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  1. Aztonio Azqswxzeman

    Warcraft 2 Eastern Kingdom edited map (from CSW version)

    Greetings, team of Warcraft 2: Chronicles of the Second War (CSW)! Your map of the Eastern Kingdom is amazing, one of the most accurate map of (the world of) Warcraft; with Northlands, moutains as from WC2... combinate with some WoW things like Gilneas, it's almost perfect... but some things are...
  2. MasterW

    Good Warcraft III Custom Campaigns to play before Classic WoW (and TBC)

    Hello there. This is my first post so please be gentle lol. So I planned on playing WoW Classic but before doing it I decided to play through the entirety of ROC and TFT to catch up to where it ended before the game originally came out. And I did just that, but now I'd like to know if there's...
  3. DD Mikasa

    Characters of Arkain [SPOILER]

    Now,now I know what you are thinking what's a content discussion thread that is not named "New Content Discussion SPOILER" doing here?! Hear me out on this one folks.It's no surprise that work on the SUB(second undead book for those who aren't that good with acronyms) has come to a halt,while...
  4. 3dris

    History & Lore

    Why not creating an charming history based of Warcraft 3 Lore? Maybe an history about Arthas' childhood and how he meet Jaina, or the situation of Lordaeron before the Scourge, or how the Alliance was created or things like that. It seems like a good idea for me.
  5. KilianKilmister

    "WC II Tides of Darkness" retold (2 Demo Maps included)

    Searching for people to work on a campaign re-telling the events of 'Tides of Darkness' in compliance with modern WC lore. For people short on time, here are the pointers: -Introduction: On the Road to Reforged i decided to replay WCII and i'm sad to say that it just doesn't hold up Gameplay...
  6. Sxar

    'Loose ends' Campaign

    This is a single campaign plot that try to solve some questions after Kel'thuzad summons Archimonde in Lordaeron. Meanwhile Kel'thuzad and Arthas summons Archimonde, an undead Warlock name Elysse is sent by Balnazzar to hunt survivors in Silverpine Forest spreading the plague. She hunts and...
  7. Warcraft Collapse Azeroth The Third Sundering

    Warcraft Collapse Azeroth The Third Sundering

  8. Dreacon

    Human Expedition Campaign (questions regarding lore and characters)

    Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I am working on fan-fiction campaign that focuses on Human Expedition in Kalimdor and I have few questions regarding the lore. My campaign would follow Jaina and others from landing in Kalimdor to Battle of Mount Hyjal. I...
  9. titans_zealot

    Warcraft 3 Reforged Story - Your opinion

    The story for Warcraft 3 Reforged will be slightly different from Warcraft 3 since it will also focus on adapting it to fit World of Warcraft's story. Personally I dislike this immensely, even if there are going to be minor changes, because I believe Warcraft 3's story is better in WoW's lore...
  10. maxxxus

    amazing warcraft 3 machinimas you should see

    for those which love the wc3 lore, i recommend see this machinima series (the best of wc3) and support the person who is making it:
  11. Madison

    If you could only choose one class per race and faction as representant

    Hello. I'm kind of investigating a bit and would like to know what would be the representant in each race/class combo, if applicable. This is not about class efficiency (i.e. which tank is better or so), it's merely for lore purposes. The rule is simple: only one race per class; two counting...
  12. Brianfury

    Warcraft 3 Movie Campaign

    So i have this idea to make a Warcraft 3 campaign following the movie(and the official lore of all the events happening in the movie) but i was wondering who would be stoked to play this kind off campaign. let me know;) regards, Brian
  13. titans_zealot

    WoW Lore

    Who here is angry/dislikes WoW Lore? I personally don't play right now but the largest reason why I started playing WoW was because of its world. Even though it's an MMORPG it annoys me a lot with the lore decisions they make (which I follow on). For example the way they killed off major...
  14. titans_zealot

    A curiosity about the lore (Fall of Silvermoon)

    In the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos undead campaign "fall of Silvermoon" Sylvanas approaches your base early on when you start, and Kel'thuzad mentions that Sylvanas reminds him of Arthas (of course in a all knowing tone) and that they are both persistent. Now this could be just a little poke...
  15. SNIper of DARKness

    Requesting a Loremaster

    Greetings to you, I am in need of someone that knows his fair share of Warcraft Lore for one of my projects, specifically Dalaran in the third war.
  16. maxxxus

    i offer my knowledge in writing stories for campaigns

    hi people :ogre_datass:, i'm a lore fan of WC and other Fantasy (or Sci-Fi) styled-lores too. if you want to somebody who knows writing stories or something, you can ask me if you want. my english is not excellent :( and i'm looking for obtain experience to increase my knowledge about create...
  17. Cuore

    [lore] Who (or what) is Elune?

    This is a plea to all you lore hermits, lore philosophers, gods and demigods, and also lore peasants, peons wisps and acolytes, who pass this thread by. I used to think Elune was a subject of faith and belief more than facts. She was the moon goddess sure but there were really no active...

    Are there any good custom campaigns which follow the Warcraft lore especially after frozen throne?!

    Hi i am a new member to this site though i have been downloading different custom campaigns and maps and models BEFORE JOINING and that compelled me to join as i just love this site but as i have a really old computer (and never liked paying) so i never played World Of Warcraft. So can anyone...
  19. ExMortis

    What is high elven culture based of?

    I find elves, night elves and high elves one of the hardest thing to write for. What are they based of? Greeks, romans, sumerians, babylonians, persians? What were they like when they had a world-spanning empire?
  20. weiner

    [Campaign] World of Warcraft: Zones Lores (Elwynn Forest terrain playable)

    World of Warcraft: Zones Lores Map name Name of map will be name of zone where you are in your progress. Creators and Thanks Why did I move it from ideas? I am almost done with Elwynn Forest terrain. I want place map here, so you can try map and look at terrain. Only what is not done is...
  21. Shar Dundred

    Legends of the Imperia - Lore

    Hey there, I'm using this thread for the lore I'm currently creating for my planned StarCraft II project. I'd really like to read your criticism and feedback - as long as a civilized tone is kept. Please keep in mind that this is all still Work-In-Progress. About the project itself: It will be...