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Dungeon Keeper 2 for WC3

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Dungeon Keeper 2
a mod for WC3

As a kid, i loved playing DK2. And i still do so. That's why I am curretnly working on a DK2 mod for WC3. And i could need a little help for that :)
I already saw some DK2 maps for WC3...but they were not even a bit like the real game. I want to build in as many features as possible of the real DK2 game has.

Map description
If you don't know about Dungeon Keeper 2 yet, I'll give you a short explanation. You start with the heart of your dungeon and some Imps which are used to harvest gold and digg new paths for your dungeon. You're able to conquer portals which will attrackt creatues to join your dungeon and, ofc, to fight for you! Which creatures you will get complies with the rooms you built. The goal is to destroy all enemy dungeon hearts.

The hardest part so far is making the Imps act like the ones in DK2. I won't add anyhing else if that does not work correctly.

Stuff that is done but still need some work
-Dirt and fortified walls can be marked and unmarked
-Marked walls are beeing automatically attacked by Imps
-Imps are able to change the floor type to a type on which you can build rooms
-Spellbooks as build-menu for rooms and traps


All walls are units. And I am also using dummy units for every floor tile (128x128). That are about 8k dummy units. I would like to reduce that, but haven't find a simple solution yet. The way this stuff works is just that the Imps are attacking the dummy units automatically because they're enemies. Everything else, like if a wall dies, is triggered.
My idea is, that amount of dummy units could be reduced by using hashtables.

Carved Wall model from Lestat(br)
Dungeon Keeper II Carved Wall

So if there's anyone out here who is into JASS and also a fan of DK2, i would be happy to get help from you from time to time. I want to create a quality DK2 map. That's why I am asking for help.

If you want to take a look at my triggers, just send me your mail adress via pm and I will send you the map.

Thanks to...
Dr Super Good for answering my questions and helping me making this mod even possible.


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Dec 14, 2005
So I don't want to commit to a map or anything but am happy to give some advice here and there.

One of the easiest things that you can do is have larger wall segments for areas that are 100% uncut. For example, let's say walls have size 1x1. You could also have wall models for 2x2, 4x4, 8x8 etc, and merge every four 1x1 blocks in a square into a 2x2 block, then merge every four 2x2 blocks in a square into one 4x4 block, etc. Once someone mines any of the walls of the block it breaks down into blocks of half the size recursively, so if you smash a wall in an 8x8 block you'll end up with three 4x4 blocks, three 2x2 blocks, and three 1x1 blocks left over.

The one downside is you'll probably need to make different models for the different wall sizes since just scaling everything up will look stretchy and will change Z heights as well. However, if you go by powers of two you shouldn't need very many models to get big savings on the number of units or destructables on your average map. If the users break 1/2 of the blocks on the map in a checkerboard pattern you'll still end up with a huge dummy count (pathing-wise there's absolutely no way to avoid this), but under realistic gameplay this should exponentially cut down on how many dummy units or destructables are necessary.
Hi there,

i've got a problem regarding the center of a region (jass). I want to move a unit directly to the center of an entered region...but the unit keeps moving to a point offset by 64 in both x and y direction.
I am using a hashtable to save the center of the entered region and to load it, when a unit is entering a region.

Here're the triggers i am using:

func convert rect to region
        Custom script:   local region rectRegion = CreateRegion()
        Custom script:   call RegionAddRect(rectRegion, udg_Temp_Region_2)
        -------- 0 - save center of region --------
        Custom script:   call SaveLocationHandle(udg_hash, GetHandleId(rectRegion), 0, GetRectCenter(udg_Temp_Region_2))
        -------- 1- save number of region --------
        Custom script:   call SaveInteger(udg_hash, GetHandleId(rectRegion), 1, udg_Region_Int)
        -------- add to "register enter region" the event unit enters region --------
        Custom script:   call TriggerRegisterEnterRegion(gg_trg_register_enter_region, rectRegion, null)
        -------- - --------
        Custom script:   set rectRegion = null

register enter region
        Or - Any (Conditions) are true
                (Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Gleich Treasury
        Custom script:   set udg_Temp_RegionNumber = LoadInteger(udg_hash, GetHandleId(GetTriggeringRegion()), 1)
        Custom script:   set udg_Temp_Point = LoadLocationHandle(udg_hash, GetHandleId(GetTriggeringRegion()), 0)
        Set Temp_Player = (Owner of (Entering unit))
        Set Temp_PlayerNumber = (Player number of Temp_Player)
        Einheit - Move (Entering unit) instantly to Temp_Point
        Custom script:   call RemoveLocation (udg_Temp_Point)
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