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Jul 23, 2019
Dec 11, 2004

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Jul 23, 2019
    1. Gilles
      I only played the tutorial, but I was really impressed with Hive Keeper. Aesthetically it could use work (terrain mostly), but the systems and gameplay were really impressive. Well done man.
    2. Bibendus
      glad you liked it :D
    3. sentrywiz
      Hey I just played Hive Keeper on SC2.
      Its a really fun map. And it does feel like DK2.
    4. Bibendus
      The exploding hungry creatures issue has been fixed on next release.
      Drones drop forces already the nearby urgent task, however if the task is already taken, the drone will look for another one. I'll improve it when I find a way to do so
    5. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      I still cannot confirm if the exploding dead monsters is related to hunger or not but I can confirm that it is a problem and happens because of a lack of health.

      Some times monsters explode the instant they are placed in their beds, other times they explode a few seconds later. Generally you can stop the exploding by transfusing them the instant they are placed in their bed, but this can be hard if you are trying to stop your ally being defeated.

      Drone AI for saving semi-dead creatures needs improvement. I can drop a drone right next to a body yet those drones will stand there doing nothing while it decays. Instead a drone from the other side of the map eventually comes and fails to take it back alive due to the time spent getting there.

      When you drop a drone or create a drone, it should prioritise on nearby semi-dead. If another drone is already on the way to save them, it should take over the order from that drone (and the drone that was making it there looks for new things to do). It also should be impossible to pickup drones carrying semi-dead and also such drones should not be interruptible.
    6. DjiHouse
      You might had known me as AdunTauridas on Nortrend though.
    7. DjiHouse
      Hey Bibendus, remember me from WC3?
      D&D map coupel years ago...
      Its good that you moved on SC2.

      Currently theres a huge list of game genre which I could call endangered from WC3, somewhich were pretty popular back then.

      For HiveKeeper I suggest you look at the Miners map in WC3, its a multi-race variation of digging maps, the goal is to run away by digging through the map before player controlled spiders catch up to you.

      Also, the map should precise that you can avoid making walls between rooms, a lot of newbees bump harshly on that and quit.

      If you're interested in making another map, there would be a remake of the Vampire Hunter maps, the original Force Majeure Vampire Hunters never got back despise being very popular. It cannot be played since the script update, a lot of people tried to revive it but failed.
    8. Bibendus
      Uh, didn't notice the notifications :O
      Thanks guys ;)
    9. knight820
      Congrats, Bibendus!!
    10. deepstrasz
      Congratulations on your success with Hive Keeper.
    11. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Wow, blizzard highlighted your map :O Nice job btw, played the tutorial :)
    12. Orcnet
      Hello there, soon your hosted project will be featured to our latest news forum, though for my little request, could you be so kind to send me vms/pms about your hosted project's updates and so on? so that we the community can get a track on your work. That is all and good day :)
    13. Ralle
      I would like to post news about Hive Keeper becoming a hosted project. Would you mind selecting a screenshot and giving me a nice description of the project? Perhaps also a banner.
    14. Bibendus
    15. Fussiler1
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