1. HerlySQR

    Select reviving hero only if...

    I have these 3 triggers to select a reviving hero (and another things) only if the player doesn't have selected a controllable unit, but they doesn't work fine because it happens even without complying with this rule, what's wrong? When you select a unit: function...
  2. Waran, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Waran, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Nameless Hero from Gothic 1 fighting off some beasts. Gothic 1 in RTS form ツ
  3. Waran, Molerat, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Waran, Molerat, Nameless Hero (Gothic 1 RTS)

    Nameless Hero from Gothic 1 fighting off some beasts. Gothic 1 in RTS form ツ
  4. Nameless Hero (Chapter 4)

    Nameless Hero (Chapter 4)

    The Nameless Hero from Gothic 1 is available as a hero unit in my Gothic 1 RTS project (SC1 Broodwar Mod). He will be available in different stages. In this screenshot, it's the hero from chapter 4. I figured it's most likely he's a heavy mercenary in chapter 4, as choosing Old Camp leads there too.
  5. Tom_Almighty1

    Question regarding heroes and leaks.

    I am using version 1.31, I understand that creating units make a permanent leak, so I have some questions that hopefully have an answer. I am making a large open world RPG so this might be crucial to the game. 1. Instead of using units for npc mobs, I created heroes and made them look like...
  6. Nazgrel (Hero)

    Nazgrel (Hero)

  7. J


    Hello Guys, it was so nice to find this community here. Since i got Wacraft Reforged i was hyped to going back to the world editor. I make maps as a hobby and the Warcraft 3 editor was always an intuitive way of having a "game creation" experience. So creating mechanics and going back and...
  8. Ledolomac

    Medivh voice

    Hello there dear warcrafters! This is Medivhs voice from the Heroes of the storm. I just adjusted the sound for the Warcraft 3. Have fun! I make this voice for my skin .
  9. majistey

    Recruiting Help for Finishing Project

    I'm looking to get someone on board with the final step in my project. For the past year, I have been working on a Rouglite- Hero Survival Map. I have all the elements so far including terrain, "random" items, customizable heroes, differing abilities, traits and talents, upgradable item system...
  10. P3in

    [Solved] Hero Choose Taverns Hero Disable

    Hello guys, i have a hero choose system from taverns and i need to edit it to make it disable 2 more heroes when you choose To make it clearer, in my map i have more classes from wow, each class have 3 specs,let's take for example the mage class, he has specs like fire mage,frost mage,arcane...
  11. HerlySQR

    Draenei heros

    I'm making a map with Draenor theme, but I don't have much idea of what I can do for that (it also can be something related to them), can you help me (and also need models), what I already have to don't tell me something I know: Dark Assassin Seer Herald Akama Salamander Spirit wolf (Because in...
  12. HerlySQR

    [General] Change hero abilities

    I wanna when you select a hero in my map under specific conditions the selected hero has differents abilities than it would normally have, I tried add abilty, but it just set it in lvl 1 and I can't learn it, my solution was create 2 different heros but, Is there a better solution?
  13. posthumousturbo

    How make custom exp required?

    This is possible to make to not? Exp based on number of killing units. 2 Exp per unit, 2 players (1 EXP PER PLAYER) RPG map. if it's impossible, how to calculate the experience gained on the map so that the hero neither becomes too powerful too quickly, nor does he gain experience too slowly. Do...
  14. D

    hero stats

    Hi What is BAT? And Attack animation? And Attack time? And how to work in world editor?
  15. Zaffar

    Zaffar's Ported Resources

    The loading contents are ready to be uploaded, i just need to fix some content or animation, so soon they will be available. My goal is to post at least 1 model every 2 days. hope i can do it :thumbs_up: Racial Models Pack RACEHEROWORKERMELEERANGEDCASTERSPECIALRIDERSIEGEALTAR Arakkoa -Loading...
  16. Dispatcher

    Problematic WoW Dragon Animation. In Need Of Your Assistance!

    Hello guys Dispatcher here, Can anyone pls help me make animations for these WoW Dragons. I have compressed my problematic WoW Dragons in a .rar zip file inside is a total of eight dragons, each of them having different animation problems. I will be making this thread more DETAILED so ya'll...
  17. T

    [Classic Icon, Pathing Map] Icon for a model and Pathing Map

    Can someone make an icon for this model? And a blue pathing maps for gates, both horizontal and vertical please? I thank you in advance. Edit: I learned how to make icons and made my own icon now, here's the icon if anyone want it for the model I mentioned. Still learning how to make pathing...
  18. Nosiaz

    How the XP work, and how you can work on it ?

    Hi, i have a BIG map, where you have many zone, (zone 1 its for level 1 to 15 / zone 2 level 15 to 30 ect...) the problem i have acutlay its the neutral hostile stop giving xp when a hero have him level 6, so i would like to know how its possible to have impart to xp ? its possible to manage...
  19. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Changing Spells While in Metamorphosis

    Hello everyone i need for someone to make me a trigger on how to replace the spell of a hero that is in Metamorphosis Form and Returning the default spells of the hero once the Metamorphosis spell has ended. To be a little more clear about what i'm saying i have made a passive Metamorphosis...
  20. Garrosh standing in front of the gates of orgrimmar

    Garrosh standing in front of the gates of orgrimmar

    Model available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/garrosh-hellscream.326302/
  21. Garrosh hellscream model

    Garrosh hellscream model

    Available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/garrosh-hellscream.326302/
  22. Dispatcher

    Custom Hero Learning Spell

    Apologies if i have double posted this but does anyone know how to trigger a hero to use the heroes unlearned skillpoints to learn it for his/her spells the spells are not exactly custom made they are just based of the default abilities inside the world editor so does anyone know how to trigger it?
  23. stein123

    Broken model

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this model? is broken, some parts of it doesn't appear at all in the world editor (head, shoulderpad and weapons), i don't know how to fix this, also if anyone manage to fix it, could you tell me how to do it myself too? thanks in advance.
  24. Ricola3D

    Avoid memory leak - what dead units are to be removed ?

    Hello, I'm developing a Hero Defense map. Since it's the concept, many ennemy units & heroes die during the game. I want to be sure to avoid memory leakage when the game time passes, so can you please help me figuring out what units are automatically removed by the WarcraftIII engine, and...
  25. Dispatcher

    Hero Minimum and Maximum level

    Hello guys do any of you guys know how to limit the level of a specific hero? Like i want my ai hero to have a maximum level of 15 but at the same time my actual heroe's maximum level is level 10 do you know how to do this guys?
  26. CAAentertainment

    [Solved] Bear Form & Tomes

    I'm experimenting with Heroes being able to use transformations to another Hero by Bear Form and back. For example, a Dragon Rider mounting or dismounting his dragon. It works fine in-game, and I've already solved the problems with unit abilities disappearing. But my question is, do stats...
  27. HerlySQR

    Hero Glow

    Is there a Hero Glow that changes the color if the player changes its color? Because the Hero Glow that are here always have the initial color of the player.
  28. HerlySQR

    Attack Priority

    I think this has already been asked, but why do the towers always attack the Hero automatically if he has a low life? How can I make him only focus when he attacks a hero?
  29. Mathayis

    Young hero request! :)

    Hey there! I'm looking for a young hero model to represent one of the main characters from a project that i'm working on~ His name is Finn, and has the ability to control the wind.... What i'm looking for is just a young guy, basic clothing, maybe longish hair~ Right now I'm using Male...
  30. HeheSylvanas

    How to make an Altar revive a Hero through triggers?

    I have been attempting to make an Altar in an AI base revive their hero through triggers, but it doesn't seem to work. Could anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  31. Ender Wiggins

    [Spell] Hero Burrow ability

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a burrow spell for a hero. For the burrowed model I have been using the crypt fiend burrowed model so that It would look like that brown burrowed unit indicator. there are 2 problems with this - 1. the unit portrait is a crypt fiend. 2. When the unit unburrows...
  32. Kargath Bladefist

    Kargath Bladefist

    Warlord of Shattered Hand clan. Avalable here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/kargath-bladefist.325625/ The banner was made by Tamplier777 : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/orc-clan-banners-reforged.325214/
  33. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] In the Reforged World Editor, is it possible to add Hero Glow to a unit without importing a model?

    Hi all, Not much more to add other than I'm trying to minimize the number of imports I need for my map, so if it is at all possible without importing anything, I'd be very down to give it a try. Thanks!
  34. MStylo

    UI hero icons bars

    Is there a way to make health and mana bars under top right hero icons (F1) disappear?
  35. Ender Wiggins

    [Spell] way to detect when UI hero button clicked?

    hey there, how can I detect when the hero UI button is clicked? (I mean the image of the hero on the top left of the screen) I have a hero who I hid, but I want to trigger certain actions when it's button is clicked. somehow BC the hero is hidden - basing stuff off of when the unit is...
  36. Dispatcher

    Unit and Hero Talk through Subtitles or Dialogues

    Hello guys can anyone tell me how to make a unit or hero a dialogue or subtitle where they are talking in the actual game? Like for example when the hero Archmage dies he would say something or when my allies base is under attack the unit or hero in that team tries to call for help meaning...
  37. ravellani

    Hero Inventory Modification Request

    I found this Video and I wanted to implement the interface with the 9 inventory slots, but I cant find a download or anything. Is this video for showing off and not for a resource? Does anybody know if this resource exists anywhere? Thank you to anyone who answers
  38. Ender Wiggins

    [Spell] force hero to use random item from inventory

    hey there, I am trying to make a spell that will make the targeted hero use a random item from its inventory. being as different items use different types of activation (unit,point,instant), not to mention passive items, i'm having a hard time triggering this without specifying pretty much...
  39. ravellani

    Human Repair Item

    I have a simple question: Can the human repair ability be made into an item ability? Allowing a hero to build? What regular ability's can be made into item ability's? Thank you
  40. Ender Wiggins

    [Altered Melee] Hero names

    hey all, In the map I'm working on I have 2 custom heros (out of a total 11) which I'm afraid are too similarly named. currently "Puppetmaster"(mind control themed) and "master of illusions". the general theme is trolls. I wanted to hear some opinions if they are to similarly named...
  41. Dispatcher

    Spell help!

    Can anyone tell me how to make the curse spell of a banshee an area of effect as in like Flame strike,Silence,Disenchant etc. Like that kind of area of effect spell instead of a single autocast spell can i change to an area of effect if so then can you guys tell me how?
  42. Ender Wiggins

    simple model edit

    hey all, looking for someone to edit this awesome icetroll worker model by @eubz (who already gave his permission) in the following way - 1. make him constantly have the goldbag animation (it's for a greed themed hero) 2. get rid of the pickaxe and give him some sort of dagger that makes...
  43. ravellani

    [Solved] Weird Priest Icon

    I have a small issue. I made a hero and I wanted him to have the priests icon but in the game, the hero icon on the side of the screen is completely green. Why is this happening? I copied the fields from for icon from the priest and his icon works.
  44. F

    Campaign Trigger AI Attack

    Hello to everyone, I've added Tichondrius into Wc3 Campaign(Twilight of the Gods) and I've wanted Tichondrius add to Undead Scourge Wave, with wave attack to attack to Humans,Orcs,Night Elves and I want Tichondrius to come alive from Altar of Darkness like Anetheron other Heroes, how can I do...
  45. T

    [Spell] Is there a way to make normal damage based spells?

    Is there a way to make damage based spells? I saw attribute-based spells like ability deals Agility x2 Strength x3. But I want to damage based spells like Searing Arrows. Adding bonus damage to spells or multiplying hero damage. Thanks for your help in advance. Sorry for my English.
  46. Knight of Arsford

    [Spell] Hero Bag System?

    I was looking at the Spells section for something like this but they were either too complicated for my map or just not what I was looking for. The idea is simple and you might know of it already: An invisible hero that acts as a bag or inventory for the main hero. I suppose it goes anywhere...
  47. Ender Wiggins

    [General] make neutral unit attack without stopping

    hey all, need help with a trigger I'm trying to build - if any hero picks up item X make unit Y chase and attack him. i succeeded in making a basic trigger for this, but the unit stops attacking soon after, and if the hero is far enough - will just turn around before getting there. how can I...
  48. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Role Playing Game] Need abilities for 2 custom heroes: a Lich and a Poison Treant

    Hello all, I'm making a MOBA for myself and my friends and I'm working on custom heroes. Two of them are a Lich and a Treant. Each Hero has 4 abilities: 3 basic abilities (Q, W, and E), and an ultimate (R). Here are their current abilities, including their placeholder abilities that I would...
  49. X

    Random Hero selection

    Why is this trigger not working? Thanks in advance! Selection Events Unit - A unit Sells a unit Conditions (Unit-type of (Sold unit)) Equal to Random Hero Actions Unit - Create 1 RandomHero[(Random integer number between 1 and HeroNumbers)] for (Owner of...
  50. H

    Custom AI does not work with the 4th hero warcraft 3

    Hi everybody. I have created a new AI race using the AI editor but only 3 active heroes. The remaining 1 heroes do not automatically choose skills and do not attack the enemy. Can you show me how to make 4 heroes work?