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[Strategy / Risk] Civilizations

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Level 3
Oct 23, 2011

This is real-time strategy map based on Civilization 5 and 6. The map will include lots of civilizations to play each with their own unique ability. England works differently from the Aztecs. The goal is to crush your enemies in combat or collect the most victory points by the end of the game. You'll be able to choose your starting age like the Middle Ages, the Industrial Age but always ends with the year 2000.

How to play

All players start with a Settler unit. Settlers can create new cities which can train military units, workers and build useful structures or Wonders.

Cities will grow faster with more food. The best strategy is to estabilish your city near a good scource of food like an area of full of grass or a jungle. Resources like Bananas, Wheat or Cattle can greatly increase the food supply of your cities.

Production/training is faster if your city is close to forests, mines and has buildings like Stone Works, Workshop or a Windmill.

It is important to keep your citizens content🙂. Cities will show the current happiness of the city's population. Happiness can be increased with Luxury Resources like Gold or building a Circus. Certain civilizations gain happiness from defeated armies or a certain food resource.



Selectable leaders
Historical religions
Policy tree
Morale system for battles
Multiple religions in cities



Ability: For each Barracks or Citadel gain an extra spy.


Ability: Melee cavalry units move 50% faster and makes electing a city leader 100% faster.

Unique unit: Aventurier (unique crossbowman)


Ability: 50% chance to capture a barbarian unit.
Each city during the Medieval Era gets a free Workshop.

Unique unit: Zweihander (two-handed swordsman)


Ability: Missile cavalry units have a 90% chance to dodge a missile attack.


Ability: Missile units do more damage to cities and city-states.


Ability: Gain +1 Food from Tundra tiles. Horses and coal are doubled.


Ability: Units on water gain no movement penalty.

All units loot 50% more gold from attacking cities.


Ability: Can buy military units for faith.
Caravans and trade ships have 50% more range.
Unique building: Bazaar

The Turks

Ability: Can capture enemy ships. 50% more damage to cities with a different religion than yours.


Ability: Wonders and Monuments are built 50% faster. Cities deal 100% more damage to enemies while building a nearby Wonder.
Unique building: Burial Tomb


Ability: +2 Happiness from Luxury resources and Wonders.
Unique unit: Immortal


Ability: Cities revolt for only 20 seconds if a military unit is nearby. +2 Happiness and +1 Faith for defeated enemy units.
Unique unit: Legion

Other civilizations:
Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Aztecs, Maya, Incas, Iroquois, America, Arabia, Zulus, Mali, Babylon, Assyria


How many civilizations are planned?
At least 10.
Is the terrain randomly generated?
It isn't. There will be several different maps. Different sizes, different terrain, different set of challenges. Only hostiles, resources, natural wonders and ancient ruins are random.
What are ancient ruins?
Similar to Civ 5, when your unit walks to an ancient ruin you will gain random bonuses like 1 more population or upgrades your unit.

Current progress of map​

Terrain: 99%
Civs: 60%
Game mechanics: 50%
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Level 8
Jul 28, 2019
Ummmmmh... It sounds like a very interesting and fun map to play, I like this project and I'll be aware of the progress.

Some suggestions that I think may go well:
  • The first settlers must have invulnerability, not that someone presses fast and eliminates you that way.
  • Perhaps you should think about how to make it not spawn so close to one natural wonder of another.
  • Wonders must be captureable, to avoid having to be built from scratch.
  • I do not see what bonuses you will place to the different civilizations, they can be from shorter construction time, faster workers, to units or unique buildings.
  • It would be nice to implement the policies of the Civ V, but I think there can be many problems with this, Maybe make an indestructible building where the policies are investigated?, you would get culture every so often (like every 10 seconds for example) and this increase depending on some buildings or wonders (Of both types)
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