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Animal Island (Developer Recruitment)

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Level 6
Jan 8, 2010
Desired Skills:
- Basic understanding of World Editor
- Intermediate understanding of trigger
- A nice person, first and foremost. I do not wish to work with someone who is going to call my idea stupid or point out insignificant mistakes.

Final Map Goals:
- Have a semi-rpg map, where units are bred from basic animals that mutate over time. Units will not gain levels, but rather will gain different skills/stats based on their parents.
- Example
A basic pig can be bought from the market. A pig begins with the skill: Meat-Bearing. This skill starts with Level 1 from this pig. When you breed this pig with a female pig, the baby will be nearly guaranteed to have Meat-Bearing. It can however increase to level 2 or be lost completely (rare) on a mutation.

A basic sheep can also be bought from the market. Basic sheep begin with the skill: Wool-Bearing. This ability also starts at level 1. Now say that we breed our pig with our sheep. The breeding has only a 50% chance of working, and it results in a baby that is 50% likely to be a sheep and 50% likely to be a pig. Either of them could have Meat-Bearing, Wool-Bearing, or neither. Animals bred out of species have a higher mutation rate inherently because they only have a 50% likeliness to get each ability.

Say that the pig gains Wool-Bearing 1. Now, when this pig is bred with a basic sheep (with wool-bearing also), the resulting animal, either a sheep or pig, will have wool-bearing unless it undergoes a mutation.
In theory, a pig could have both wool-bearing and meat-bearing.
- Perhaps have boss fights around the map, where bred animals can go to fight it.
- A lost animal will not be able to be revived (?)
- Towns are available that let you buy land in their vicinity to set up a farm, though this is not required for the player to do. A farm can be set up away from these towns if the player does not wish to spend money there. A town lot will be given to the player to start the game and they can expand if they wish.
- A player must clean out areas of the map they wish to set up. A hatchet will be available and as will a pickaxe to break down rocks. Some animals will have abilities that allow them to help break rocks/trees to clear a farm area.

Current Map Stage:
This is the current stage of the map. These are not necessarily features, it includes current bugs, intended features and temporary features.
- As it stands, the example above is very close to be working. A basic foundation is set up to allow animals to store additional information, such as their abilities.
- Currently, a baby can only have 1 ability from the parent, or more likely, none. This is still a work in progress and I've never attempted anything like it, so it could take a bit longer. But it should be done within a couple days.
- An ability cannot mutate to gain levels
- Animals eat food and have their own food type.
---- Example: When purchasing a Raccoon, it has a 50% chance of being a Grain-Eater and a 50% chance of being a meat-eater (raccoons fish, people!).
- Animals have different nutritional values.
---- Example: A chicken can eat grain and fill up twice as fast as a raccoon can for the same amount of food.
- Animals inherit their eating habits from their parents. (Both nutritional values and food-types)
- Animals can gain/lose size when breeding. A baby can be smaller or bigger than its parents.
- Animals do not grow up, they are produced fully grown. This is going to change in later versions, obviously.
- A terrain has been chosen from the terrain template section on Hive(simply because I was being lazy and suck at terrain myself.) I am more than willing to change up the terrain, but I myself am not the best at it.
- Please download the map (when I get it uploaded here) for additional information, or leave a comment. I will respond as soon as I see I have an alert.

I code in GUI, but would really like to begin JASS, so if someone would be willing to work with me while I make that transition, that would be cool. Or they could also just work in GUI or JASS, assuming they can mesh the code together well.
I know Python and Javascript, so JASS shouldn't be too hard to learn, though it seems more reminiscent of Java? I do not know C++, which I believe it is most similar to? Correct me if I'm wrong here :p
I generally do not work with other people and have never collaborated on a warcraft map. I do not know how map development works with multiple people (do we share the file and modify it on our own? If I'm working terrain should the other person be working triggers so that it can be copied onto the edited terrain map? I honestly do not know how this works)

A newbie map developer is welcome to help me. I will not belittle them and I will teach them what I know (although I am certainly limited in areas myself.) I am worried about being belittled myself :p So anyone who thinks that this map sounds like a cool idea (even if you're not particularly trigger-savy) is welcome to contact me.

!!!! I am here to learn and create a fun map. I do not want this project stolen from me, but rather we can both share our name on it. I would love to complete this map myself, but I do not know if my own skills are enough. I am being realistic about this, and decided that if I want this map to get finished, I will need at least one other person on board. I would like to understand any code added, so that I can learn what I need to do if I attempt something similar again. Thank you. !!!!


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Jan 19, 2017
pm me, im interested. well, newbie map maker here and have a limited knowledge only on gui.
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