Creating Separate Instances/ dungeons

Level 4
Aug 17, 2014
I'm making a multiplayer rpg and wanted to have a sort of instance system similar to the one used in the Rexxar Campaign, but a multiplayer version. [Essentially multiplayer campaign]. I don't need help creating the dungeons, but I just need a system that would allow me to set up several portals in the map that each lead to completely different map. One where the 3 players may walk into portals together (if one walks in all forced to enter)they walk into these portals and essentially are teleported from one map to another then these heroes spells,items,level and exp are all saved from before and after completing the dungeon. (Ideally, the system can make the dungeons repeatable (to farm for loot), if not that's also okay).

Full credit will go towards whomever can help me create or find a system of the sorts.

Things that may be needed to know: There are multiple class-race combinations/with spells that are not preset onto the unit.