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  1. Act3Part3


  2. Boar Tribe

    Boar Tribe

  3. The Crossroads

    The Crossroads

  4. The Crossroads

    The Crossroads

  5. The Crossroads

    The Crossroads

  6. Taurajo


  7. ProfessorBright

    Cinematics out of sync

    Hi! First post here guys :), looked around the forums but couldn't find any good info on the matter. I'm making a multiplayer game that involves cinematics, so far so good. When I started making the map I used waits to sync dialouges and actions along with the audio files. That worked okay...
  8. Victory Cinematic - Our Last Stand (WarCraft III Map Project)

    Victory Cinematic - Our Last Stand (WarCraft III Map Project)

    A break from The Darkening of Tristram. Here's a victory cinematic for my another project. A RTS-Survival map based on Age of Darkness, Reignfall, Be-Castled and alike.
  9. Version 1.2 - 00.png

    Version 1.2 - 00.png

    Now you can skip & change cinematic speed, when starting cinematic is played!
  10. BLazeKraze

    I made a music video using warcraft 3 cinematics

    I record a filipino rap song using my own beat and I lay it on warcraft 3 custom cinematics. Here's the result. You can download the map here
  11. Showcase: Victory in Team Arena

    Showcase: Victory in Team Arena

  12. AkosiK3N

    [Cinematic] Project Piece of Peace (PPP) #3: Interlude - Revelation

    Hello guys! Ako si K3N. This is my third output for my project and I would like to show another cinematic for you. Please don't forget to give me a feedback if there is. And alert me of bugs that you might find. Thank you so much if you always try my map. Title: Revelation Subtitle: Interlude...
  13. HerlySQR

    Do you know a efficient way to make dialogues for more than 1 player?

    I wanna make dialogues that can be for more than 1 player, but I have to deal with memory leaks (clean the group), adding conditions, skip the dialogue if the player wanna, make it MUI (or the equivalent for players) can you help me?
  14. HerlySQR

    [General] Floating text its not hidden in cinematics

    I used the function to hide the floating text but in cinematics that texts still there, why?
  15. Yogi-Sothoth

    WC3 Re-Reforged

    This project is to provide the campaign blizzard didn't and probably wouldn't have provided in the first place. An edited flesh WC3 campaign experience that redesigns the levels and adds some new lore to line up with World of Warcraft. What is going into project for sure Every map of the WC3...
  16. BranHUN

    [General] Camera zooming

    Hello there! I am trying to make a cinematic prologue for my custom campaign, and I am sadly experiencing that I have no experience with this at all... I am watching tutorials as I am writing this, but I wanted to ask a specific question about a camera movement. I want a cinematic view where...
  17. FluffyStuff

    [Campaign] Reforging Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforging Reforged Quick Overview [TLDR] I'm Mark, an experienced game developer, and an avid Blizzard fan. I want to take the existing WC3 reforged campaign and "reshoot" all the in-game cinematics. I want to create a similar feeling to what was shown in the original Culling of...
  18. norod zno

    [General] Reforged - My cinematics stop playing sound for combat and death after few seconds

    I have a scene where units 2 units fight, and as soon as more units join the fight all combat, and death soudns stop. Help me solve this problem.
  19. Solcius123

    Reforged - Lip sync on characters during cinematic

    Hello everyone :vw_sad: Creating maps is still enjoyable and I feel like there is even more to do now despite some ridiculous bugs. I would like to have my characters fake lip sync during cinematic, as they would in the past. As anyone tried to do it? It is tougher that I thought, I have been...
  20. SpiritTauren

    [General] Random Seed during Cinematics in Reforged

    I used those call SetRandomSeed(bj_cineModeSavedSeed) and set bj_cineModeSavedSeed = GetRandomInt(0, 1000000) to get random seed during cinematics. Now they don't seem to work any more =( Does anyone have a viable replacement option? Note: I disabled fixed values in WorldEdit, so that's not...
  21. Dom.cz

    Help with cinematics like HumanEd and etc

    Hi, I don't know how to say it but earlier warcrat 3 had our own dubbing czech but after several patchs it stopped supporting it. And I got the idea of adding it as a mod. But I'm stuck with cinematics like this one All I did was download all these Czech dubbing cinematics I gave to warcraft...
  22. Lvthnn

    Camera view in WE buggy

    Sup Having problems with the in-game cameras not matching the ones created in the WE, which makes the process of creating cinematics extremely tedious. Anyone encountered the same issue? And does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance, have a good one :)
  23. cleavinghammer

    Cinematic cutscenes force reveal of trigger-hidden items

    I have an item that starts a bossfight when picked up, and is hidden from the start of the map until the player finishes the other requirements, at which point the item is revealed. However, the map has cinematic cutscenes, and it seems that watching a cutscene until the end (instead of...
  24. Standhaft

    [Cinematic] Warcraft 3 Reforged Alliance vs Legion Cinematic (Beta Editor)

    Hi guys, I was creating an Alliance vs Burning Legion battle for fun and to take some screenshots to replace old ones I have on my roleplay wiki but it kind of snowballed into more and more until I created the attached. I was working on it for a good 5-6 hours and currently it's just a map of...
  25. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Solved] Adjusting the duration of wait in between messages

    Hiya, I have a problem. I am making a tutorial level in my campaign and it has a lot of dialogue both in cinematics using the action: Cinematic - transmission from unit type As well as outside of cinematics as chat text using the action: Game - Text Message (Auto timed) I am having a really...
  26. titans_zealot

    Choose Your Own Adventure - custom map idea

    Is there a warcraft 3 map that is like a Choose Your Own adventure game? Like those text adventures. I was thinking of a map where the player picks a choice and a in game camera cinematic is played displaying actions in the story, so I wonder if there are any custom maps like this? If there...
  27. Nazgrel

    Short Event Cinematic

    Hello, I am currently working on a wave based defense game where you can build a base to help you out in that process. What I would like to request is a very short cinematic in which, after defeating the second to last boss, a cinematic starts where he's all like "Avenge me my lord" and then...
  28. Experimenting with fade filters in cinematics

    Experimenting with fade filters in cinematics

  29. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Rising Water edit - please

    Hey, so, if anyone could and would want to edit the cinematic doodad called Rising Water (Icecrown Glacier tileset) to only have the waves and no water. That'd be great. Or, if the water removal is problematic, at least make it not rise. I need it for the map I'm working on: Please :D (file...
  30. Voljin

    How to make a Cinematic for Campaign

    Does anyone know or has anyone tried to make their own wc3 cinematic? I do not mean like the basic trigger function type cinematics, but the actual movie clips such as the one of Arthas murdering his father, Grom/Thrall vs Mannoroth, etc. I know you can play one of those cinematic in the GUI...
  31. Thendar

    Cinematic Icons dont show up

    Like the title says, I have a problem with making a cinematic (transmission) I turned cinematic mode on, the text appears and so does the sound. Only the Icon of the "speaking" character doesnt appear. I assume it appeared with one of the latest patch, this bug wasnt there before. Any solutions?
  32. SSJ7107

    Cinematic won't skip

    My cinematic won't skip even when I think I have triggered it fine. The others work as intended only this one doesn't. Please check my triggers and see i something is wrong because I have been looking for an hour now. Cinematic4 Events Unit - A unit enters CinematicStart2 <gen>...
  33. bojanpet55

    Need Help to finish cinematic

    For a map im doing i need this Cinematic Iv done most of the triggers but i dont understand how the camera thing works, can someone do it for me ?
  34. Amigoltu

    [JASS] Cinematic BJ function

    Greetings. Well, I want to make a cinematic for my map, and I came across a function CinematicModeExBJ and looking at it, I don't even really know how to optimize it. It's a surprisingly good BJ function, as far as I have seen them: function CinematicModeExBJ takes boolean cineMode, force...
  35. Milan Milovanović

    My new Campaign

    I have come up with(for me) relly great idea for Custom Campaign so i made this quick cinematic to show off story. i would like to know what other people think of it should i go on with this or stop?
  36. prizraknadache

    How to turn off 'skip cinematics by ESC'?

    Hello everyone! How to turn off 'skip cinematics by ESC'? By pressing 'ESC' button into MULTIPLAYER map, dialogue transmission being skipped. And also, while game are minimized from one of the players => all dialogues transmissions from cinematic being are skipped. How fix that? call...
  37. Desecration Nation

    Cult of the Damned - A WarCraft 3 Cinematic by Zurg

    StarCraft: Remastered has piqued my interest in older games, with WarCraft 3 being a natural go to. One thing I always enjoyed when I was younger were all of the custom things people made for the game, especially the cinematics. I decided to take on a personal project of recording old user...
  38. Tokankh

    Talk animation of models

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english, I'm french. Not long ago, I've tried to remake a cinematic of Warcraft 3 with World Editor : But I have a problem, my models haven't a talk animation, so it's difficult to know who's speaking and I don't want to keep the cinematic interface. How can I...
  39. deepstrasz

    Easy to make Illidan skin please

    Hi you guys. I would really love it if someone could edit the Evil Illidan skin to add a cauterized cut on his right front chest. Here's where you can get the reference from: (0:40 onward). Note that in the video the wound is not cauterized/healed. I need it to look as if it's not bleeding...
  40. MyPad

    [Arena] [Aeon of Strife] Icecrown Arena Battle

    Hello. I'm developing a map similar to that of DotA with the added element of dueling, cinematics, and quests. My main problem as of now is terrain. Could you suggest which parts (in terrain) should I improve upon?
  41. justTobby

    Dungeon Siege II Plains of Tears

    Hello fans of Dungeon Siege and everyone else lately I have been working on map, that contains reworked version of game called Dungeon Siege II Link for the newest update: Dungeon Siege II BETA v0.2c THIS IS JUST DEMO - NOT A COMPLETE MAP, finished like 15% of whole content (two quests)...
  42. xDeathKnightx

    [Cinematic] The Fall of the Nine - WIP

    So, I've been away for ages and decided to begin another cinematic, just thought i'd share a couple of images of the first few scenes: Still very, very early in works, will be a long time yet but I will keep thread updated every now and then.
  43. xDeathKnightx

    [Cinematic] Interactive Cinematic

    Okay, - Update: I am working on a new Cinematic, called: The Fall of the Nine (WIP) Heres just a few cinematic SS's I took just to keep updated on progress. It's fully voiced & thoughts would be appreciated on what people think of the terrain so far. Thanks.
  44. Replicator

    [Trigger] Cinematic Abilities

    Hello, Replicator back again from the abyss that is [having a non functioning computer] So I've made this Cinematic map, I've stopped currently because when attempting to have them use abilities, it hasn't seemed to work. EG, Human Paladin Holy Light on an Enemy unit, doesn't work. Said Enemy...
  45. Lothar1994

    Fel Fire Doodad Model

    I am making a "re-make" map of Tannan Jungle and I need the Fel Fire. I have a picture of the specific fire model i need recolored but i need it to be put in mdx format so i can make a new doodad for it. if any one can do this i be grateful. thank you in advance. NOTE: the fire in the...
  46. Paypapeecee

    [Trigger] Cinematic, Apply Camera over seconds wonder

    Hey guys. I am doing a cinematic and i was trying to go between cameras according to the distance between units traveling from a region to region divided the movement speed (the screenshot shows "plus" but that was just an error of me trying to recreate what i was trying to do) of the slowest...
  47. PrinceYaser

    [Solved] Cinematic Problem

    Hello! Anyone know how can I remove this black fog on this cinematic: (+rep)
  48. Warseeker

    My Warcraft 3 Can Not Read Cinematics

    Well, it's been a long time I didn't play Warcraft 3 on solo, but now while I was trying to play once again the Human Campaign or any other campaign of RoC or TFT, I can not see the Cinematics like the Human Intro for example, all I can see is a Black screen. I can only hear voices. Please how...
  49. V I O L A v1.0 - YouTube

    V I O L A v1.0 - YouTube

    A cinematic made in the Warcraft 3 World Editor. The theme is horror, and my goal was to tell a tragic story within this setting with as little dialogue as p...
  50. aronpoako

    Cinematic Help(How can i make a cinematic

    How can i make a cinematic? Ill give you HIVEWORKSHOP Pts....... Joke! EVERYTHING YOU WANT! Including <<$ MONEY>>