for it but it seems I could not find it I am needing a simple SLOTMACHINE model for map which has a minigame where when get eliminated you are given the option to bet on who one thinks will win The model does not need any animation, it just works as a "shop"...
  15. Karano

    Garnelsian Winter

    Heyo peeps, so, i've decided to start making maps. Though i have not uploaded any maps, most of them are just basic melee and the sorts. Though i've made an rpg map last year, it was considered quite simple, the enviroment was also not quite good as it was messy, and ultimately i had not...
  16. S

    BlueEyes and Simplicity

    I don't really expect this to last, I don't know, 2 hours? But it's at-least something I did do. I've made some Alien specie called "BlueEyes" and decided to try and make them famous here. I requested them once to be models for WC3 but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because they...
  17. Diegoit

    SIMPLE re-edit model

    Open these spoilers 1 2 Models by Cuore, i dont ask him this because i annoy too much :). THANKS
  18. Specialsaucewc

    [Solved] Custom Item Ability Not Going on Cooldown

    Hey Guys, I am trying to create an item similar to Kelen's Dagger of Escape but requires a friendly unit to teleport to. I used the channel ability and created the triggers for the functionality but when the item is used it is not put on cooldown. If I use the event A Unit Finishes Casting an...
  19. S

    Very simple models

    I will (At-least) try to make my first race by modeling in Blender! And by "very simple models" is that the textures are *Really Basic*. I'll upload a picture of how they will look like and ask, should i use them for myself? This is gonna be the first time i'll make some models for WC3 and i...
  20. Grimhollow

    Simple Resources Wishlist (Updated)

    Simple Resource Wishlist (Updated) Here is a list of uncreated or non-existing simple but useful models and skins that will also be for mappers and models feel glad of. This thread might serve as miniguides of those who want to create models. Cheers! BANDIT SIEGE WEAPONS
  21. ILH

    Basic - Creating Icons from Screenshots

    How to Create: Simple Unit Icon Hello there, and welcome to this very basic tutorial! Are you working on a project and having your OCD triggered for not having a precise icon for one of your custom units? Fear no more! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create basic icons using these...
  22. Veronnis

    Transfuse (Spell Effect) (Simple Animation)

    Hello! Thanks for reading this if you're taking the time. I'm looking to have a spell effect created that is like the following! (Base Particle: Bloodlust, buff) When cast on a target unit: 7-20 (You pick) red glows (Preferrably staggered/not the same distance) appear around the target...
  23. Thiiago

    Riders please :c

    I just need two riders for my army. An rider Dwarf and an Orc. - Dwarf: the dwarf can use this mount (Hero_Dwarven Ramrider), but i need an Mountain King mounted, can do? :/ but the Ram is this.. - Orc: the orc i need an normal War3 Grunt, mounted in an normal War3 Timber Wolf just this. The...
  24. Times

    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/adwanced-marine-light.49031/#resource-22178 I think it's okay to do it without...
  25. Bribe

    [GUI] Advanced Triggering Tips

    [GUI]*Advanced Triggering Tips Advanced Triggering Tips Why I am writing this I see lots of GUI scripts which make the same mistakes again and again, whether it be by leaks or by adding work to the list that doesn't need to be added. Hopeful goals I hope GUI users will learn to pay better...