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  1. azi

    Need help about import Warcraft HD model in to blender

    Hi, recently I want to import Warcraft HD models into blender to make some 3D animate. I exported a Jaina model by casc viewer and got mdx file and dds files. Then I used mdl-exporter to import mdx file to blender. After the model loaded in blender, I soon found that the UV texture didn't import...
  2. Unable to comply, building in progress

    Unable to comply, building in progress

  3. Marcus777

    Help please to import mdx file to 3d modeling software (Milkshape, Blender, or 3D Max)

    Someone please help me. I am having trouble importing any model from Warcraft to any modeling software. I tried so far Milkshape and Blender ( with the plugin that supports Warcraft mdx file). The problem is it either deosn't show up in Blender or in Milkshape it says " File doesn't contain any...
  4. Marcus777

    Help with MDX Import to Blender

    I downloaded this plugin for Blender 2.79 : PavelBlend/Blender_WarCraft-3 and it works for models that I downloaded from Hive or somewhere else. The problem is I can't open models directly from my Warcraft game. I downloaded CASC view, I extracted all the data, I did Optimizer to 800 with...
  5. decomon

    classic maps blender import

    hi there, im trying to do an art project and i want to know if there is any way of port the maps into blender, like the terrain , trees , dont know how much of it can be ported if anything at all, is there some kind of workflow or plugin? ive been looking around and from what i can gather, most...
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  7. Wip_3


  8. Wip_2


  9. Wip_1


    Start 08.04.2021
  10. Wip_0


    Start 08.04.2021 1:10
  11. Start.


    Start 08.02.2021 0:58 P.S You can help your advice me in the comments.
  12. bear_369

    [Solved] Custom model glitching.

    So I'm trying to make wall models using Blender(2.83), exporting them through the forked Fingolfin's MDL Exporter plugin. I don't often encounter problems with my other models but this one does. The model's gate face began glitching out and sticking to other doodads in-game. Despite it was...
  13. Wip20


    Turns out there was this very essential thing called topology I had no clue about and yet, found myself in need to learn and use to rework my mesh nearly from scrap. With the right references and some improvisation, it's coming along nicely I'd say. The armor will be done after rigging/sculpting.
  14. Bain_Rebirth

    Alternatives to Weight Painting [Blender]

    I have been using Blender for the past few months to Rig my models. However, weight painting has become one of the things I hate most in my life... maybe there are some tricks I'm missing, but I find it impossible to get into crevices of detailed models and especially painting the backs of...
  15. Reliquary.gif


    Changed my render mode, my first test with the reliquary model.
  16. Stand Ready Animation

    Stand Ready Animation

    Finished Stand Ready animation of Qiraj hero.
  17. Scarab Lord Armor (WIP1)

    Scarab Lord Armor (WIP1)

    My full modeled armor for my scarab lord model, painting still in progress.
  18. Animation Replication (Walk).gif

    Animation Replication (Walk).gif

    A similar venthyr run cycle animation with my custom made Qiraji Lord model
  19. Animation Replication (First Attempt).gif

    Animation Replication (First Attempt).gif

    Trying to replicate venthyr run cycle animation with my custom made Qiraji Lord model
  20. Dragonmaw Shoulder Wip1

    Dragonmaw Shoulder Wip1

    A shoulder that i modeled based on fanny vergne skull brush from artstation
  21. WIP14.png


    Recently resumed my little 3d project. The goal is now creating an entire body covered in armor (not just a bust). I'm a blender newbie so I've been encountering a few difficulties, still, I like where this is going.
  22. MrModify

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: youtu.be/3tkgLBCbitA?t=122 (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  23. Pyroxian999

    Editing Models

    I want to extract a model of warcraft 3 frozen throne (the model, the animations, the rigs, etc). So far I have only been able to extract the model but not the rest [I want to pass everything that I mentioned to Blender and also to my PC], if anyone knows how I would appreciate it a lot
  24. Pyroxian999

    I need help

    I want to extract a model of warcraft 3 frozen throne (the model, the animations, the rigs, etc). So far I have only been able to extract the model but not the rest [I want to pass everything that I mentioned to Blender and also to my PC], if anyone knows how I would appreciate it a lot
  25. Donut78

    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Hey Everyone! After searching far and wide for something that could do this, I'd finally come across a super helpful addon for Blender 2.79 that allows a very comprehensive import of an MDX file that appears to include everything from mesh, UV, rig/animations and even other nodes like attachment...
  26. NChief

    Custom textures, what did I overlook?

    Greetings! I am lurking around and has been a big, unregistered fan of the forums for years. Today I decided to finally join because I just can't find a clear enough solution for my problem. I am trying to get into modding without any deep understanding or knowledge of the required softwares. I...
  27. Bain_Rebirth

    Animating in Blender

    After following Fingolfin's guide which includes a link to an MDL exporter for Blender, I only have one problem: exporting a model with animations quite frankly doesn't work. Is there a way to properly animate in Blender for Warcraft III models? If not, what are my alternatives? Can I import a...
  28. pyf

    3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors - all content available for free

    One may use the 3dbuzz.torrent file for downloading any or all of their available material. The subjects covered are: 3DBuzz was one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002. Until recently the site was...
  29. Fingolfin

    MDL Exporter for Blender3D!

    Warcraft MDL Exporter for Blender It's been a long time coming, but now there's finally a way to export Blender models for Warcraft III! This plugin is currently under development, but already supports practically all properties of the MDL format. I will try to keep this thread updated with new...
  30. Fingolfin

    Exporting models from Blender using the MDL exporter plugin

    Creating and Exporting Warcraft MDL models with Blender By Fingolfin Have you ever wanted to create your own awesome 3D models for Warcraft 3? Up until now, the only officially supported tool has been 3ds Max5 with Blizzard's Art Tools plugin, which is problematic considering that this version...
  31. GraduallyIBeganToHateThem