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  1. ks.zealot


    Hello everyone, my name is zealot, I am Unreal Engine enthusiast and I want to introduce my project: OpenWarcraft This is my attempt to recreate Warcraft 3 in Unreal, using all benefits of modern engine technology. I want to create a completely open source project, with which everyone could...
  2. bakuma

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development

    So i working for a complete enhanced RoC campaign for the Warcraft 3 classic, some of the things missing during in develop due to lack of sounds from Reforged. I wish can someone can import all there sounds. (especially in the Orc & NE campaigns) for my BIG enhanced project. (really large, this...
  3. aog@hive

    [Help] looking for help on Open Source Warcraft 2 Source port

    Hello! I will keep it quick and simple as this part is some older news now Last year the Source code for Warcraft 2's PS1 port was discovered in a collection of dumped Climax studios disks that was uploaded online. I was directed to the forum here and to make an account by the user StormKnight...
  4. Darkneos

    [Defense / Survival] The Keepers Struggle

    Greetings. After some weeks of making the map, re-do all over again since new editor crashed my map and blocked me out, i managed to pull out a playable early beta of my first map. The Idea: Four players will pick a hero, these heroes are divided by roles (Tank,DPS,Caster and Specialist) the...
  5. Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Just felt like sharing a new project that I was working on, and how the characters will learn and grow in their ability's Via the Elemental Slate. It's in the very early stages of development, so it's looking a little rough, but much will be changed in the future..Skip to 3:12 for the tutorial bit.
  6. Ilexa

    [Role Playing Game] Saviors of Lordaeron: Dark halls of Scholomance

    SAVIORS OF LORDAERON THE DARK HALLS OF SCHOLOMANCE Map Description: The King is dead and the dreaded fallen prince has begun his dark conquest. The realms call out for aid and it falls to you to help fight back this encroaching darkness. Gather your party and make way to the nearest town. Aid...
  7. Karano

    Garnelsian Winter

    Heyo peeps, so, i've decided to start making maps. Though i have not uploaded any maps, most of them are just basic melee and the sorts. Though i've made an rpg map last year, it was considered quite simple, the enviroment was also not quite good as it was messy, and ultimately i had not...
  8. Aleksandr

    [General] Wold Editor team development experience

    Hello everyone. Recently I wanted to do with something using World Editor. Also there were guys who wanted to help me in parallel. But only one person can do some work on the map at the some moment. => we have couple of huge disadvantages: It's not convinient to exchange the map. We need to...
  9. Jaccouille

    What do you use docker for?

    I used to make VM with virtualBox to make small development environment, for testing new language, recently I got some issue with them and lost time reinstalling some. I've heard about docker for years, but didn't take the time to look at it before, now I am looking at tutorials to set up...
  10. Ouguiya

    [General] Help request - How can I "detox" my map from World Editor Unlimited?

    Hi everyone! After a really long sleep I decided to take up mapping again (tried Starcraft 2, but the editor there is...nyeh). I found the old map I was working on at the time and after some painful few hours finally managed to open it, because I had used World Editor Unlimited on it (I know...
  11. Fidelis2300

    Writing some of the many custom games for W3 - in other language

    Hello people. Warcraft 3 TFT is about to die, do you agree? Not the same player base as when it first came out, guess people have grown older, the newer generation finds games like LOL or CoD more enjoyable. SO, i wish to take one, two, or perhaps three much-loved custom maps, and re-create...
  12. Thing_I

    Animal Island (Developer Recruitment)

    Desired Skills: - Basic understanding of World Editor - Intermediate understanding of trigger - A nice person, first and foremost. I do not wish to work with someone who is going to call my idea stupid or point out insignificant mistakes. Final Map Goals: - Have a semi-rpg map, where units are...