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  1. WC3FireGiantNew.jpg


    Wrath of the lich king Fire Giant. Made from scratch using in-game textures. Figured I'd get hands on with this one too as I had already made the Storm and Ice versions. Work in progress but quite close to being done.
  2. When_Ogres_Cook_Warcraft_First_War_Memorium_Warhammer_Butcher


    Model for Ogre Cooking Pot. Base model is 'FirePitCauldron20' ('Cauldron over the Fire') by MiniMage. Replaced the pot with the pot from Dionesiist's 'OgreBtucher'. Added birth animation of Healing Totem and death anim of Medivh's Spellbook (using MatrixEater). Made for 'First War Memorium' addon.
  3. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Campaign] Looking for Feedback on new Project - "Dungeon Explorer"

    So i recently came back to w3 modding after a long time and decided that its finally time to stop doing half assed projects which never get finished and actually see something to an end for once. I decided to do a campaign with a series of WoW-like dungeons where the player instead of...
  4. Recklessness

    Creating Separate Instances/Maps...like dungeons

    I'm making a multiplayer rpg and wanted to have a sort of instance system similar to the one used in the Rexxar Campaign, but a multiplayer version. [Essentially multiplayer campaign]. I don't need help creating the dungeons, but I just need a system that would allow me to set up several portals...
  5. Joemanix

    [Role Playing Game] WoW Dungeon - Shadowfang Keep

    Greetings traveler, You are enjoying playing this game with your friends or unknow people into fighting a common ennemy ? You are a WoW enthusiastic, nostalgic player or just an dungeon crawling fan ? My map was done for you : WoW Dungeon - SFK 14.5c I would appreciate any comments/reviews...
  6. Xardian

    Dark Fantasy MP Rogue-Lite recruitment

    Hello fellow Hiveminds, I am looking for some helping hands in my project, working title "The far depths" The game is primarily a dungeon crawler and will feature several Game modes to play in. I am going for a Survival-Horror look and feel, which is going to hammer home the fear and dread that...
  7. Light

    Dragon's Corruption

    A hero defense with dungeon crawler elements. Defend the remains of the Kingdom of Slacravia! Command a hero, construct a base and fortifications with up to 5 players to defeat a powerful dragon and its rampaging horde. Push back the dragonblight by defeating the numerous dragons infesting the...
  8. Super Mario

    Dungeon Keeper 2 for WC3

    Dungeon Keeper 2 a mod for WC3 As a kid, i loved playing DK2. And i still do so. That's why I am curretnly working on a DK2 mod for WC3. And i could need a little help for that :) I already saw some DK2 maps for WC3...but they were not even a bit like the real game. I want to build in as many...
  9. Maxwell

    [Campaign] Kobold's Legacy

    Kobold's Legacy - is Rogue-like project for Warcraft lll. The project will be released as a campaign which will contain the Main Game and Game Modes. Right now it's just at the phase of dungeon crawler mode named Underground Arena which brings a multitude of items, creatures, bosses and rooms...
  10. Passivipaska

    DungeonMaster is here!

    Hey ya all. I'm making some maps for WC3 so I thought I might as well make an account here and share some of them with you all. Hope you enjoy them! I've been working on a new 'game mode' which combines WoW -style 'dungeons' with WC3 RTS. Choose 4 champions out of total 9 different ones. They...
  11. GrehNjeneMajke

    Need a suggestion!

    My 2 friends and me are playing together and want to clear world bosses.We play bishop/crusader/berserker and we tried Overseer and Magnus boss but we failed hard.I wanted to know whats the best way to collect ittems so we can be able to defeat those bosses? Through Blackfire dungeon or some...
  12. ExMortis

    Playable Blackrock Mountain and Dungeons

    It's possible but I wish to make a playable terrain like that in Wow. Would that be possible at all?
  13. Mar.

    [Shooting / FPS] Resident Evil 1 Spin off - 4 Player Co op Dungeon

    Been thinking a lot recently about this map idea. General Plot: 4 Players co-op where you play as a squad of 4 marines. You can pick your class at the start, as well as specifications like weapon, gear, attributes, etc. You are on a mission to clear a laboratory that (like in the movie...
  14. Zwiebelchen

    Dungeon Generator & Stamp

    After almost two days of non-stop working on this, I finally finished my masterpiece. This baby allows generating complete dungeons and cave designs directly by RNG. For dungeons, it applies a pattern of rooms and connects them with corridors; caves on the other hand are generated by using...
  15. Ahalbiledalb

    The Black Souls 2016 V 1.2