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  1. Mathayis

    Un armed human model *Request*

    Hey there! Just working on a cinematic and I'm in need two character models. One that represents an un- armed, scruffy, drunk old man...and also one where he's normal, healthy and happy.... He's the father of one of my main characters, but after a tragic event he becomes a drunkard XD...... I...
  2. jsmoove

    Leather Glove Cursor

    Just like the Title says. I could use a leather gloved hand as a cursor for my bandit faction. Probably a simple task for someone that knows what they are doing.
  3. Melee_Units_Races_Size_Comparison_WarCraft_First_War_Memorium


    Melee units of the 7 races in 'First War Memorium', sorted by size. Ogres and Demons train single big units, all other races train squads of 6.
  4. Jajs

    Does anyone have the Agugrom models?

    Agugrom left community and the page where he had uploaded his models was removed Does anyone have their models?
  5. Less Armored Footman

    Less Armored Footman

    I never thought that the Footman's model will look fine without most of its Armor.
  6. Scale Nightmare

    Scale Nightmare

    Have a peanut butter shrooms sandwich while taking a closer look at the regular scale of everything in WC3 or just take a deep breath.
  7. Khush352

    [Model Request] Human Demon Hunter

    Heps! I'm looking for a model based on DH, but with following adjustments:- 1) Hair color must be brown, may be short but ruffled. 2) Blindfold is a must . 3) Should be armored with a chest plate at least. The model may be like the one below, the blood elf variant (Red one), only problem is...
  8. Standhaft

    Custom Armies Test Request

    So I've made a map for the purposes of learning AI in the sort of scenario I want to learn it in. (Custom campaign style armies with an AI ally and AI enemies that fight each other with the player helping the friendly AI beat the hostile AI.) However, in preparation for learning custom AI...
  9. Gorgrond

    [Request] Some model edits please.

    Hello! I'm kind of new here, I used to visit HIVE long time ago and soon has I returned I noticed some of the Threads that I used to ask for getting help don't allow me to post anymore (Doodad Creators Thread and Simple Model Workshop Thread) sadly, so I saw myself forced to create this thread...
  10. ClariceGonzalesBR

    Human Kingdoms

    Which is your favorite Human Kingdom and why like it?
  11. CollectorofStoriesUntold

    [Campaign] Calia Menethil Campaign; The Legacy of the Menethils

    Campaign Idea: The Legacy of the Menethils Prompt: Hi all, I have finally got around to posting an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a few years now. If I get any of the lore wrong or if you have any ideas to better this idea, I would love your input. I've recently been trying to...
  12. Xen Skooma

    Peasant's Militia with rifleman's rifle

    I dont know if someone already made Militia with ranged weapons, especially for the Call to Arms ability.
  13. Human Buildings Retexture #1

    Human Buildings Retexture #1

    I decided to make something fresh for my project, so I decided to retexture all of the human buildings (And maybe more) using CloudWolf's "Gilneas Building" texture. Feedback is welcomed.
  14. Imperial Guard (Wip_3)

    Imperial Guard (Wip_3)

    This media for the album will be seen only by those who are members of the site.
  15. Imperial Guard (Wip_3)

    Imperial Guard (Wip_3)

  16. HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

    HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

  17. Dord96

    worgen models

    hello i need worgen models spellcasters units and heros mages healers druids whathever but i need them at worgen form there humen form is optionel pleass help . p.s. can some one a good model for genn greymane thenks
  18. BogdanKry

    Crossbowman Human 1

    Does somebody can make a normal talking portreit for this model because it is disgusting. (Textures\Footman.blp it is important i think)
  19. jk4t63p4f


  20. Stormshock

    [Minigame] Updated: Chess Battles minigame

    Hello Warcraft 3 fans, Last week I posted my map. Now I've updated it and added the new version here. Feel free to play the map. Comments are appreciated.
  21. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

  22. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

  23. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

  24. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

  25. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5

  26. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 5

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 5

  27. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 4

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 4

  28. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 3

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 3

  29. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 2

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 2

  30. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 1

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 1

  31. LeCrepe

    Help Requested

    Hello, I'd like to request that someone put together a few Warhammer chaos marauder models, if they feel so inclined. I'm making this request for two reasons, 1: I'm working on a map based around raiding for resources, and such models as these would be great for that. 2: I'm hoping that other...
  32. Marcraft22

    [Capture the Flag] [Isometric Shooter] Parsec: Orcs vs Humans (Alpha Released)

    Parsec is a multiplayer class-based 10v10 capture-the-flag game which takes advantage of the last features introduced in the patch 1.29, like the native mouselook function (instead of the traditional point and click gameplay), in order to create an unseen isometric shooter experience where skill...
  33. Mathayis

    Looking for some unarmed Human models.

    Hi there, I'll be working on a new rpg soon once I'm finished the one I'm working on, and am desperately trying to find unarmed (Weaponless) custom models, that are Human. There are a few really nice ones i've seen on this site, but there aren't that many. I'd like to make a request. What i'm...
  34. Brianfury

    Warcraft 3 Movie Campaign

    So i have this idea to make a Warcraft 3 campaign following the movie(and the official lore of all the events happening in the movie) but i was wondering who would be stoked to play this kind off campaign. let me know;) regards, Brian
  35. Zektr

    [Campaign] Rise of Lordaeron

    Rise of Lordaeron Plot The kingdom of Lordaeron is in ruins. The Undead Scourge marches trough the land and destroys everything that stands in it's way. King Therenas is dead, Prince Arthas now belongs to the enemy and last heir of the throne, princess Calia Menethil, has been sent to safety...
  36. Tomo

    Uther&Child Ghost model

    Hello, I need someone who can make Uther and a child ghost model or texture (not sure can it be done throughout textures only) It should look something like Cenarius or Antonidas ghost models from warcraft 3 I think it can prove very useful, specially since I've seen there aren't any models...
  37. jalu2k

    Change wood quantity collection from Peasants

    Hello everyone I am trying to add a new tech for the human race, specifically for peasants, in which he modifies the damage caused to a tree so that it gives more wood per attack and that in turn increases the speed of "attack 2" or Speed of collection. I could not do it, so I need your help. I...
  38. SonOfShadowbrand

    [Campaign] Blood And Valour (Beta 1.03)

    The Kingdom of Avendiir, an ancient land inhabited by humans has been thrust into the turmoil-filled tides of war..... An army of warriors clad in black armor assault the kingdom from the broken lands to the south, while the scattered orc clans grow ever bolder with each passing day.... As...
  39. dell

    [Campaign] The Reborn

    This historical epic unfolds in the events of the Frozen throne Reborn a different timeline where arthas defeat illidan at the gates of the ice throne and this Renace thanks to Alexstrazsa who decides Daler the Opportunity to atone for his guilt Saving his land almost destroyed Lordaeron...
  40. _Guhun_

    Model/Skin Request: Ranged Unit

    Hey guys. I looked around for one, but could not find it at all =/ Can anyone point me to a model that is a human ranged unit that has a similar color scheme and armor style to this? Black Legion Priest If you don't know any model like this, but want to make one, that would be greatly...
  41. Letgoit2

    [Altered Melee] Ogre´s & Co. VS HUMANS

    Hello people of Warcraft 3 and the Hive community! The name´s Letgoit2, and iam currently working on a map i call "Ogre´s & Co. VS HUMANS" To make things clear from the start: - This idea is based on the original CO:OP vs Ai version "Ogre´s and Trolls" which is a 2Player map that sadly got...
  42. ForgottenNightmare

    Campaign Help

    Hello. I am ForgottenNightmare, otherwise known as Hemlar in some areas of gaming. I am officially working on 2 campaigns stated by the Projects information in my personal profile. These campaigns are the Golem Campaign and the Vendel Campaign. Golem Campaign and Vendel Campaign Part 1 of 2 -...
  43. Tagar

    quillboar search models

    hello i am seeking this models if someone can help me finding them i will be very thankful
  44. Noob Host!

    Noob Host!

    When that friend of yours is using a very old PC.... (By the way, this wasn't edited. Somehow my campaign does this sometimes. Needless to say, I've been using quite a number of third party programs for my WarCraft 3)
  45. Sxar

    Thoradin of Arathor

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a skin/model of Thoradin without success. I expect he looks like this one: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/wow/images/8/87/Thoradin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140505001858&path-prefix=es Maybe Arthas with Frostmoure skin would be enough but Illidan dual...
  46. Drakensang

    Alliance Leaders models request

    Hello there, I'm in great need of a few models for some Alliance leaders from WoW. I need such models for an Alliance campaign I'm currently working on. At the moment I require models for: Muradin Bronzebeard, a Mountain King and Bronzebeard representative on the Council of Three Hammers: Here...
  47. MetalKing1417

    Sci Fi Spell breaker

    What I am requesting is a version of the Spell Breaker that can fit in with a Space Marine Army. This can be a retexture or a new model. There are a few additional stipulations I would like to add: 1: Replace the glaive weapon with a grenade attack 2. Make the Shield Metal, and not some plasma...
  48. Daffa

    [Campaign] Darkness Returns

    DOWNLOAD LINK AT PROGRESS SECTION! MAIN CHARACTERS Zalamus Whitesky A new commander of the Grand Coalition. Paired with Alliara Lightstar, his capabilities to command the light and his swordsmanship will lead him to victory. Alliara Lightstar Another new commander of the Grand Coalition...