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custom races

  1. Michael Peppers

    [Altered Melee] The Withering Kind (Working Title)

    (WIP, will update with screens and a proper presentation eventually) Working title as in "The Withering Kind" is the name of the planned Blood Elves campaign, not the whole project's name, I always think I wanna call all this "Beyond the Throne" as it's meant to be my own continuation of TFT's...
  2. SpasMaster

    [Strategy / Risk] Castle Fight: Forever

    SpasMaster presents... Origin Castle Fight: Forever is a project based on the popular map "Castle Fight", created by geX. It is important to note that this map branches off from the original Castle Fight and not from some of the other projects that have surfaced throughout the years such as...
  3. R_Reaper

    Custom races applied for all maps (modding)

    I play with the thought to finalize the custom races which are half done by Blizzard and never implemented fully because of balance reasons, so they appear only in the campaigns/ in certain custom maps. So the goal is to implement (make playable) the following races to all maps (melee...
  4. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, and I've finally got a bit more of motivation to make a scenario. This time, around the Bandits. A fully customized Bandit Race able to put traps, hire units instantly (yet they still must replenish), and build an almighty Lair which can garrison up to 10 brigands...
  5. Ariac

    [SD/Modeling] Need Qir'aji and Sillithid models

    Me and a few others are making a mod for Warcraft III Classic. We need sillithid and Qir'aji models to help develop a race. If it is possible to port or re-create them, it would be useful. Currently working on a Pantheon based "Old Gods" race which changes its entire playstyle and composition...
  6. SC2HayasuiArts

    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    TALES OF ARYNETIA The Tales of Arynetia is a Wanderers of Sorceria-like campaign features the core 120 missions and 18 interludes including the 6 of prologue and epilogue that features our 12 races including the valorous Republic of Arynetia, the peaceful Elves of Elysium, the bloodthirsty...
  7. LordHatchet95

    Troubles making a custom "Haunted Mine" + Custom resources issues

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here.... Well, I'm back after a long time, and managed to make a map with custom resources. Instead of Gold/Wood & Food, I would have Food/Wood/Stone/Gold & Population (like AoE1,2 and 3), and i was going to use a system similar to another game named "Rise of...
  8. tdrsmynm

    Custom Race Selection Dialog

    Can anyone help me with a map I'm trying to make. It is somehow related to UB - Ultimate Battle v2.20b AI+ I am creating multiple races; however, I don't have the time to learn advanced triggers. I am trying to create a dialog where a player can select the custom races. Thank you +rep to...
  9. Doorsmasher7

    [General] Power Fields <help required>

    Hey guys So I'm doing some custom race design and I've decided I really want this race to feature a "you can only build near our buildings" mechanic for buildings similar to the undead's blight or power fields from the protoss race in Starcraft. Ideally, I'd simply be able to duplicate the...
  10. Sarungard

    Might and Magic related models?

    Hi guys! I am making an altered melee map with custom races and I am curious, are there any HoMM-series related models published? Most of them would definitely fit in my new races as units and/or heroes! Thank you so much for the responses!
  11. burnie

    [Mapping] Making a map with 4+ race

    How to make extra races work Hi guys, at first im going to say thad this, what is often here called is impossible, isnt impossible. It took me a lot of work to get extra races work with out replacing any normal race, but there are still some little things to fix like a the win/defeat condition...
  12. Replicator

    [JASS] Hello all! - Help would be appreciated

    Hello there; I'm "Replicator". I am new to this website (First post actually.) and to the Editor itself (Never really getting into map-making in the past). I would like some assistance with Triggers; most prominently Custom Races. Yes; I have seen a few posts whilst scrolling about for help...
  13. Tonnes

    Worlds Collide Competitive RTS Map

    Hello Folks, Actually I started a Warcraft III - TFT Map Project, which is just a too big and too complexe to handle it by myself. The Name of the Map is "Worlds Collide", like in the title... and its going to be a 3v3v3v3 map! Download: Worlds Collide.w3x Concept: Actually working on 11+...