map development

  1. fang24

    Small edit help

    I'm trying to see if there is away to make the footman unit simi invisible. Mostly I want the armor, weapon and shield to stay but the human inside fully gone (no bones, ghost look fully gone like it was just living armor) but i'm having a huge problem with how 90% of any models I try to import...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Create Teleportation Effect on Created Unit

    I am creating a bunch of units in the region. When they are created, I need to appear them with the "Teleportation" Effect, like they were teleported into this region. I tried to do it like this: I created units in the region with Unit-Create, then I used "Unit Group - Pick every Unit in...
  3. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Wendigo Horror needs your feedback and ideas!

    Heyyo! dear HIVE map community, it's me, Kakorin/TheBeautifulPeople, i'm back into mapping and need all the help possible with my map The Wendigo Horror, because I think this map is going the wrong direction, so i'll be starting this thread with the next questions: What are your first...
  4. TruNite

    [RELEASING A NEW PROJECT] Adventures of Pinocchio

    *IDEAS & STORY LINE *CHARACTERS *SCREENSHOTS *CREDITS *WHO DO I NEED? _________________________ IDEAS AND STORY LINE Based on the 96 movie, Geppetto's puppet comes magically to life. This puppet, called, Pinocchio, has one major desire, that is to become a real boy. __________________________...
  5. fang24

    [Spell] Wisp gather tree effect

    Ok so as odd as it sounds I had a dream that gave me an idea. Is there away to take the endless lumber harvest of the wisp and make it work for the gold mine? I am going about seeing if I can have all the raises have the power to infinite wood and gold. So far my warzone map is done but this is...
  6. hakonwarcraft

    Seed and Ash

  7. Varcklen

    Looking for a map developer to support the map

    Hello everyone. I've been working on the "Boss Battle" map for over four years now (including ~2 years on wc3 1.32). I'm planning on doing other projects and don't have the time to support multiple projects on my own. I'm looking for a map developer who can take over some of the work on the map...
  8. burningmaul

    dungeon berserker needs development :(

    hi everybody, im currently working on a dungeon crawler solo RPG game named "dungeon berserker" as an introduction for a series of rpg maps named "dungeon breakers". The game is meant to have some intense real time action and powerfull bosses, to make it a real challenge, and probably secret...
  9. Gerhajdu89

    [Strategy / Risk] Civilizations

    This is real-time strategy map based on Civilization 5 and 6. The map will include lots of civilizations to play each with their own unique ability. England works differently from the Aztecs. The goal is to crush your enemies in combat or collect the most victory points by the end of the game...
  10. Generalisimo

    [Script] External data

    Good day. I am making a large map with a lot of imports for Reforged.And I know about limit in 256Mb and my question is:"Is there any method to make "Local archive with all imports with >500Mb content" and Link it to my map so map still can be hosted but with requirement this import file...
  11. Ilexa

    Looking for someone with good experience in designing Boss Fights/Coding RPGS in general.

    Hey all, I'm currently in the middle of developing my map Saviors of Lordaeron (Saviors of Lordaeron BETA v0.7) and have reached a point where I see my own designed boss fights as lacking. The version of the map currently uploaded has 2 boss fights which work! but one of them is currently rather...
  12. Reborn Battle Map Design

    Reborn Battle Map Design

  13. ZeroGravity

    Need help with bonus xp trigger

    Hi, I wanna create a trigger that if a unit equips this item, he/she will gain bonus xp but mine seem to leak and cause lag so I need help here. There are 3 levels of this equipment so I separate its trigger to 3 but I think there might be a better way to do this? Any suggestion? Boots of...
  14. ZeroGravity

    My map is lagging hard and I need help

    I feel like my map is lagging too much even when there's so little enemies. I think it may be cause of damage detection system but I'm not sure. I already did what Bribe (damage detection system creator) asked me to do but it seemed to not working out at all. I think it comes from other...
  15. Yahya

    Map not showing ingame on BNET custom game host.

    Trying to host an custom version of the map " WarChasers" I can play it off editor fine. When im trying to host it it doesnt appear in game as an option. It isn't there. Why is this? I placed it in Documents, Warcraft III, Maps with the name "XO". Is there any hope? Is it because I edited a...
  16. FlegmaBRB

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone i welcome you all to my introduction. I am 25 year old interested in map making aspect of community of hive and i will start with the most basic one being melee maps. Maybe one day when i create more complex maps i could use the assets that this website provides. I just wanted to...
  17. Mandriel

    Trigger that kills units when another dies

    So I have this boss altered from the Forgotten One in the middle of my map. I also added 4 tentacles to it, making it look like this: Now, This is a killable creep. But how do you make it so that when the Forgotten One is killed, the tentacles dies too? Also, how do you make it so that if one...
  18. DropTheGhouls

    [Aeon of Strife] Suggestions for a Dota/AoS Map

    Hello!, I'm a random 15-16 years old newb. I'm trying to make an AOS-DotA map So, i need your suggestions :D
  19. GamesofFreak

    [Hero Arena] New Heroes Arena [PvP] Map Coming Soon!!

    Hello Guys, I'm currently working on an Arena Battle Map! It may take a few months, but the first beta version may still be out this year! I'm sorry but at the moment I can not upload any screenshots from the map as it still has a lot of work! Upcoming Features: New Models/Heroes/Units New...
  20. TheSilverhand

    Zombie Infestation

    Map Name: Zombie Infestation Creators: TheSilverHand, ... Position: Terrainers, Triggers, & Nerfing/Buffing. ( People who can nerf and buff stuff ). Summary: Depending on the Game modes selected; Easy, Normal, Hard, & Endless game mode = The Survivors will be sent to travel around the map, to...
  21. hardcure

    Map Submission Rules

    Anyone Can give me the link of Map Submission Rules? Or can anyone help me Locate it. Please Help
  22. Adorm

    [Solved] Running into some issues

    Hey All, Just looking to get some assistance in regards to a problem I've run into in the map I'm developing. I've created a custom unit which is considered a Unit and not a building, but can train units. However, the bar that usually displays the queue for which unit is being trained does...
  23. InSaNe_97

    Unit train unit

    Ok folks, I need help. I need to make unit can train other units. I know how to make ability cost resources, but if I do this with ability I will not have normal training time, so please help. Not important: I try to make this, but nothing what I try works, then I try to find on internet, but I...
  24. knight85

    [Altered Melee] How Can I Add units to buildings?

    title says it all i finally figured out today how to alter a maps terrain using world editor to be able to play a map i downloaded on my own and decieed to have some fun by adding merc buildings, 2 taverns and some dragon roosts. but then before i went out today i had an idea about adding some...
  25. Lions_Blood

    Looking for MakeMeHost Mappers Priority Account HELP

    Hello, i am a professional map maker looking for help within the HiveWorkshop Community. My current project that is still being developed is ZDC or Zombie Defense Custom. It is extremely popular when hosted but can rarely be updated due to a lack of hosting. I'd like to point out that ENT is...
  26. Lions_Blood

    Help Deprotecting Halloween Horrors map WILL PAY $$$

    [This post has been deliberately blanked]
  27. behema

    Help Wanted! (+ Introduction)

    Hey, so my name's Ben, most people call me by my username which is Behema. I have just made an account on here because i have recently started playing Warcraft, after remembering the fun i had playing it 4 years ago. All i want to do is have fun and learn how to make fun maps for me and friends...
  28. ardeshir021

    Model Importing Tutorial

    Hi Today i Want To Say You How To Import a Model First Thing is to Find a Model. You Can Find one From This Place: Hive Then You Must Extract The Model To Warcraft Root Directory For Expample G:Warcraft III Then Import The Model When You Have Imported The Model You Must Change The Full...
  29. Creative ArtStudio

    Creative Art Studios Need you!

    CREATIVE ART STUDIOS Hey guys, Creative Art Studios here. You are probably asking "Who are you!?"; "What do you want here?" Creative Art Studios is a MAP DEVELOPING TEAM Well, we are new to, but we wanted to unite these unique individuals that are on this site and that are...
  30. torrasque214

    My Arrival, A New Member

    :xxd: Hello guys, I'm really happy to be in this website, I just want to say, I am preparing a new map, based on Hero Siege [if you have ever played it], with a few recipe-based items, powerful waves, a freakin' powerful boss, and it will come rising through generations if i know, I'm still...
  31. nero_ed

    Novice (started yesterday) Map Maker

    hello everybody, new here , i am starting to make maps now :vw_unimpressed: well i like warcraft 3 a so many time that i decided to join the site, i am an novice at doing maps and balancing units, i would like to go expert on doing maps :)
  32. Ray9319

    Need help for transformers map

  33. swe.kill


    hi i am new to map making and id love to do a nice map but.......... why cant i understand these god damn trigers:cry: but i am thinking about a map like dota but more spaces... more units more towers haha i woud be glad to have some tips i might help you cud my fantasy is a top product...
  34. N

    Hello from NisNamanArhat!

    Hi I'm NisNamanArhat. I just registered as you can all see. Right now I'm currently working on a custom map. It's called Deus and it's based on Diablo gameplay. By the way this will be my first map. Any questions, suggestions, or help are welcome.
  35. Gallean


    Hi! Sure, I'm not a fallen god of nature and life, but I like the Pc-Game where this guy appears. I'm at least an advanced mapmaker, but I've often no ideas for maps, so a friend of me told me about the Hiveworkshop... And now I am here... and I like it! But I'm sure, that the most...
  36. MaryuZ


    My name is MaryuZ and I'm new to WC3 editor. I have some c and c++ skills and I'm currently learning jass. I plan to make maps in WC3 until the day comes...that awsome day...when they will finally release SC2. I am currently working on a 2 player rpg map called Gopo RPG that has 2 heroes, 17...